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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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  Welcome to All Anime World!

Thank you very much for registering with All Anime World. You obviously have chosen to join a group of insane people who love to chat and roleplay all day while throwing poisoned pillows at each other and creating custom jutsu's. (if you don't know what a "jutsu" is you should watch a few episodes of Filleruto, sorry, Naruto)

This page is intended to answer questions that might arise when you start using our website. It's a stupid website, made of lots of different software tools which do not interact well. Since we lack the time and programmers to program a lot for All Anime World this is how it is, and we have to deal with all kind of ridiculous cr...

Rule #1:

Whenever you see an error

Whenever you see something happen which you didnt expect

Whenever something doesn't work as advertised

- report the problem ASAP! Send email to sakura@allanime.org -


Content of this How-To

 Contact Email Address
 Can you help me downloading anime?
 I cannot log on to the forums
 The forum is very slow!
 My Account is Gone! Help!
 Can I cancel my account?
 How do you treat my personal information?
 Are there any rules?
 Pricing Information
 Can I have some of your content for my site?

Contact Email Address

Please send all suggestions, questions, fan art, fan fiction, fan mail, as well as all hate mail to:


We like getting lots of email from you and will answer everything answerable. Why is there a word "cute" in the email subject? Well, my spam filter is set up to let anything with "cute" in the email subject pass without further investigation, so please leave it there.

Can you help me downloading anime?

No we cannot help you with downloads.

We prefer  Bittorrent downloads using the  uTorrent client. It's written in C++ and thus is very fast. It runs from a memory stick, and allows downloading of single files.

Please refer to their website for information how to set up the software. Region 1 unlicensed Torrents are available from  All Anime World's Animesuki mirror.

I cannot log on to the forums

Login Menu
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Login Error

We chose to use phpBB3 as our forum solution. Unfortunately phpBB3 doesn't integrate with TYPO3 so you need to have a different account for phpBB3.

Right now we have three different subsites requiring a separate login: TYPO3, phpBB3, and the LotGD online game.



Web address

Why have an account?



Vote for the Cutest Anime Girl contest in December every year



Post on the forums and participate in role playing games



Joining the staff and editing content for this website.

The following sites do not allow or require a login



Web address

Why not?



Subsite is maintain and run by GDPro from Animesuki.com, please register at  Animesuki.com instead.


The images to the right are showing an example how to perform a log on to this website.

The forum is very slow!

Indeed, the new design uses a 308k background image and some fancy stylesheets. There are legitimate reasons, in example using a browser on a usb stick, where no hard disk cache is available and the forum is slowed down significantly, not to use the new design.

We offer a phpBB2 legacy design to use with our forum. To aid you with changing to the old design we made a  short flash tutorial showing how to set up your account for speeeeeeeeeeed.

For the pros:

  • Go to Control Panel > User Control Panel > Board Preferences using the black drop down menu on top the forum.
  • Change the drop down "My board style" to "subsilver2" and hit enter

My Account is Gone! Help!

In the past All Anime World has removed accounts which were not used for a very long period of time. Since we now own our own server which increased the amount of database space significantly, we're no longer disabling accounts, with two exceptions:

  1. People explicitly requesting their accounts to be removed.
  2. People asking me to clear their favorite name which appears to be blocked by some inactive user.

All previously disabled accounts can be enabled again by simply sending a request to Sakura. To have your account re-enabled, you need to use the same email address you have used when registering here.

Why not just reenable all accounts?

Those people expect us to keep quiet and not send them our famous mailings every few months. Since they were informed of their account being canceled it would be strange at best if we suddenly decide to contact them without any reason.

We still reserve the right to cancel any account for any reason (or none at all) Please consider All Anime World as our living room. We invite you to enjoy your stay as long as you behave and play nice. See our  Terms of Service which you have to accept when registering your account.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, you can cancel your account anytime by visiting  this page. An administrator will "anonymize" your account by removing all your personal information and disable the account forever.

When an account is successfully canceled there is absolutely no way to get it back. The nickname used for registration is then lost as is your post count.

How do you treat my personal information?

All Anime World stores some of your personal information. We're not living or hosting in the U.S.A. so this site does not follow the "Children Online Privacy Protection Act".

We do not encourage members to reveal their personal information but we do not prevent you to do. For the exact legal terms please see our  Privacy Policy.

Are there any rules?

"Be nice and kind to everyone"

No, really check out our  Terms of Service.

Pricing Information

All Anime World is free. Period.


Can I have some of your content for my site?

All Anime World and all content is (c) (r) and (tm) by us. All information found here is meant for your personal use only and may not be copied, printed, distributed or used otherwise.

So, the answer to this question is: no you may not take anything for other websites.

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