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  Winner: Cutest Anime Girl 2007

In December 2007, the members and visitors of All Anime World voted for the "Cutest Anime Girl 2007". Collected by email our members and visitors entered 18 girls into the contest. The only requirements: All girls had to be anime characters and may not have won already.

So we received the following submissions from our members (in alphabetical order):


Akari Kamigishi (To Heart)

Alvis E. Hamilton (Last Exile)

Amu Hinamori (Shugo Chara)

Becky Miyamoto (Pani Poni Dash)

Chiriri (Bottle Fairies)

Etna (Disgaea)

Flonne (Disgaea)

Henrietta (Gunslinger Girls)

Iris Chateaubriand (Sakura Wars)

Kotori Shirakawa (Da Capo)

Lacus Clyne (Gundam Seed)

Makoto Sawatari (Kanon)

Midori Kasugano (Midori no Hibi)

Misao Makimachi (Rurouni Kenshin)

Nonomi Higashihara (Gunparade March)

Princess Tutu (Princess Tutu)

Ruri Fujisawa (Lovely Idol)

Tsukasa Hiiragi (Lucky Star)

Because of our missing webmaster we had a late start this year. Usually this contest starts mid-november every year so this years bad participation doesnt come as a surprise. Only 345 votes were collected for the Cutest Anime Girl 2007 this year. Of these 345 votes, exactly 22 votes were given by registered members leaving 323 daily votes. Considering last years participation this is very close to a horrible result. Not even our affiliates bothered to post our press release on their websites. Ill make sure to leave next years CAG contest in sakuras hands. She might have that "girl bonus" i miss.

Again many people were too lazy to do 5 mouse clicks.

This is how our registered and unregistered members voted:

Tsukasa Hiiragi    264 points
Makoto Sawatari    105 points
Akari Kamigishi    82 points
Midori Kasugano    63 points
Becky Miyamoto    63 points
Kotori Shirakawa    41 points
Ruri Fujisawa    32 points
Alvis E. Hamilton    32 points
Nonomi Higashihara    27 points
Lacus Clyne    27 points
Flonne    26 points
Amu Hinamori    23 points
Princess Tutu    22 points
Misao Makimachi    15 points
Chiriri    13 points
Etna    9 points
Henrietta    4 points
Iris Chateaubriand    3 points

A "point" equals one vote of an unregistered member. 24 "points" equal a registered members vote.

The Winners!

This is now the official accouncement of the winners in our Cutest Anime Girl 2007 contest.

The "Cutest Anime Girls 2007" are:


1. Tsukasa Hiiragi (Lucky Star) - 264 points

2. Makoto Sawatari (Kanon) - 105 points

3. Akari Kamigishi (To Heart) - 82 points

4. Midori Kasugano (Midori no Hibi) - 63 points

4. Becky Miyamoto (Pani Poni Dash) - 63 points


The other Winner

As promised, a copy of Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece "Castle of Cagliostro" (2006 remake, digitally remastered, with widescreen presentation, Interview, Trailers and Storyboard) is looking for it's new owner. This years price goes to our member "sagematt." Please expect my email soon.

Thanks for everybody who took the time and voted. We sincerely hope to get your support (and your vote) next year.


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