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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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  Chapter 1: Thinking About You

(( I wake up to hear my alarm clock go off))


"Why today......Monday"........I said to myself.......walking to the bathroom in my black pajama pants and a tang top..


Azera! hurry! its almost 7:45! your friends are going to be here.......my mom yelled running back and forth looking for her car keys to go to work..

"I know that" I mumbled to myself changing in my school uniform...same old black skirt, black socks that go up to your knee and a white short sleeve shirt. I walked down the stairs all ready for school with my backpack....I was in high school...a senior almost going to collage.   bye mom as I said running out the door and waving to my friends and closing the door behind me.

"So how long has it been......since you and kikuru had broken up........" my friend Jurie said to me.

I turned away...." it has been only a month.....but I can't stop thinking about hhim...he as the only one that could understand what I go though in life....the only one....I responded looking at Jurie with a sad look on my face.

Ah....I see....well I never fell in love with anyone yet so I don't have the same feeling as you when you have a first love. Jurie said putting her backpack at her side.

ya.......well....I mumbled to myself walking in the school.

All the people in school waved to me and saying hi....Kikuru passes by me and I suddenly broke down and began to cry... my me....did he have to brake up with me.......why...I cried running down the hall and passing my Kikuru again...he just stared at me...my friends say that he felt sorry for braking up with me.....he really felt bad they said. " ya I said to myself........


 (( setting at the play ground on the swing set)

I lazily swung back and forth on the swing thinking about Kikuru " Kikuru....I miss you...." I said crying

"You know..you should get over him....it will kill you if you don't.."  Jurie said

swinging back and forth in the swing.

" Ya I know......but its my decision to stop liking him..I don't care if it kills

me....let it.." I replied getting up from the swing set

" lets not talk about this ok?" I said walking to a near by table taking out my lunch

"Ok" Jurie said talking a seat beside me and taking out her lunch. Just then Kikuru took a near me on my right side. I looked at him with depressing look......he seemed happy after my broke up.....sitting with his friends and eating lunch together. Then when I looked away he put a note on the table which I opened when I saw it. It said...." PLEASE FORGIVE ME....I BROKE UP WITH YOU FOR A GOOD REASON...I DON'T WANT YOU TO GET HURT FOR MY CAUSES....PLEASE MEET ME AFTER SCHOOL...AND I WILL TELL YOU WHY I BROKE UP WITH YOU...BY OUR FAVORITE SPOT.....BY THE BROOK." I took out a pen and wrote " ok" on the note, then I place it by him...he opened it and read my response then nodded.

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