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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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The First Book Of F.U.C.G.

by simpliccio

The History Of The Allanime.org Forums

Here is presented the first holy text of our Fellowship of the Ultimate Cuteness Goddess, as transribed from the original inscription in the volume known as "AP Ratings," at the behest of the Legions of Cuteness, in its entirety. the lord giveth, the lord taketh away your AP points. hmm. in the beginning, there was akari chan, and she was cute. and she said unto the darkness: "let there be anime." and there was, and it was cute and good and usually poorly dubbed, and so the people came in droves and brought many things small and furry and generally kawaii. And akari chan said unto them: "KAWAII NE!" and they were pleased and strove forth to present their goods unto the goddess, and from their gifts she selected one and named it Menchi, and said: "you are all kind children. i was just getting hungry." and the people, seeing their lord pleased, struggled for her favor amongst themselves, and it was a time of blight and chaos. Thus akari chan surveyed her lands, now dark and war torn, and said: "this is no good. let there be... MODS." and there were, and they were called abluebond and crawfsh, and they brought order and justice back to the land, and abluebond said: "these dubs are terrible. let there be knowledge of japanese across the land." and thus he created forums of the japanese persuasion, and became known across the land as abluebond-sensei, and this too was good.

after a long time of peace, there came a dark and heinous figure, and his name might have been auarobolt, but no one quite knew because he lacked the powers of spelling, and he said: "1 4m l337 h4><0r! ph34r my 5|<1ll5!" but abluebond, with the vast and endless powers invested in him by our lady of eternal cuteness, said unto this servant of darkness: "*edited for content by Administration*" and auoarablit, seeing his powerless in the face of the all-kawaii, gave up his evil pursuits and departed from the land.

and mighty crawfsh, knowing the goodness of the word of akari-chan, went forth to spread the word to distant planets, ousting the corruption that lay dormant there, and converting the masses, and trading lots of ore and goods. and this, like all things kawaii, was also good.

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