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Gundam: War Chronicles

by Matt

Chapter 1: Earth under attack

If there is evil in the world, it lies in the heart of men-Edward D. Morrison

"It's been 201 years since the people of Earth started living in space." It was a long time ago. No one quite remembers exactly whose idea it was to go up there in the first place. Some people call the citizens of the colonies living in space traitors, abandoning the once beautiful Earth. Others envy them for the lives they're leading, not being able to afford the price that comes with living in space. I'm not really sure how this all got started, but we only have ourselves to blame. Virtually four and a half million of the earth's population has left, and the remaining have to live on the Earth, trying to do what they can. There are now approximately 900 colonies in space, each one housing about 5000 people. It's a wonder how they got them up there. Each colony is about the size of a small moon.

The very first one took about 10,000 of the earth's best technicians, engineers, and scientists to make, over the time span of 80 years. That one alone almost cost the earth all it's natural resources. Then someone had the bright idea to refine metals from space. They built the colony in space, but they didn't expect the colony to be big enough to have it's own gravitational pull. Three meteors slammed into the colony they called P2001, and that hurled it into the earth. Our advanced weaponry and the O-zone layer combined weren't enough to totally destroy the colony, and the biggest chunk crashed into Sydney, Australia, instantly transforming the city into a huge gulf. After that, the government of Earth was even more determined to build a new colony, In spite of the now barren Sydney, Australia. They made some slight improvements, and put up several different defenses around the colonies. Scientists calculated the orbits of asteroids currently orbiting in space. Instead of living on the outside layer of the colony, people now live in the hallow center, so it's like an earth, inside out. That was over 500 years ago, and is now confined to history books. With 900 colonies, they should of known that some conflict would arise.

"Hey Elvin! Did you hear?" Elvin Ly, a 14 year old boy born on the Earth. He's the son of the general of the Earth's federal forces, located in Canada. " Did you hear? A new Mobile-suit pilot game is coming out." Elvin snapped his head around, and a crooked smile appeared on his face when one of his classmates, Aries Conopolis, was making a small effort to catch up to him. " Well, obviously. My uncle's the designer. I already have a copy." Aries eyes widened. "Your uncle? Doesn't he work at the Earth's federal forces with your dad?" Elvin stopped walking completely. "That's only his part time job. When he has extra time, he design's games and sells his idea's to companies." Aries was now right beside Elvin. "Do you think you can hook me up with a copy?" A cynical grin appeared on Elvin's face. "Nice try. I want every advantage possible when I face you." Aries smirked. "Whatever. If you get me a copy, we can face other people online." Elvin thought for a second. "Those other people online don't have copies either. We'd have an unfair advantage." Aries and Elvin started walking again. "That's the idea." Another cynical grin appeared on Elvin's face. "I'll see what I can do. Well, I've got to go. I'm going to surprise my dad at work." Aries put his hands on his hips and replied "Hey. Remember to get Lan a copy too. And I bet you could score some points with Mara if you get her a copy too." Elvin choked. "Wh Why would I want to give HER one? Besides, girls don't like games like that. And even if she did, she might get the wrong impression. Anyway, See ya." Elvin waved goodbye to his friend and got on a bus leading to the United Earth federation headquarters.

"Clearance?" A tall muscular guard gave Elvin a stern look. "Do you have any ID?" Elvin replied with a smile. "It's me." The guard had a smug look on his face. "So it is. Do you have any ID?" Elvin sighed and flashed his UEF pass. The guard stepped back and welcomed him in. The UEF headquarters was huge. It could fit a whole city's worth of people, with a little room to spare. Even the people that built it get lost sometimes. Elvin has been coming there since he was little, and always took one specific route. One time, when the janitor was washing the floor, Elvin waited an hour for the floor to dry. He figured that it would have taken him much longer if he got lost. Elvin was odd in that sense. Elvin whizzed by the same old people he always saw, only saying hello to the people that greeted him first. After a few sharp turns, Elvin neared his father's office.

Elvin's father was reviewing some reports. He was in charge earth's military forces, but hardly had to do anything, because there hadn't been any real trouble since the P2001 incident. Elvin stood by his father's desk waiting for his father to notice him. His father looked up at Elvin, and nodded. Elvin shaped his lips into a crooked kind of smile. Not a real smile, just one that made him look pleasant. "Hello, father." His father's secretary stood up. " I'm sorry, Elvin, but your father is very busy right now. Can you come back later?" Elvin took a step back from his father's desk. "Oh, sure. When would be a good time?" The secretary stood there, silent. Elvin tilted his head downwards. " Oh. Well, that's all right." Elvin stepped back out of his father's office. A familiar figure was standing by the door. "You know better then to bother him when he's working." Elvin placed his hands in his pockets. "Yeah, I know, but he's always working." Elvin's Uncle Victor was more of a father figure to Elvin. "Are you busy uncle V?" Victor Ly leaned back onto a wall. Well, sort of." Elvin looked at his watch, and was shocked at how little time had passed. Can I help you on your research?" Elvin never thought that he'd ever actually volunteer to do work. " Sure, why not? You might learn something." Elvin followed his uncle to the lower part of the UEF headquarters. That's where they keep all of their electronics and complicated machines. Elvin noticed how the people on the lower level weren't as well dressed as the people on the first floor. There were mechanics, what looked like scientists, and many other people Elvin had never seen before. "This way, Elvin." Elvin realized that he has never actually seen his uncle's office before. He usually just stayed on the first floor. This place was much darker.

They finally arrived in his uncle's office. It wasn't really a real office, just a messy room with a few tools and blueprints on a desk. This place was worse then his room. Elvin saw his uncle take a small object out of his desk. Elvin walked up beside him. "What's that?" Victor had a small smile on his face. "What does it look like?" Elvin examined the object a little closer. "It looks like a stick." Victor almost tripped because of the shock. "A stick? Ignorant boy. Look closer." This time Elvin held it up to his face. "Hey! It looks like one of the control sticks from your new Mobile suit pilots game. Are you thinking of making it a arcade game too?" Victor gave Elvin a stern look. "Uncle V, is something wr what's that?" A small blip appeared on a radar screen that Victor had been working on. "Oh, that? That's a radar mechanism. It has the longest range in the world. But what I got here will interest you more" Elvin pointed at the screen. "I know that, but what's THAT?" There was a single dot on the radar. "Oh, that's probably just a meteor." Elvin looked again. "You mean a meteor shower." Victor looked puzzled. "No, there's just o" In a matter of seconds, one turned into 3, which turned into 7, which turned into 30. Every second that passed, the amount of UFO's increased. " That's odd. The meteor's are in a formation. They're also moving too slowly. I should look into this."

"Commander Domino, What's our plan of action? Several dark figures were sitting down in a circular room.

"The best plan is to eliminate the next generation of the planet, in case of an extended war. We're not sure how long the Earthlings with resist. It will show them how serious we are."

"You mean Isn't that sort of inhumane sir?"

"Are you a traitor?"

"N..no sir! I'll send out some of our zaku's right away.

"See that you do."

"Where do I start the attack sir?"

"The school nearest to the Earth Federation headquarters. We'll take them all out in one assault."

"I don't think that's a wise idea sir."

"I don't care what you think."

"3 Zaku's closing in! Kaboom! Pam! Zap! High score baby!"

"That doesn't count! You put the invincibility cheat on!"

"Hey guy's! I'm here!"

It was a Monday afternoon. Elvin and his friends have gone to his house for lunch.

"Lan! How'd you do?" Lan Ester was another classmate of Elvin's. He's very competitive but a nice guy once you get to know him. "Ha! I've already mastered this game! I finished this whole level without a scratch." Elvin had yet another cynical smile on his face. "Okay, first of all, you set it on very easy mode. The enemy almost never aims. Second, Aries is playing player 2. Third, your INVINCBLE! You also put on the unlimited energy cheat and the unlimited lives cheat. Let's see. What else? Enemies die in one hit, all weapons, all upgrades, infinite money, and big head mode? Turn that off, I want to watch TV." Elvin cruised through the channels until something caught his eye.

"This morning, UEF headquarters radar detected several unknown objects moving quickly towards Earth's atmosphere. I'm here live at UEF headquarters with General Quen Ly. Mr. Ly, What do you think these unknown objects are?" Aries stopped playing with Elvin's mobile-suit models and sat down beside Lan. "Hey, Elvin! Your dad's on TV!" Elvin quickly turned around and put his index finger over his lips, then turned back towards the TV. "The unknown objects are too far and small to be a threat to hit us. They're just rocks in space." Elvin turned off the TV. "That isn't right. I know it isn't, and so does he." Lan and Aries stopped completely and turned to Elvin. "What do you mean? Your dad said that they were just asteroids, nothing more." Elvin stood up. "I know that's what he said, but I have a bad feeling about this. I'm going to see my uncle."

Lan and Aries stood up. "You mean UEF headquarters? Can we come?" Elvin shrugged. "I don't see the harm."

"Clearance?" same old scene. " Aw, come on!" The same tall muscular guard was giving Elvin a cold look. Do you have any ID?" Elvin was just about to get angry when the guard's radio sounded. "Attention all personnel. Headquarters is under attack. Please evacuate immediately." The guard grabbed Elvin. "You heard what it said. Let's go." Elvin shook loose of the man's hold. "Sorry! I got to talk with my uncle! C'mon guys!" Elvin and his friends ran past the Guard and made their way inside the UEF headquarters. They could hear shots from the attack behind them.

At this point, Elvin was having his doubts about entering the evacuated building. He was retracing his steps from this morning. "It's this way." Lan and Aries were mindlessly following Elvin. The entryway to the lower levels was now in their sights. Elvin forced open the doorway and ran down the stairs. There didn't seem to be as much as this before. "Elvin, you have any idea where we're going?" Elvin didn't reply. They could hear the upper floors being destroyed. The ground was now shaking, but that didn't phase any of them.

After a few minutes of running, the friends arrived at Victor Ly's office. The door was already opened, and inside awaited Victor Ly.

Chapter 2: Project G.U.N.D.A.M.

"How did you know I was here?" Elvin had an odd smile on. "I had a feeling." Elvin often got these types of feelings. He learned to rely on his instincts when he was very young. His friends often teased him, saying that he was psychic. " You really shouldn't be here. It's dangerous." Elvin walked up to his cousin. I was drawn here By something Elvin's Uncle Victor turned around. "I see. Come with me." Victor led the children down another stairway. "I have something to show you."

Victor led them to a large dark room. Elvin couldn't really see anything, but he cold hear the echo of their footsteps. " Uncle V! Where are you?" Suddenly, a familiar voice started talking in Elvin's head. "Can't you sense me? I'm right here" Elvin covered his ears. "Wh Who is that? Uncle V? Is that you? What's happening?" The voice started to talk again. "Elvin. Turn on the switch. To the right." Elvin felt his way to a switch in the wall. He flicked it on. They were all blinded for a second, but Elvin already knew what was there. He had a feeling. They were all speechless. They stood there motionless for a second. After what seemed like a long pause, Lan finally spoke out. "It's a a Mobile-suit! I can't believe it!" Aries was equally shocked. "It's huge! I must be dreaming!" Elvin stood there, motionless. "Well, Elvin? What do you think?" Elvin finally said something. "Real mobile suits Does this mean there's going to be a war?" Aries and Lan stopped their glaring. It was true. In all the mobile-suit games, a full scale war between two opposing forces was being fought. "I'm afraid so. These are my own creations. They're called the Govern of Universe Nation Advance Mobile-suit. Or, GUNDAM." Elvin walked up and touched the alloy of the suit. "G Gundam. The metal, it feels different somehow." Victor smiled. "Yes, it is quite special. It took fifth-teen ships and a large shield to bring the luna titanium from space." Elvin faced his uncle again. "Luna titanium?" Victor reached for something in his pockets. "Here, there isn't any time to explain, but when you have time, I'd like you to look over these disks." Aries and Lan were examining the other two suits. They couldn't believe their eyes. "Cool! This is the MS-002 model from the game! And that's the MS-003!" Victor leaned against the large suit. "Yes, the Gundam MKII and Gundam Alex are very impressive, but there isn't any time to gawk over them right now. Get in." Lan and Aries just stared at Victor. "Your serious? Get in?" Victor pushed a button and the cockpit door swung open.

Inside the cockpit was an array of lights and buttons. Elvin just sat quietly and stared at them. It was just a little but more advanced then Elvins game system at home. Elvin felt uncomfortible. "Am I supposed to know what to do?" Elvin was sure Lan and Aries were thinking the same thing. "What now?" Elvin asked himself. Suddenly, the monitor switched on, showing a picture of Victors smiling face. "Alright boys, you ready? Flick the two switches above your heads." Elvin and his friends did as they were told. "Alright, now what?" Elvin was more then a little anxious to get started. "The controller my boy, the controller." Elvin understood, and stuck the controller he received from his uncle into a slot. There was a flash of light, then Elvin could see his surroundings. A 360 degree cockpit? No time to admire it now. Elvin could still hear enemy fire. They could hit the Earth Federations headquarters any minute now

I wonder who's winning?

How many enemies are there?

How many allies are there?

Are all his friends alright?

Why haven't we launched yet?

Again, Elvins uncle Victor appeared on the screen in front or him.

"Sorry boys, the energy has been knocked out, so the launch catapult isn't functional."

Elvin took a deep breath, withdrew his beam-rifle and shot a hole in the roof.

"Not a problem."

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