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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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by Japanimefreako

In a small cottage amongst the woods of Daventry, the aging wizard Crispin slept in his rocking chair in front of a guttering fire as the wind blustered through an open window. The music of birdsong and smells of spring wafted in the cottage.

"Hello? Hello there!" shouted a youthful voice in Crispin's ear.

"Eh, what? Who's there?" wondered Crispin groggily.

"It's me, Echoin."

"Who? What? ... I must be getting too old, I'm hearing voices again."

"I'm not a voice of your mind, Mr. Crispin, I'm a voice of the wind."

"Oh, my, and how came that about?"

"I'm somewhat of a special birth, you see. My father is Aeolos, the God of Wind, and my mother is Echo, a long-faded nymph of springtime. I came to be born as a voice, and so I traveled to foreign lands on the wind and learned many languages. But I started to become lonely, since although I could talk to people, they would be frightened by a sudden voice out of nowhere. I heard of you during my travels, and I was wondering: could you turn me into a human? Please?"

"I will give it a try, but let me pour myself a bit of hot cocoa. I'm still a bit tired..."

After Crispin was more awake, he poked about in his book of spells and his chest of magic in order to find a solution. He decided to build a contraption with a conch shell, a bit of string, some liquid amber, and a light bulb.

"Now, my boy, come into this conch shell and I will recite my spell. I cannot promise that I can make you fully human, but we'll see how far it goes."

Echoin crept into the conch shell and listened to Crispin's spell:

"By the powers that be, in earth and in sea,

Turn this boy of the air, into substance for me.

Give him the form,

Of a boy more the norm,

So he can rest in the shade of a tree."


Poof! Echoin felt himself spiraling, spiraling, out of the conch shell, through the string, into the amber, but when the light bulb came near he suddenly fell into Crispin's shadow instead of becoming human.

"What happened?" said Echoin miserably.

"I don't know, but there must be some change." muttered Crispin.

Crispin looked about, and on the floor, and noticed that his shadow was a bit different than it usually was...

"Echoin? Are you in my shadow?"

"Um, I guess so. What do you mean?"

"It seems you have become my shadow. How interesting...

Hmm... well, you certainly have more substance now, and you look like the shadow of a boy, and you can certainly rest in the shade of the tree, so I guess the limerick spell did it's job to a certain extent... If I can come up with a better spell later, we can try that, but for now, let's see what you can do in your current form."

Echoin moved about and looked at his somewhat two dimensional self. He was somewhat disappointed since he couldn't move through the air anymore, but at least people could see him in Crispin's shadow...

"You seem somewhat upset, my boy. But don't worry, I don't think you'll be stuck in my shade forever. Let's try something..."

Crispin moved across the room until his shadow touched the shadow of a table and told Echoin to move. Suprisingly, Echoin found himself able to move from Crispin's shadow to the other! Echoin was a bit happier that he was able to change between shadows, but it was still kind of limited...

"Well, this is certainly an improvement, Crispin. But what if I want to move when you're sleeping? I cannot rely on people to move me about all the time..."

And so Crispin started to research spells to improve Echoin's new existence. By the end of two years, Echoin was now able to move between shadows that were 50 feet apart, or more if he traveled through the earth. As long as it was an area that was substantially dark, Echoin could travel through it. Therefore, when the sun would start shining, Echoin could hide in the earth and travel about until he found a shadier spot. Now that he could travel over much longer distances, Echoin became Crispin's assistant and started learning some simple spells...

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