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a cat and they take a message
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A Dark Time in Ash's Life

by  JagerZero

Here is a story. This is my first try at a fanfic and I hope it comes out as well as I want it to. This is a story involving charters that are copyrighted and trademarked. No trademarks have been broken and all rights are reserved by the holders of there copyrights.

[Fade in] We come upon a large field of grass, the wind blowing from the north softly, Sun betting down on the green blades as we see the shadow of a small animal sitting on a stone. As there is a large explosion we see a trainer dressed in a dark blue jump suit, stepping down off the large bolder. Picks his bag off the ground and pulls out a black poke~ball out of the ball pocket and sends it to nab the pokemon that he just defeated. As the onlookers watch the battle between these two trainers come to a fiery end there is a look of shock on there faces as the wining trainer takes off his mask to reveal that he is Ash Ketchum from right here in pallet town. More shocked then the on lookers is the defeated trainer Misty who had not seen Ash in three years after he lost his best friend and number one pokemon Pikachu in a battle with Team Magma where Pikachu lost his life defending Ash from a fire blast that would have killed him if it was not to the sacrifice that Pikachu made that day. After losing Pikachu, Ash turned in his Pokemon trainer ID and Pokedex and let all his pokemon free. And one day just left home not even saying good bye to his mother or friends.

For a year and a half he wondered around the caves of Joto and The Orange Islands looking for a long lost pokemon he had meet back in the days when him and Pikachu where traveling around to pokemon gyms winning Pokemon League badges with there friends Misty and Brook. Now those where the days when all was care free and Pikachu was always there to keep a smile on Ash’s face. Now as Misty looked on to the cold dead face of Ash as he swiped her Starmie with a dark poke~ball she know that he was no longer the same Ash that she secretly had a crush on for many years, There was some thing different about him, Was it the odd change of cloths or the lack of regret or remorse when he nearly killed Starmie in that last round and when to take for himself a prize that was not just frowned upon by the Pokemon League but was ageist all the Pokemon Trainer’s rules of conduct and honor code. How could this be the Ash that she know, how would Pikachu feel if he saw his best friend doing what had not only been the thing that had ended his life on that faithful day but wearing the logo of the dark Pokemon League That the member’s of Team Magma and Team Rocket had started weeks before the death of Pikachu? As Ash picked up the dark poke~ball from the ground he called his Absol back to its poke~ball and clipped it to his belt.

Before Misty could get off her Trainer’s stage Ash called out Crobat and took to the sky and vanished in a shimmer of light and black smoke. Where could he have gone? Misty asked herself as she ran to tell Prof. Oak and Ash’s mother the news of what happened. She first got to Ash’s house where his mother was just sitting on the stoop as she had done every day at this time hopping that her son would walk up and ask what was for dinner but alas so for there was no word from her little boy. He stopped answering his cell phone years ago. But from time to time she would receive a call late at night and who ever was on the other end never said a word. She knew deep down in her heart that it was Ash but could not know for sure. As she day dreamed about her long lost son she heard the sound of a bike horn coming from the trail leading out of town. She knew this sound well as she had installed the horn herself on to her house mate’s bike just weeks ago. As Misty rides up to the house she can’t hold in her excitement, with a twang in her voice she breaks the good news to Miss. Ketchum. Ash’s mom you are not going to believe this I just fight Ash five minutes ago. He almost killed my Starmie and then swiped it with a dark poke~ball…. Miss. Ketchum jumps to her feet and grabs Misty by the hand and heads to see Prof. Oak in his lab at the top of the hill. As they get to the door they hear a large crash and when the door opens a puff of black smoke and there is Ash passed out on a table and Sam Oak pined underneath him.

[Its time for a commercial brake]

Panzer Dragoon Orta: For graceful fury there is no power grater then X.

To read the next chapter of this story Email me at  Lexcorp@rgv.rr.com and let me know what you thing of this chapter. Thanks

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