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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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Invisible Child

by derdincheehoo

It has been so long, too long, since I last saw you. You never knew me, yet I was part of you. No one knew me. They kept me in secret. Ever since you came along.

You are not real, little sister, or should I say, clone. Everyone wonders how you can be so mature; how you can handle all these difficult political situations at age 16. There are only two people in this world that know the truth. Only one, however, accepts it. And that is I.

I am the true Peacecraft. I was born to be the heir to the Peacecraft throne. I was perfect in every aspect, except I was evil. Yes, evil. I had all the qualities of a leader. Strong willed, stubborn, idealistic. But I could not be controlled. I could not be adhered to the idea of pacifism. If I came to power, I would start a war to end all wars. One so large, only the fittest fit survive. The strongest of the strong. I think much like your friend. Dorothy is it? She would have made a perfect friend to me, also a strong ally.

By the time I was three, our parents knew I could not be a Peacecraft. I would send the kingdom into mayhem. So they made you. They took my DNA and altered it, creating you. Months later, Relena Peacecraft was born. You are my clone. My exact genetic copy, except for a few alterations. My enemy.

I disappeared from the world. To the kingdom, I died of a rare disease, for which there is no cure. To your brother I never existed. He was too young to remember. You were the only sister he had. They sent you to school. They tried to educate me at home. They treated you with respect, like a princess should be treated. Me? A lowly piece of trash. Soon enough, I disappeared from the household. A new servant had come to the Peacecrafts. I was your personal maid, your slave. I only put up with everything because I wanted revenge. The very word sounds sweet in my mouth.

When the Cinq Kingdom fell you and your brother weren’t the only survivors. I went into hiding. For thirteen years. Thirteen years. I made my way the best I could. Of course I had to disguise myself. What would people think of another Relena Peacecraft running around in old tattered clothing, stealing an apple from the same vendor at the same time every day?

I found you again, one year ago. I sometimes crushed pills into that weakling Heero Yuy’s meals. The pills messed with his brain; thus he was unable to kill you. That is my job. If he assassinated you, what would I do for revenge?

So, little sister Relena, big sister Selena is here for you. Here for your blood. I will find a chance, don’t you worry about that. When I do, it will not be you who sits atop the Peacecraft throne. It will not be your big brother Milliardo either. It will be me, Selena Peacecraft, the only true and rightful heir to the Peacecraft property and position. Miss Relena Peacecraft, your day shall come.

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