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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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  Cyber Hill: Out of Place

by  Cyber_Helix.

Chapter 1: The Others

It's calling...It's calling me...

It's been calling me for 17 years now...

I hear it in my dreams...

I hear "them" or "the others" crawling around..looking for me..

I belong with them, I belong to that other world..I am a part of them..

I finally realised it... on that day...


"My name is Satoshi, or you could just call me Toshi, i prefer Toshi over Satoshi, anyways, I'm 17 years old and my life sucks and so does school. The moment I woke up was like waking up from a Friggin' nightmare, but hey.. that's normal to me, It happens to me every friggin' day, one of the main reasons my life sucks... I don't have a happy life like most people do.. I have a hard and boring life, I guess thats what call they reality..., I'd rather live in some weird fantasy world... My school is also pretty lame, it's full of junkies,criminals,whores and all kinds of other weird people, the teachers are lazy and the school just plain sucks. I am attending computer class, well it's kinda boring and my class is full of idiots and maniacs, I don't really have many friends, but that's because everyone thinks I'm strange and in some way they're also afraid of me..very odd. Well I can't blame them.. I think everyone's weird too, Oh hell I'm getting sentimental here.." But enough with this crap about me, let's get this story rolling.

It was one of those gloomy and boring sundays, a day before school. As I came out of my room I slowly walked towards the bathroom and I washed myself, I was still kinda tired though.., after I finished washing and dressing myself I went downstairs, there was no one awake yet. I walked to the couch and sat down.. after a while my brother and sister came down and my bro turned on the TV. There was gonna be an important thing for us on TV, my dad was being operated live on TV, they found some cure against cancer, and my dad was the test subject. And because my mother died when I was ten, (my dad's the only one left to take care of us three kids), it's important that we are seeing this.. After a while I dozed off..

I was dreaming abou the same things I was dreaming about: The Other world..., a world of pain and suffering, but in someways also a paradise for mankind...


"Friggin' idiot!"

W...Wha..Wha..Wwhat?, I woke up and saw that my older brother was sitting next to me. I was sitting on the couch in front of the TV.

"What are you doing dozing off like that?", he told me as he looked at me with angry eyes.

"You're supposed to be watching this, it's about dad, remember?!

"Yeah I remember" I told him while looking at the TV.

It was a stupid thing to doze off, it happens alot lately, kinda strange. First those weird dreams and now this..


"Hey you're not paying attention again!"

"Oops, sorry.." I replied.

"This is very important Bro" my sister said.

"Yeah I know..I'm sorry..."

30 minutes later...

After the whole operation thingy was over, I walked to the kitchen to get myself a drink. But while I was walking, I suddenly felt really sick, I felt like there was somethingsticking through my head..

Then everyrhing around m started to get blurry, then the furniture, the TV, the doors, windows and even my bro and sis disappeared, all that was left were the ceiling,the walls and the floor. Then there was a change in the scenery, the walls,ceiling and floor started to get Crimson Red, the color of blood... Then I heard a strange noise, it sounded like there were sirenes in the distance.

The sirenes got louder and louder and the room was filling with blood by every second.

Then I screamed, because the sirenes were hurtung like hell.

As I looked around with my ears covered, I saw that letters where appearing on the red walls...


They said:

Come back to us

You know you know it..

You know you are on of us

You are a part of us

You know you are hers...

You will come back to us...back to her...


Then I fell unconsious and the sirenes,letters and the blood disappeared..

Chapter 2: Life Shows It's Ugly Face

I was dreaming again...

I was dreaming about paradise again... I walked through paradise... Her world..., then I saw a mirror...

Suddenly a voice whispered:"This is the true face of life..."

Then something strange happened with the mirror..., my reflection suddenly got all blurry and an other image appeared

in its place...

As I looked at it I froze with terror..

The image showed several people getting brutally murdered and some people were getting tortured... it was sick.. it was the

true face of the thing we call Life. Then another voice whispered to me: "I'll show you your purpose.. the reason

you exist.."


The image on the mirror changed again, this time it was a picture that pictured me and a girl of my age.

We were standing hand in hand on a mountain of corpses, and there was fire all around us... then we slowly kissed

each other.. it was horrific to see all that destruction.. but somehow I also liked it.

Then the voiced returned, this time it said: "Wouldn't it be great if everyone would just die?"

A sadistic grin appeared on my face.

The voice continued: "Thats your purpose.. to end all life in that horrible reality... your purpose..to re-unite with her,

your purpose.. to guide those poor souls to paradise.., the eternal paradise of mankind.., there they will find their

true purpose, just as you did".

"Now go back... meet your purpose.. this is just the beginning, I know you can feel it..".


Then I suddenly waked up.

I was in my bedroom again, it was 7.00 AM, time to go to school again.

I just had a feeling this would be a bad day again.

After about 10 mins of washing and dressing I ran down the stairs and ran up against my sister.

"Hey watch where your going!" she said angrly,

"I have to get on time you know!"

"Yeah well me too, so stop whining and lets go already"

After that we went to school.


The first class I had was Maths... bah I really hate maths.

The class was really boring and I almost fell asleep.


"Wah..what!?" I replied while sitting straight on my chair again.

"Just kidding you man!"

I looked to my right and saw Michael sitting next to me with a smile on his face.

"Um well.. I guess its a good thing you woke me up" I replied while scratching my head.

"Ya just gotta stay here man.. I know life sux.. but you just gotta stay awake, who's knows what could

happen in your sleep.. I could draw funny stuff on your forehead for example".

"Just shut up Michael.. I don't need your advice, I'm not a kid!"

"Sorry dude.. won't bother ya then" michael said as he turned his face away.

I actually got scared of myself there, normally I would never act like this, its getting creepy"


5 hours later...


I was walking through the halls of the school...

After 5 minutes of walking I still hadn't found the exit, and there was no one around

so I couldn't ask for help.

It was really strange, normally I've would have been out of the school already, and normally

the school would be crowded with other students.. but it wasn't.

I continued walking... but the hall seemed to be endlessly long and it was getting darker as well.

I slowly started sweating and I started walking slower by the seconds.. very strange and also

very frightening.

As I walked through the neverending hall I saw that everthing was getting red and blurry again, it was

a familiar feeling... it was paradise.. it called out to me again.

There where sirenes on the background again.. It didn't even hurt my ears, somehow I became Immune.

Then a figure appeared in the shadows before me.

As I slowly walked towards the figure I could see that it was a female.

I got closer...

When I was about 5 meters in front of her, a bright light suddenly flashed and I could see what she looked



It was the girl I saw in my dream.... Sophie..

Then we Embraced each other.

She whispered words into my ear: "We finally found you..., come with me...


Chapter 3: Resort Town by the Lake

Alexus? I realised that this was another dream, it wasn't real... but I knew that girl somehow, and I also knew my true name, I knew somehow that they were real.


I found myself waking up on the floor of the College Hall.

It was still night, not really strange... because it was night when I started seeing these things, the hallucinations... or so I think.

After I walked out of school a familiar feeling came back to me... the same feeling I always had when my deceased mother would hug me as a little boy... it was a nice feeling...it felt relaxing... I heard a voice after that.

It said: "My son... we will soon meet once again, when that time comes you will also meet her.., your eternal love... Sophie....

Then a Grin crept across my face... I couldn't stop thinking about Sophie, it was like she was a ghost attached to my mind, I just couldn't stop it...

I needed to be with her..

3 weeks later... It was summer, it was almost time for the summerbreak, I was quite excited because we were going to a small resort town called 'Silent Hill', whenever I would hear that towns name I would shiver... Really weird and somehow familiar and comforting..

Silent Hill...

My dad was released from hospital just a week ago, it was great to see that he was doing fine. The pain in his chest was gone, so the experimental operation seemed to have worked. He told us that because we had been alone for such a while we would go on Vacation, it was his way of showing us his happiness.

2 days later...

We were on I our way to Silent Hill, my sister was really excited and my brother as well, I felt the same way about it.. but still I felt there was something wrong, I didn't know what, but it was a strange feeling...

It was like the town was calling for me...

We arrived in town 1 hour later, it was really misty and pretty cold..., not the kind of weather you'd expect in the mid of the Summer.

"What's with the weather in this town?" my sister said.

"Yeah really weird, it's misty, cold and the town is just completely silent" my father replied.

"Not quite what you'd expect from a resort town" my brother said.

Humph.. "Im gonna take a look in town" is Said while walking down the Hill.

 "Hey wait up Bro!'my sister yelled. But I didn't listen... I just walked.. Walked... and Walked... I couldn't see I thing, so I wasn't sure where I was going.

As I looked back I didnt saw anything, I didn't even hear my family anymore... It was like something was forcing me to walk forward, and to forget about the outside world. After a half-hour of walking I still wasn't in town, I was still an the Forest Hill road.

Then suddenly I heard a sound...

It sounded like something fell over, it came from my right. So I started walking right, I came upon a tunnel with barricades in front of it. It seemed to be the main entrance to Silent Hill, I could see that a brick had just fallen of a pile of debris.

I picked up the brick and looked at it for a while, then I threw it against the Barricade. Suprisingly the Barricade crashed with a loud bang. After the dust clouds had disappeared I could see a figure in the shadow of the tunnel.

As it moved closer to the daylight, I could see that it was not human...

As I looked at it I got horrified... it looked like a person in a straightjacket made out of flesh, it made strange, spastic movements, and it made strange noise. It grumbled and charged right at me!

It really scared the heck out of me, so I fell over..

It was crawling towards, slowly but still coming forward...

I looked around in Panic to see if I could use anything as a weapon to kill it.. Then I saw a Wooden Board with some nails still in it. I quickly got up and picked up the wooden board. Then I started mashing the creature with the wooden board, after I mashed it, it made one more movement and then it was dead..

As I stood there with blood all over me, a sadistic grin appeared on my face..

"Heh....lost soul.. you have been salvated.."

After that I walked through the tunnel... I finally entered town... The Resort Town by the lake....


Chapter 4: Shadow in The Mist

I looked around, I could see that the town was completely silent.. no cars, no playing children, no people

walking around.. it was completely quiet..

It was actually very frightening but also peaceful, the houses looked like they where abandoned for several


"What the hell is wrong with this town, where is everyone?!" I yellled.

But there was no awnser.. it was completely silent..

I decided to go and explore the town.

I took the road to my left, it was crowded with lots of restaurants and shops, they all seemed to be closed,

and I didn't seem that they would open anytime soon.

As I walked a bit through the shopping street, my heart started pounding faster.

I stopped walking and I looked to my right, in front of me was what seemed to be a Café, to be exact it was

Café 52, a typical American Café..

A fearless grin crept upon my face as I walked towards the café.

"Harry.. you were here once.. but now you have been salvated as well" I said with a sadistic grin as I walked in.

The Café seemed to be completely abadoned and I could see that there was a fight here once, a Bird-like creature was

rotting in corner of the room, with a puddle of dried blood around it.

Next to the dead creature lay a small Red Radio and a piece of paper.

I walked towards the radio and paper and picked them up, I tried putting the radio on, but it seemed it didn't

work anymore..

"Hmm.. I don't know why.. but I somehow feel that this radio is gonna be important later"

I put the radio in my right pocket and read the piece of paper, it said:

"Damn, what the hell was that thing?, it looks some kinda bird but it's completely naked, It almost killed me!"

"What is wrong with this town?, first my daughter disappears and now this!"

"If someone is reading this note right now, I wish him/her good luck!"

"Well I've had enough of this, I'm going to find my daughter"

"Harry Mason"

When I finished reading it I put it in my pocket.

I walked out of the Café and headed west, I somehow felt I needed to go in that direction.

After walking for about 10 minutes I reached what seemed to be an Elementary School, the sign said:

"Midwich Elementary School"

I felt I needed to go In and take a look..

So I walked towards the doors and tried to open them..

But It seemed they were locked.


I started looking for keys and found a note attached to a nail, the note said:

"If your looking for a key, whoever you may be.. then it's not your lucky day.."

"I took it with me, and I put it inside the place where the souls take their rest"

"Harry Mason"

I crumbled the paper in my anger and thew it against the doors.

Then I started thinking..

"The place where the Souls take rest"

"I know it!!!, it's gotta be the Morgue!"

It seemed that there were two morgues in Silent Hill, one beneath the Alchemilla Hospital and one

beneath the Brookhaven Hospital...

A grin appeared on my face, I walked East towards Central Silent Hill where the Alchemilla Hospital is.

As I moved forward slowly, sweat drops started rolling down my forehead, which was strange because it wasn't

tiring or warm at all.

Then I feeled a light tremble in my pocket and I heard a loud noise which sounded like a school bell.

I grasped inside my pocket, and felt that is was the Radio I found in the Café, it was shaking and made that

weird noise.

Then a Flash appeared in front of me, it blinded me for a second..

In my panic I tripped over a brick and fell down.

As my sight recovered slowly recovered, I could see that a shadow in the mist was walking towards me.

It got closer and closer, and somehow my body wouldn't move.

I heard Sirenes in the distance again, the ground shaked and transformed in to a steel grid, covered in blood.

As I struggled to get away, the shadow was already standing before me, it kneeled down..

It embraced me!

As I slowly opened my eyes I could see that I was being held by a Girl with long dark hair..

She turned her face towards me and she smiled at me, she had beatiful green-blue eyes and a cute face.

Tears rolled down her cheek as she smiled at me..


I froze for a moment, and then I kissed her on the lips.


Our Lips met, and kissed for about 5 minutes.

"Oh I knew you would come for me Alexus" she said with teary eyes.

"I could never stop thinking about you Sophie, but now I am here, so don't worry" I replied, while holding her

tightly to me.

"Yes all will be fine now, come with me.. we have to see mother" she replied as she helped me up.

"Yes.. Mother.., I am back.. your son.. your Salvater" I said while grinning.

"Come.. follow me" she said as she guided me to an old House.

"Open the door Alexus and you will see her" She said as she put my hand against the doorknob.

"Yes.. I will" I slowly turned the doorknob, then I pushed the door open slowly"

A filty smell came from behind the door as I walked in with Sophie holding each others hands.

I saw a chair turned with its back towards me...

I slowly walked towards the chair, and I turned it around...

What I saw there really shocked me.....

The person in the chair was a.... Little Girl for about 14 years old...

"Alexus!!! she yelled as she jumped around my neck"

"My Son!"


The girl was our mother, and the mother of God... A-L-E-S-S-A...

Chapter 5: Familiar Cries


Her name rang in my head like a loud school bell, how could she be my mother, how could such a young girl

be my mother? It's Impossible!

"What Am I?"

"What are they?"

"Who Am I?"

I slowly grabbed my head with both hands and swung it around madly.

"Get out!!!..Who are you??.. get out of my head!!"

"I'm not you.. I'm me!!!..you are not me..so If you are not me.. then who are you?"

"I am you.. can't you feel it?... don't you remember?" A voice sad to me, while swinging my head in pain, as if I was trying

to scrape it out of my skull.

"Noo!!!.. I don't remember!!!!.. get out!!!"

"I cannot... I am you... you are me... I am Alexus... we are Alexus.. son of God.."

"Who is that?.. my name is Toshi not Alexus!"

"Toshi is merely the name your adoptive parents gave you.. it means nothing.. you know you are me.. I know you can feel it.."

"Alexus... My name is Alexus.. Am I that person.. is that me... are you me?.. are we Alexus?"

"Yes.. I know you can feel that it is so"

Suddenly I stopped swinging and clawing my head and I sat down on the steel floor, I felt Sophie's arms around me.. she was holding

me close.

"Come back to us.. you belong here with us.. in our hometown.. you belong with me" Sophie whispered into my ear.

Slowly she gave a gentle kiss on my cheek and I turned myself around..

I looked into her eyes and saw that she meant those words..

"You are Alexus.. son of God.. who brings salvation through you.. you are her weapon.." Sophie said while pushing my head

against her breasts..

"I am... gods weapon... I...am...Alexus...God's Salvater...I bring...peace..to the souls of the humans..the..poor..souls...I..guide..them to..Paradise.."

"Yes.. you finally understand it.."Sophie said..

I got up and gave her a long kiss, after that the world started changing again, everything was back to normal and Alessa was gone..

As I looked around I could see that I was all alone again.. standing in the living room of an Old House.. covered in dust and forgotten forever.


I walked out of the house and outside again, it was still very misty and the town was still as dead as ever.

"My hometown... I have to find more anwsers in this town.. I want to know.. who I truely am.. what Alessa is.. and where Sophie is.."

The cold ground under my feet cracked As I walked over the grass over to Central Silent Hill, it was there that i would probably find more

anwsers about my birth.


Slowly I walked down the main street as I looked around with a dazed look on my face, it was a sad thing to see that the town

was so dead.. so quiet.. so lifeless, but also very peaceful, as If something suddenly caused all of the Inhabitants to move out of town,

but in quick and peaceful way.

It was no Earthquake or what so-ever... It was something much more frightful.. It had consumed all who were present in town..

As I continued walking a feeling came over me, my body got all stiff and forced me to stop and look at where I should be going..

As I looked around with almost all of my limbs frozen I could see that the Alchemilla Hospital was In front of me..

A voice rang through my head again: "The place where souls take their rest.."

It was here that I would find the anwsers that I needed.

Suddenly my body de-froze and I walked to the entrance of the hospital, I grabbed the door handles and opened the twin doors to

the Hospital.


A weird scent escaped through the door as I walked into the abadoned Hospital.

Slowly the doors closes behind me as I walked to the reception area.

I could see a piece of paper lying on one of the benches, I picked it up and started reading it:

"That old woman Dahlia told me to find awnsers in this place.."

"I don't know why.. but I feel my daughter must be connected to this place"

"I checked all doors on this floor, but it seems that most of them are locked, and there's no way to open them up"

"I also met another person who is stuck here, his name his Michael Kaufmann, and he told me that he is a doctor

in this hospital, he also just killed one of those bird creatures, the same that attacked me in the café, he said he

was just taking a nap in the staff room, and when he woke up everyone was gone and that thing appeared in front of him, it

seems he is the same as me, also looking for a way out and some awnsers, after a while he left and I continued my search.."

"Harry Mason"


It was another message left my Harry, he was probably looking for anwsers about his daughter, and he hoped to find them, here

.. he's just the same as me , I thought and I put the note in my pocket.

I looked around to see if there were more things of interest and then I saw a map of the hospital, on it was a message written

in someone's blood : "Souls..souls.. where are the souls?..find the key to my heart and i will let you see.." Next to the message

was an arrow pointing at several patient rooms, they were all on the third floor.


I tried to open a few doors, and it seemed they were all closed.. just as Harry said.

Then I came across the Elevator, I tried pushing the button several times to call it, but It didn't seem to work.

The power was probably off, so I checked if I could find some stairs.

After about Half an our I found a door which lead to a staircase..


I slowly put on one foot on the stairway as my heart started beating faster, after climbing the stairs slowly I arrived

at the third floor and I slowly opened the door...

In a split second I felt like I was getting very dizzy and the door seemed to fade as Everything turned red and rusty once again,

the floor turned into a metal grid covered in blood again, Sirenes could be heard in the back ground as I slowly walked into

the hallway of the Third Floor..


It was the Nightmare World again...Paradise calling out to me again.. beckoning me.. summoning me...

It was frightful..it was painful..it felt good...

Chapter 6: Nurse


Crimson Red...

Crimson Red Halls...

Heart Heart.. where is the key?

The key to my heart?

It all came over me like an overwhelming dream... but this wasn't a dream, this is reality..

I have to admit that it frightens me.. but it also comforts me..., its like I've been in this reality for my entire

life now..

I was walking through the halls of the 3rd floor, it was all rusty and blood came out of the walls, it looked pretty

familiar. A strange moaning could be heard as I walked further and further through the halls, all doors seemed

to be locked and the halls seemed to be never-ending.

Suddenly I saw a shadow coming closer in the dim right lights of the halls, it walked like it had been run over

by a truck and it dragged a metal object over the floor, loud clangs could be heard as the metal object would bump into

the steel grated floor.

I panicked a bit and started sweating, slowly the creature moved moaning towards me, it made spastic movements(just like the

straight-jacket creature I encountered before) and it breathed and moaned heavily.

As I stood there frozen like a statue the creature was just a meter or so away from me, I finally got to see what it looked like... it was horrible...

It looked like a nurse, but her head seemed to be covered with what seemed to be a bag of flesh, tightly pulled over her head, making

it look like a bubble head. She dragged a long steel pipe on the floor and screamed and moaned as she swung the pipe at me.

In my panic I tried to run away, but she hit me with her pipe against my head, slowly I fell to the floor, being knocked out.

I couldn't see anymore, but I could still hear the Bubblehead Nurse screaming a bit, then I felt I was being grabbed and I was pulled somewhere.

After I while I woke up and slowly opened my eyes...

As I looked around I could see that I was lying in a rusty hospital bed, with restraining straps holding me down.

The whole room seemed to be empty and everything was still rusty and crimson red.

Then I heard a loud bang and some moaning, a door swung open and the Bubblehead Nurse entered the room.

With a bang she/it closed the door behind her and slowly walked towards me as I struggled to get myself out of

the bed.

Slowly but surely she climbed on top of me resting her hands around my chin, this really freaked me out as I

screamed and struggled even more.

She sat on top of me with her legs beside my right and left side as she gently held my chin and her head hanging down looking

at me with eyes that I couldn't see.

I froze in terror and she gently stroke her fingers through my hair, which freaked me out.

What was she doing?, why was she/it doing that?"

Then I decided to talk...

"Who are you?.. What do you want from me?" I said as I looked at her with fear in my eyes.

I didn't get a reply and she moaned/screamed a bit.

"What are you doing?" I asked her.

She breathed heavily as she removed her hands from my face, then she slowly pulled of the flesh bag, with a squishing sound as she

screamed and rocked the bed heavily.

I closed my eyes and I could feel drops of blood dripping on my face, I was too frightened to do a thing and held my eyes closed.

"Ahh.....yrr... urgh... uahh..." She mumbled as I could feel her hands placed on my face again.

"Ah....Alexus.....lloookk... at my....facesj" She said as I could feel her fingers running through my hair again.

Then I decided to open my eyes.... what I saw really frightened me but also made me smile a bit.

I saw her hair.... long black hairs running down her bloody face, two green-blue eyes could be seen and a smile on her bloodsoaked lips could

be seen as well.

"No... that can't be!" I screamed as I looked at her bloody face.

"Yes... its me Alexus... its me... this is me... this is my reality.. I am one of them... just like you.. you belong here with me..."

Tears rolled down my cheeks as she kissed me with her bloodsoaked lips. "Sophie.... no....."

Then we kissed for a few minutes and I fell Unconsious again.

I could hear her screaming and moaning again as she left the room with a loud bang(the door slamming shut).


Chapter 7: Key and Souls

When I woke up again, my head was banging loudly, like I'd run over by a truck or something.

The hospital had turned to normal again and the room I was lying in was completely empty except for a few

papers lying around, as I looked around I could see something written on a wall, it said:

"Heart.. it is here... for you only.."

It looked liked it was scribbled there not very long ago, like a day or so.

To my suprise I found that I wasn't strapped to the bed anymore, the leather straps were cut and I could get out again.

As I walked around the room I could see a handgun laying a corner, there were some bullets next to it too.

I picked it up and put it in one of my coat's pockets, "This could come in handy.."

As I grabbed inside one of my pockets I felt something cold and metallic, I picked it from my pocket and held it before my eyes,

It was a key with a heart-shaped top, there were letters ingraved into the heart "Souls".

It ocurred to me that this was the key to the underground morgue 'The place where the souls take their rest'.

"What.. what will I find there?"

"Truth.. you will find truth.."

"Truth.. about what?"


"No tell me!!"

"You'll find out soon enough.."


With a dazed look in my eyes I walked into the hall of the 3rd floor, slowly but surely I climbed down the

stairs to the basement of the hospital.

A gruesome smell entered my nostrils as I walked through the darkened basement hall, there were only a few

lights burning, the other ones were either broken or they flickered.

Sounds of dripping could be heard and the tiled floor cracked under my feet as I walked to the end of the hall,

In front of me was large door with something written on it in blood: "Heart of the lost souls..."

"Yes.. it is here.. the source for your truth"

"My truth.. it is behind these doors?"

"Yes.. and he's waiting for you.."

"Who is?"


"Fine.. I'll find out myself then.."

I inserted the key i found earlier and unlocked the door.

Slowly my hand reached for the door handle, my body trembled and my heart starting pounding faster.

Then I gently moved the door open and my head felt like it was gonna burst, I felt all drowsy and dizzy as

everything around me changed rapidly.




I closed my eyes and walked inside the morgue, a weird smell entered my nostrils, it was the smell of burning flesh,

it was really disgusting, I could hear strange noises, like there were claws scraping the iron gridded floor, gears turning and a fire


Then I heard a voice.

"You finally came.........dude.."


I opened my eyes and looked around quickly, what I saw filled me with even more fear..

The room was filled with burning corpses hanging in steel cages, hanging from the roof, on the ground there were laying

strange metallic objects that looked like knives, in the center there was a chair with its back turned at me.

In the corners of the room there were hanging mutilated bodies that were all blurry-like, on the walls there were gears spilled with

blood, turning around, making weird noises.

I pulled the handgun out of my pocket and I walked towards the chair in the centre of the room.

"Who are you?" I asked as I pointed my gun at the chair.

"I am... your truth.. a creation of God.. to tell you.."

"To tell me my truth?"

"Yes.. I'm sure you know who I am by now... dude.."

My eyes changed into a shocked state.

Then the chair slowly turned around, in the chair was person wrapped entirely in bloodied bandages.


The bandaged person slowly got up as he groaned.

"Yes.. its me..., this is what I look like.. I'm actually dead.. I was burned after school time.. the same day you fell into Paradise.."

"But how??" I asked while I looked shocked at him.

"I was walking through the school halls at night.. and then I saw you.. you were just standing there.. rambling weird words.., so I ran to you

to see if you were OK, but you just kept rambling and staring fowards.."

"But how did you get burned then?"

Suddenly he raises his burned arm and points at me.

"It was you... no... it was Alexus..son of god.. that killed me.., when I tried moving you you turned your head towards me and your eyes set me on fire, after that I burned

to death because you just continued rambling, while not paying attention to me..."

"I'm so sorry.. Michael.."

"No ... don't apologize.... it was meant to be...I was meant to be salvated as a soul....just like all other humans...one day they'll all be salvated at your hands.. because

you are gods messiah..the salvater of mankind...the one that leads man into paradise.."

"That is the truth?"

"Yes...God opened my eyes to the world...the human reality is meaningless..it should be destroyed.. so I'm glad I was salvated.. one day we'll all be in god's

loving arms.. inside paradise..., so you see..I forgive you... you have saved me.., now that you know 'Truth', you should save just one more soul, to complete

your rebirth as gods archangel.."

Slowly he walks towards me while he holds out his arm.

"Alessa... she's not god... only a vessel.. you are the true essence of her 'God', the copy.. clone... thats the truth.. Sophie is the true essence of God as well,

you are both half of god, that's why you must re-unite.. become one... to revive god.. to Salvate mankind.. you must!!"

He clings his arm on my shoulder and pulls me closer, I slowly raise my handgun and point it at his head.

"Now I that I know the truth its time for you to die... you are nothing but a useless puppet now... dude.." I say as I grin.

"Go ahead... thats good.."

I grin once more and I pull the trigger, the bullet flies through his head and into the wall..

His dead body crashes down on the floor and it burns.

"Hehe.... hahaha... fool.."

I say, as I grin with blood on my face.

"Another step closer to her.."

I say, as I leave the room while chuckling and everything turns to normal again...

Chapter 8: Wings to Salvation

 Everlasting salvation... isn’t that what we all want?
Isn’t that what we deserve after so much pain?
Isn’t it right?

Yes it is...
And I shall be the worlds guide..
The Wings to Salvation..
Eternal Paradise...

I am god..
God is me..
We are hope
We are salvation..

Only the last soul remains...
The other half..
My Love..

It was as quiet as ever... not a single sound could be heard.... the moon was shining with
A crimson glow.. like a gown of blood poured upon it..
My hair was blowing softly in the cold breezy air of the night, the mist got thicker while I was indoors, a sign that the time is near...

A small grin appears on my cold face, there was no more Toshi... only Alexus, the true god..
Walking through the streets of the forsaken resort town figures start appearing all around me.
“Lost souls....”
I simply laugh as I continue walking, the souls follow me, crawling.. moaning and groaning, they sense their salvation is near... soon their pain will be washed away by the fire of god. Letting them slumber in our eternal paradise...

The town is quiet.....
I like it that way...
Only Silence....

My Intuition tells me to visit the place where god was born... the church.. the sanctuary of god..
Across the lake... there it is.. god's throne.. the gates of paradise..
With My wings... Wings to Paradise.. Wings to Salavation..
Martyrs will burn in the fire of hell..
Souls will be put to rest..
Life as we know it will end... its the ultimate purpose of human lives...
To die... to be guided into the eternal paradise..
Where god.... no.... Me and My queen will.. soothe their pain... the pain that life has given them..

Softly the wind blows through my jetblack hair, I stand before a giant pier.. in the misty distance a light can be seen, like it is searching for something...
The pier... it is covered in blood... covered with multilated bodies... it is like the bodies bleed their pain out of themselves.
Slowly the blood forms a giant figure, disgusting as it looks, it makes weird slurping sounds. "You are the only thing that stands between me and
god..." I say as I take my handgun out of one of my pockets, slightly grinning I load a clip into the handgun.
"It is pain... isn't it??" The hulking creature rapidly leaps forward, my hair is blown backward due to the force it made when it landed.
The giant creature is known as Pain... the collection of all sorrow, pain, hate and agony... all combined into a single entity...
Screams and moans can be heared coming from the giant creature's body, it is as if the creature absorbed living humans...
With a cold and grinning face I look at the creature's faceless head, large drops of dark-red blood drip from it's body onto my face and torso.
"Good... I like it... show me the pain of mankind... make me feel their hate... let me experience their sadness and agony... give it all... for then I'll be truly
ready for becoming god's true form!"
The creature roars as it swipes it gigantic claws at me, I simply stand there... laughing... maniacally... while my body is being ripped to shreds...
"Ugh..... uwaaah!!....gehehe...he...hehe... haha....hahahah!" The creature stops for a moment and I fall lifeless onto the cold ground.
Rapidly my blood spills over the floor, gurgling as I'm dying, a small tear of blood rolls down my cheek, dying with a smile on my face..
"I'm.... sorry....dad...bro.... and.... sis... ugh... I'm no more......."

Chapter 9: Distant


Bloody death...

It hurts..

It utterly destroys my being...

My feelings..

They bleed out of me...


Everything I once was...





"I can see my mutilated body lying in a giant puddle of blood, deep in the mist.. far away from sight... but still I can see it.

Am I dead?

Is this for real?

Or is it....

A dream?

My head is all foggy.. I can't seem to remember who I am...

My thoughts...

They all seem so...

so... distant...''


I was floating in a white space..., there was nothing to be seen, except for a mirror. Slowly I float to it, as I approach it, the mirror starts shining with a blinding red light, the surface of the mirror seems to be getting liquid.

"Is it real?"

Gently I touch the surface of the mirror, strangely enough my finger seems to go through it, it feels warm... like warm water...

"I can.. go through it.."

Slowly I move my right arm through the mirror and then the rest of my body. As I step through the mirror, thoughts flash through my mind in a split second, random thoughts... no connection...

Slowly I close my eyes, I feel that I am somewhere different...


"It's cold..."



I open my eyes...


"Brother? are you ok?"

I feel two warm hands on my face, soft warm hands...

It feels comforting..

As I look around I see that I'm lying on a small dirt road, it's surrounded by many large trees, between the trees thick clouds of fog can be recognized.

As I look up I see the worried face of my younger sister Kaylee, a small tear runs down her face.

"I'm ok sis.. really.."

I say as I look smiling at her, her expression changes to a weak smile with watery eyes.

"Oh Toshi!.. sniff... I was so worried.... you suddenly disappeared.. and.. and... then... dad and andy... they disappeared.. too..., I..I was so scared... I was all alone.. in the mist... sniff"

As I hug her softly she bursts out in tears.

"I'm here now sis.. I won't leave you..." I say as I hug her brotherly.

"T-Thanks.... thanks so much.. sniff.."

As I let her cry out on my shoulder, I look around to see where I've landed. We're in a forest... thick.. dark... and misty...

"Tell me sis... can you remember what happened to you? what happened after we left the car?"

Still crying she looks at me with scared eyes.

"I.. I.. was running after you... but when I couldn't see you anymore.. I ran back to dad and andy, b-but.. they weren't there anymore... s-so.. I looked inside the car.... and... and..t-then... I saw something horrible...

There was.. something... in the car.... it..it.. had no face... and.. it looked like.. like a person in a straightjacket... it crawled out of the car... so I freaked out and I ran away into this forest.. and then... then I found you.. just lying here.."

Then she tightly wraps her arms around me.

"Lets get out of here.. it's dangerous..."

I say as I start walking with her in my arms, the scenery eventually starts to change... the trees become blood-red.. and the shadows start moving..

"It's coming.... to erase me... erase me for good...'"

It cometh....

Tis.. Inevitable...

For it is... eternal...

Eternally haunting me..

For it is a part of me..


Will always.....be...

"Run!!!!!!" My sis yells as she wriggles in my arms. "Run!!!"

As I I run I look backwards to see what's behind me. "It's pain..."

A large figure can be seen hulking behind me and my sis, the distance between us seems to get smaller with every step it takes, grunting as it walks, it rips down some random trees and spits out blood whereever it walks. "Dammit... it's too fast!!" I say as I start running even faster. My sister who is yelling and crying wriggles heavily in my arms. After a few seconds I see the shadow of what seems to be a building. "Over there!!, it's building!!" My sis yells as she points her finger at the shadow. "I see it!... just a little more... and then..." My body begins to feel really heavy as we start getting closer and closer to the nearby building. Panting as I run, my legs feel like they're freezing up. "I.... I can't.... go...... any.. further...." I say weakly as I drop my sis out of my arms. "Just... go... and save yourself.... don't worry about me...." I say weakly as I crouch on the muddy path. "No... I won't leave you... I never will..." She says as she looks at me with a smile, she then puts an arm around me and helps me get up. "I.."

"No.. don't worry about it... i'm your sis.. I'll never leave you.." She says as she helps me walk forward.

"see... we're almost there.."

Slowly we stagger to the front of the building, it seems to be an abandoned Inn. "We're here bro..don't worry.." and then I faint...

I'm dreaming...

It's a good dream for once....

It's about.....


There's a light...

It shines brightly in my eyes...

I smell flowers....

I hear laughter and chatter...

I see people...


People that care...

People who know me...

People who love me...

I see my father...

Happily talking with my mother...

They look so happy...

It makes me feel good...

I see my brother...

Fooling around with his macho friends...

They look so happy...

It makes me feel good...

I see my sister...

She's playing with flowers... making a bouqcet for my parents...

She looks so happy...

It makes me feel good...

I see myself... and HER....

We're holding hands... on a burning hill.... of corpses...

We look so happy...

It makes me feel good...

I see a town...

It's burning.... it's dying....

Only to be reborn....

In God's love...

In God's Light..

With the fire...

The fire we bring...

It's good...

It's good...

It's good...

It's good to feel good...

It's good to feel god...

It's good to feel her..

I like it...

I like..... her..


I see....

Silent Hill...

Garden of god's light...

I am Alexus..

I am freedom...

There is no pain....

No pain in God's Light...

The light me and her bring...

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