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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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For my English teach Mrs. Exner


What I Hate...

by  Akari


I hate this sound. No I'm disgusted! It's the school bell. School ended. This means I have to go home.

What's my problem you ask? A lot! It started several weeks ago. Since then I hate this bell. And I hate busses. Especially when they're driving fast. It means I lose some of my valuable time... but no. The driver doesn't do me this favor. He's driving fast intentionally. I hate traffic lights too, especially when they're green.

The bus is near to the bus stop. I hope it's exploding in time? I hate terrorists. They blow up everything but the things you really like blown remain untouched. The door opens. What if I just don't go off? No it makes everything worse. I must face the danger. I stand up. Going down the few steps. The bus is gone. It's starting again. My body is shivering all over.

Don't get hysterical. I start walking. Setting one feet before another. The nearer I come to my house the more nervous I get. Finally I'm standing in front of my house. Slowly raising my finger to ring the door bell. Slowly. My heart starts pounding. "You can still run away" something says in my head. I manage to ring on the third try. Too late to run, the door opens.

My dad. I go inside. "Dinner is ready you're just in time." Lucky me! I saved 15 more minutes - at least. I'm eating slowly. Removing my shoes. Jacket after that. To the kitchen. Sitting down. Small bites. Eating slowly. With raising panick I notice my plate getting more and more empty. Licking my plate clean. Asking for a second helping... and again! Go to the bathroom. Puking. Staying there for a while. Clean up. I have no idea what to do now. No risk no fun - I do it. First step. The second. My nerves start getting out of control. The seventh. Fourteenth. Gimme a break!

The sixteenth! Before my very eyes the door to my room starts spinning. The door handle. I'm leaning against it. I HATE door handles! Open the door. Eyes closed. Blinking. There he is. I'm breathing furious. Helplessly I'm trying to reach the chair.

"This time" I say "I will win!" And I'm playing against him. I got 11000 points, he got 25000. I have 33400 points, he got 54000! "YOU'RE CHEATING!" I start to cry. No response from him. Most likely he didn't even listen to me. He's winning. Every time! I reach my critical state.

I want to cut him apart with a big hammer. I manage to calm down in time, luckily. What would my parents say? I'm going to the bathroom and commit suicide, quiet and easily. He won. Why do computers have to win all the time?

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