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a cat and they take a message
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Sometimes It’s Too Late To Say Goodbye

by  Majere

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. I wish I did but I don’t! Any people places or events are purely fictional and the ideas belong to me

Sometimes It’s Too Late To Say Goodbye

The rain coming down didn’t bother her at all; it just seemed to match her mood.  It had been 9 months since the accident… since Ash and Brock had been it that accident.   She missed them so much that sometimes it seemed it would be easier to just end it all, to duplicate what happened to them… but just when the pain seemed to much for Misty to bear, Noctowl would peck her or Cyndaquil would ignite it’s back with fire out of anger. 

The two guys who meant the most to her had been off on a journey just outside of Pallet Town, off trying to catch a rouge Primeape in the region that had been causing the residents of the area trouble. They had been up in the mountains when a rockslide had happened.

From the inspection the search party had done it seemed that the Primeape had gone slightly insane and considered the boys a threat to its life.  So it attacked them with a rockslide, death according to the search leader was probably instantaneous.  Though from the bits and pieces of the boys they found under the ruble it was pretty hard to tell if it actually was them, in fact, I kept thinking I had heard Ash’s voice every now and then but would only feel hurt when it wouldn’t be him.

The only thing to identify that Ash had even been there had been his hat and jacket with his pokeballs had been found on one of the bodies.

The funeral was brief but heartbreaking, Delia was even more broken up then I was, if it wasn’t for Professor Oak and Mimey holding her up she probably would have fallen and not gotten up.

Then there were Ash’s pokemon, they had not gone back into their pokeballs since I had told them of the accident, no trace of Pikachu had been found.  A couple of Brocks pokemon had been recovered but most were lost.

I stayed with Delia, we both needed each other, at least this tragedy had shown Delia that Professor Oak cared for her, maybe one day some of the gloom would be risen from her shoulders, but not likely for a long time.

One day about a month earlier, Delia came into Ash’s… now my room and asked me what I was going to do now, that I was still young and may still find something to do with my life besides mourning after Ash, I could see that it was killing Delia to say so but they both had to move on with their lives, sure it would hurt always but there was still so much ahead for me.

It took me a month to finally get what Delia had said, that I didn’t have to forget Ash completely, just not let the thoughts of what we could have done stop me from going ahead in my life.  So here I am above the gravestone of my one and only, what does one say to the dead, “I wish you here Ash, I wish that you could break Delia out of her gloom!  But we both know this isn’t going to happen.  I’m taking your pokemon and continuing your journey, who knows, maybe one day I can become the pokemon master that you strived so hard to become, you came so close but we all know what close only counts in horseshoes”.

After saying all this Misty turned her back on Ash’s grave stone and didn’t look back, as she left the graveyard only one thought went through her head, “Sometimes it’s too late to say goodbye”.


Well Flame away, If you liked it say why! If you didn’t, also say why! These things cant get better without feedback.

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