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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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  Some Random Information


This lesson is going to be random things I feel like telling you or think you should know.


I am going to start out with mo, to, and soshite.

Mo is like saying also. You do not use it to connect two things in the same sentence.

Watashi mo neko to inu ga suki. I also like cats and dogs.


That sentence also uses to. Which is pronounced with a long o sound. This is used to connect nouns.

Watashi wa ki to isu to hana ga kaemasu. I bought a table, chair and flowers.


The other one is soshite. It is used to connect phrases.

Watashi wa nihongo ga hanasemasu. Soshite, furansugo ga yomemasu.

I can speak Japanese and read French. So do you understand? Please understand. Please.


Next are some pronouns. Think I did most of these already, but what the hey. We're reviewing then.

I - watashi

we - watashi tachi

you - anata

you(plural) - anata tachi

he - kare

she - kanojo

it - It isn't used but in It's place sore (that) is often used

they - kare ra

NOTE: kare and kanojo are also used as boy friend and girl friend respectively.


I just stick demo in here because I want to.

demo - but

nihongo ga suki demo, furansugo wa kirai desu. I like Japanese, but I hate French.

NOTE How I didn't say the watashi part? That is because you don't always need to. Feel free if you like. It is not wrong if you do.

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