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  Basic Sentence Structure


To start this lesson I will show you the basic sentence structure of a Japanese sentence.


Topic wa Direct Object wo Indirect Object ni Verb


The wa is the topic marker, the wo is the direct object marker, the ni is the indirect object marker. These are particles that always come after the type of word they indicate.

NOTE: the particle "wo" is usually pronounce "o"


That is all about sentence structure.


Now I will tell you some nouns to put in those spots.

nihon Japan

amerika America

Igirisu England Britain

Doitsu Germany

Mekishiko Mexico

Furansu France

Chuugoku China

oteari Bathroom(honorable washing place)

mise store

Shigoto job

ie, uchi house

apaato apartment

kompyuutaa computer

gohan meal or cooked rice

atama head

hana nose or flowers

kami hair or paper

me eye(s)

mimi ear(s)

kuchi mouth

ude arm(s)

te hand(s)

yube finger(s)

ashi foot or leg(s)

ashi no yube toe(s)

hiza knee(s)

kutsu shoe(s)

shatsu shirt

o-kane money

isu chair

ki table

gai street

terebi television

eiga movie

manga cartoon or comic


Ok thats alot of nouns. But there are alot more. I'll put more on later. Or better yet i will make a topic for a list of verbs and nouns.


As for using these you might need to know all of the particles so here they are.

wa topic marker

wo direct object marker

ni indirect object marker,direction indicator

ga grammatical subject marker

de with, by means of

mo also or both

node because

kara from

made until

made ni by (ex by next week)

ne at end of sentence used for asking for agreement.

ka at end of sentence makes sentence a question.


So try using these a bit.

Ja ne

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