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a cat and they take a message
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Nebraskon 2009

by JHawkNH

Warning: This page contains several megabytes of pictures. It might take several minutes to load completely. Please be patient.

JHawkNH visited Nebraskon 2009 and brought alot of pictures.

Behind the Scenes

There's always something funny in the background. Here's what JHawkNH found.

"I am so stoned..." Looks like this guy had to much weed in the 'party room'.

In this state they don't celebrate Christmas or New Years. They just call them holiday "A", holiday "B", ect. Lazy bastards.

Should you really be more scared of the con mascot then you are of the con security head?

Look, I found an MG2 action figure! Cool...

Either someone couldn't count panels or they loosened the definition of a panel. You know like the "standing in line panel", the "going to the bathroom panel", The "sleeping panel" (although not to many people attended this or the "eating panel"), ect..

You know, 'peace bonding' the sword was stupid enough. But I don't think there is any place in this world were those arms could be considered 'dangerous weapons'.

No comment... :)

I don't think Kon was too happy with me taking his picture.

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