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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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  The Dream by Kira

The Dream

by Kira


Tears Stream down my face, the pain is unbearable. You hold me back, I'm so close to her, I can almost smell her sweet strawberry. I push and you hold me back from her. You tell me its for the best, that it was unhealthy, that we were unhealthy. Then she appears, she's holding a sword, I look to you, and you put your head head, you stand by her side. I trusted you. I tell you not to make me do this. That you know very well where my loyalty stands. That I will always choose, my love. My first true love. You sigh and put your head down, you tell me that I'm being selfish.

I reach for my sword, I curse you for making me do this, we were friends, I trusted you. Now I stand before as an adversary. You pull your sword. She watches us pleased. Know that this battle will hurt me more than anything. I tell you, your wrong. That what we had is perfect. I deserved her friendship more than you ever did. You lied to her about me. Giving her a false sense of hope for me, instead of letting her know the truth, that I never once stopped thinking of her, and now here I stand, to prove that. All that stands in my way is you and her.

I charge towards you, You brace yourself. I swing my sword, our swords collide. Clanking and clashing. You are quite skilled, but I need to get past you. And right now, I'm willing to fight dirty. In the life of love, I have always been willing to do what ever it takes. I close my eyes, You come to attack me, I open my eyes, they change, they're darker, battle ready. I reach for your sword, and with my other hand, I slug you in the stomach at the same time I raise my knee and strike you in the side. I jump back and charge you again, you swing blindly, I jump over you and elbow you in the back, Not holding back at. Giving everything I got. You don't understand where this strength is coming from, I had always been strong but never this strong, you wonder if I was always just holding back, never showing my true strength. Your chest and back are sore. You stagger to your feet. You cough up blood. She frowns watching the fight. She was sure you would have had the upper her. She was not ready for me, she was weak, always weak, but she sore she would have my life.

I tell you to drop your sword, You refuse, you make one last final attempt as I curse you for the final time, I strike you, You stop and look to me, your eyes wide and full of sorrow, you tell me to go to her, be the fairytale prince I was meant to be, to spread my wings and protect her. I close your eyes and gentle lay you on the ground. All that stands between us is her. She clutches the sword in her hand, she is shaking in fear. I'm tore because I she is important to her. I can't harm her. She advances to me, I don't raise my sword my at all. She sees this and slashes me in the arm. I tighten my body, fighting the urge, the natural reflex and instinct to fight back.

My love appears from a corner, she sees her friend dead on the floor, her eyes widen, she looks to me, teary eyed, that pouty face that gets me everything, My love looks to her in horror, and sees the gash in my arm and knows, its because of everyone, I would never fight her. My love runs in front of her and tries to stop her, she pushes my love onto the floor. She blames me for what she did. My love crawls to her feet. My love reaches for her. Trying to stop her. She lefts up her sword, I shout and charges after her. My love shuts her eyes, I swing my sword, I strike her. My love cries to me to stop, I stop cold, taking the opportunity she swings her sword and jabs in the side, Her eyes wild and blood thirsty. My love cries, she grabs for her sword, She tells her she's had enough of this and that's going to end it all. I scream no. I rush her, she trips and falls on her own sword.

My love looks on in horror, she rushes to her side. She coughs up blood, she tells me to take care of her, that if I should harm her, she will curse me from the deepest pit of hells. I just look on. I shut my eyes and put my head down, I feel warm hands on my face. I open my eyes and she looks into my eyes with loves. She kisses me, And I wake in my room, Staring at the post that hangs on my ceiling, I look over and see the picture of us. I sigh. I get ready for the day and try to remember the time we shared.

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