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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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This is just going to be more words.


Here are some descriptive words.

ii or yoi (dv) good (when conjugated "yoi" is always used, ex. yokunai -> not good)

atarashii (dv) new

hayai (dv) early

hoshii (dn) wanted, desired

hayai (dv) fast

osoi (dv) late, slow

takai (dv) tall, high, expensive

hikui (dv) short

totoi (dn) precious, sacred

gumai (dn or dv) stupid, dumb

atsui (dn) hot

hadasumi (dn) chilly, unplesantly cold

itai (dv) painful

oishii (dv) tasty

muzukashii (dv) difficult

benri (dn) convenient

(dn) safe

daijoubu (dn) fine, ok (also daid to ask: "are you ok?"

dame (dn) no good, useless

kara (dn) empty

kekkou (dn) fine, splendid

kantan (dn) simple, easy

kioshii (dn) dear, important beloved

taisetsu (dn) important

iya (dn) unpleasant

wagamama (dn) selfish


dn = describes a noun

dv = describes a verb


An important thing to remember about descriptive words is that there is usually a word that means the same thing just in one word.

For example water is usually said as a different word depending on what kind of water it is. Here are some;

hitoshizuku a drop of water

net-tou boiling water

tansansui carbonated water

jousui clean water

hiyamizu drinking water

reisui cold water

hiya cold water or sake

osui sewage water

yu hot water

kaisui ocean water

plus many more and I'm sure I don't know them all.


Here are some more nouns to use with these descriptive words.

otoo-san father (someone else's)

okaa-san mother (someone else's)

shigoto job (informal)

oshigoto job (formal)

chichi father (the speaker's)

haha mother (the speaker's)

kaisha-in businessman; white collar worker

kyooshi instructor

sensei teacher

rekishi history


Saying to your Father or others talking about your family

go-kazoku = family

ojiisan = grandfather

obaasan = grandma

otoosan = father

okaasan = mother

oniisan = older brother

oneesan = older sister

otootosan = little brother

imootosan = little sister

ojisan = uncle

obasan = aunt


What you say about your family to others

kazoku = family

sofu = grandfather

sobo = grandmother

chichi = father

haha = mother

ani = older brother

ane = older sister

otooto = little brother

imooto = little sister

oji = uncle

oba = aunt

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