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a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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  Now, for something completely different.

by oldwrench

My son talked me into attending the eighth annual SGMS weekend put on by Minnesota College of Art and Design. The fact that one of the guest speakers was Yoshitoshi Abe helped convince me. It is quite different from a con, it is composed of academic lectures given by graduate students, college professors, and industry people. You can get college credits for attending the lectures. One of the fun things on the opening night was the fashion show. The fashions were by a number of different designers. There were over 60 models showing off the designs. They ranged from Lolita’s to all out strange stuff. My pictures weren’t very good, the area I was in was fairly dark, the brightly lit stage area was reserved for the press people and their photographers. Sakura did a great job of making them look presentable. So on with the picts from the Fruits Basket Fashion Show.

Caption of picture 1
Caption of picture 2
Caption of picture 3

The first two colorful girls were from a collection they called the jester. Pretty girls in pretty colors. The nest picture is a cute little oriental girl. The guy taking video was taking a lot of very low angle shots, up close with the girls on that low stage they entered on. Now maybe I’m reading this wrong, but I think he was after some panty shots.

Another one of the asian cutie, her shirt says, “I’m so delicious.” I’ll bet she is. The next two are of, ah, well the pirate queen? She’s scary. Halloween’s coming.

Red hair, red dress, top hat and cane, a lolita out on the town. The next row of picts has a better one of her dress. Next, what would the show be without a couple of princesses. These two fit the regal niche very nicely.

The better shot of the red dress. It’s not all cute girls, her’s a guy who looks to me like the king of rags. And finally, a nice gothic lolita struts off the stage.

Three dark gothic figures. The first looked good in all black, with plenty of black lace and trim. The second looked like she was in a cage with her steel corset. The guy deffinately was creepy, the grave digger or something.

Two of my favorite girls. The first girl was actually my favorite, very feminine in white and blue. She had white boots on too. I have a thing for boots and knee socks. The second girl looks like she could have come right out of some anime, like Last Exile. Really cute. Note the goggles on her head.

Three more, similar to the last one, that kind og medieval kind of look. I still like the white boots.

The first one fits with the last few, but looks a lot scarier. Next is a pretty lolita in white, with lots of lace. I like that too. The guy with the accordion and the mustache was a real hit with the girls. He put on a nice act.

The girl in brown is another very nice dress. Next is another handlebar mustache boy. He looks like a tough from old Chicago. Then we have a couple from the early last century out for a stroll.

Ooo, this is a spunky sexy looking girl, in her shorts and ruffles. The eye patch adds that tough, naughty girl look. Last it;s a pair of lolita sisters, all ready for bed. Nice ending for the show.

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