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  My Trip to Anime Detour 2008

by JHawkNH.


I decided to go to Anime Detour 2008 as Ginji from GetBackers. The day started pretty well, I was ready to go an hour before I needed to so I was feeling no stress. (Unlike previous year where I was finishing my cosplay the day of the convention.) All I had to do was put on the vest that I had spent twenty hours and color my hair with colored hairspray. Things didn't go as planned…

Green is a good color, but the problem is Ginji’s hair is yellow and so was the hair spray. It turned green when it hit my hair, go figure. The only choice I had was to just go with green hair and hope to fix the problem the next day.

So I arrived at Anime Detour 2008 green hair and all. The line to register wasn't to bad, only over an hour wait! After I was finally registered I finally got down to the business of what I wanted to do at AD 2008, get as many pictures of cosplayers as possible. And now for your enjoyment, my pics…

Pictures Part I

Souseiseki from Rozen Maiden
Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Sakura from Naruto
Lacus from Gundam Seed Destiny
I believe she is a character from the game Jet Set Radio.
Jaria and another character from Naruto
Travis Touchdown from the game No More Heroes.
Sorry. Not sure of the characters or the series.

Pictures Part II

Characters from the game Metal Gear Solid.
Three girls from video games. I didn't get a picture of the giant anchor that little girl carried.
Check out the missiles on her. Anyone prematurely launch?
Misa from Death Note
Madina from Twilight Princess.
I believe Skippy from Starfox.
Can't remember her name from Chrono Crusade.

Pictures Part III

L from Death Note
Fay from Tsubasa, and I believe Haruko from Air.
Gaara from Naruto
It's Sakura!!!
He can be found in many anime. And now at Anime Detour.
Mutent Solder.
Sven and Train from Black Cat

Up until this point I have been looking up the names of character and series to make sure I spell them right… Not anymore, I got really lazy.

Pictures Part IV

Renji from Bleach
One of the bad guys from Kingdom Hearts video game.
Link from Zelda
Ichigo and Purin?
Another Chii, Sakura from Tsubasa, and Yuuko from xxxHolic
Another Sakura joined by Kerochan
Male and female Ranma along with Akane

Pictures Part V

These Kingdom Hearts bad guys never stop fighting.
Wizard from FF, Desert Punk, and no idea…
Cast from Slayers. I’d name them all, but I am lazy.
Pyramidhead, don’t know, Donkey Kong.
Wait she looks familiar, I must have been stalking her.
Ness from Super Smash Brothers
Another Travis Touchdown.
I knew who she was when I took the picture, but I forgot now.

Pictures Part VI

Aerith from Final Fantasy VII
I just don’t know.
All I have to say is… IT'S A TRAP!
Princess Peach. Someone said her skirt was not long enough. I say it wasn’t short enough. j/k
Characters from a Korean video game.
Characters from Kingdom Hearts
Plugsuit Evas. Two of these characters kissed, neither was female.
Azmaria and Chrono from Chrono Crusade.

Pictures Part VII

Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service.
It’s a Gundum. Just kidding, she is the white armor from Ronin Warriors.
Evil dude from Nadia.
Bumblebee from Transformers movie.


All of the pictures that you have seen so far have been reduced in size for easy viewing. But this means you miss some of the stuf in the background. Here are some clips from the pictures at full size.

Everyone loves 300!

Yaoi Plushies! Shouldn't these be sold in packs of two?

Dude! I'm taking her picture. You don't need to look at the camera and smile.

You thought the guy in the background was just making fun of his friend didn't you? YOU WERE WRONG!

The sign reads "Cosplay First-Aid Station". I think they took the sign to literally.

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