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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


Firefox 3
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  Fan Fiction

The following stories were sent by our members and visitors. All Anime World is accepting all kinds of stories and not just those limited to anime related characters. Right now we can only accept submissions in english language with less than catastrophic grammar. (We're posting stories without checking your grammar and we're barely correcting your spelling).

Two ways to submit your story:

  1.  Post it on the forums (you'll need a forum account to post there!)
  2. Send it by email to: sakura (at) allanime (dot) org
  3. Contact me by ICQ ( 7760577) or Jabber (same as my email address above) and ask what your other options are.

The following stories are new or have been recently updated (if any):

A big hug to everybody who sent her/his fan fiction. Your contribution is much appreciated.

All Available Fan Fiction

 5 minutes by Oldwrench
 A Dark Time in Ash's Life by JagerZero
 A Pokemon Christmas by Majere
 A Shakespearan Parody by crawfsh
 A Tragic Love Story by cyw60
 Acceptance by Freya
 Akari's Family To Japan by Various Artists
 Alone Without You by Kuro_Azera
 An Ode to Akari by crawfsh
 Archangel Girl by xXemobunnyXx
 Bleach Fanfic by Satoshi
 Crimson Star by crawfsh
 Cyber Hill: Out of Place by Cyber_Helix
 Echoin by Japanimefreako
 First Registered DAM Case by zeratul2k
 Gundam: War Chronicles by Matt
 Haunted by bull0220
 Hellgate: New Light by Z2K
 In the Rain Scene by Kira
 Inuyasha's Pup by Kiru
 Invisible Child by derdincheehoo
 It's A Hard Knock Life by crawfsh
 Ivory: A rewrite of Snow White by Freya
 Legacy of the Sakabatou by noidea
 Lila running in the cold by Devynne
 Lost Within My Mind by rurouniryu
 My other book by Devynne
 Mystic Moon Vacation by Dinky
 Nightbane by kodoku
 Powerless by Kira
 Reflections of Faye Valentine by crawfsh
 Running out of Time by Kira
 Samurai Champloo by Dinky
 Sometimes It's Too Late To Say Goodbye by Majere
 Sugoi! It's Beautiful! by bull0220 (copy 1)
 Team Gai Story by Satoshi
 The Battle for the New All Anime World by JHawkNH
 The BGM Saga by Hat_Hair
 The Day Akari Changed Her Name
 The Dream by Kira
 The First Book Of F.U.C.G. by simpliccio
 Till Death Do Us Part by yuki_tenshi
 Tomorrow's Hope by mriq
 Too Good To Be True by Marurashi
 Untitled - by Krista & Nicole
 Untitled Poem by anjel
 Vantage 04 by Bertrand
 What I Hate... by Akari

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