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Title: Fan Art

Featured Fan Art


I think Hiki is the most promising new talent at our forums. Very true to the japanese style she likes to play some kind of  quick-drawing doujinshi with her friend Esther resulting in some very chaotic storylines.

In addition to pictures and  doujinshi she donated a little " how-to draw manga" article.

Definitely a  must see.

She started  a webshop selling postcards, t-shirts, and other mercandise in November 2011. Check it out ~nya!

New Stuff

Fan Art Listing

 Anas Swieny
 Annie Than
 Fabiola Martinez
 Hiki's 'Basic Face Tutorial'
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 Hiki's 'Nightly Comic'
 Webcomic by JHawkNH
 Kyle Small
 Laurawella Allenlina Mitchell
 Michael Belano
 Michiru Koshi
 Ricardo Watanabe
 Sabrina Scott

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