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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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  A Bleach Fanfic

Hey, my name is Hibiki, I’m just an average guy of 17. I’ve got a normal life, which basically means a boring life, and I’m a collector of fine weaponry. I’ve got dark blue hair and ocean blue eyes. I’m not as tall as most guys are but I’m quite broad instead. Being quite muscled and broad kind of scares people away, which is a pity cause I’m a very kind guy, I don’t like violence unless it’s for a good cause, like protecting a girl who is attacked by some rough guys.
As I explained earlier I have been living a normal, boring life, this all has come to an end though. It all started as I was walking down the road from my school to my house when

Hibiki was on his way to home as he suddenly passed a store that had it’s grand opening that day. He had not yet realized it was a weapons store till he was almost past it and quickly took some passes backwards to look through the window. Looking through the window, through a gap between to big guns in the showcase he saw, on one of the shelf’s, the most beautiful katana he had ever seen. He walked through the door right towards the tribunal.
“Yes, may I help you?” asked the slightly greying man before him.
“Well, I’d like to know what the prize is of that katana over there.” Hibiki asked the man, of whom he though would be the owner.
“Aha yess, fine peace of work, I can tell you have a fine tast of good looking blades,” the man replied.
“Well, I’m kind of a weapon fanatic,” Hibiki answered.
“Okay then, well the sword itself costs 635 dollars and the scabbard costs 173 dollars, taking you want them both, as the scabbard has wonderful markings on it, I think we could settle a cost of 800 dollars,” the man said.
“Awww damn, I only got a 786 dollars, it’d take me at least a month to get the rest of the money,” Hibiki said, quite frustrated.
“Hmm,” the man looked at him with a thoughtful look, “you know what, since you’re my first customer and like weapons that much, you’ll get the scabbard for free, this time,” the old man said as he smiled at Hibiki.
“Serious? Oh man, that’s really awesome mister,” Hibiki said as his face was sparkling with joy. “Thanks a lot sir, this is really awesome,” he said as he left the shop carrying the sword with him.
‘Man this sword is awesome,’ he though to himself as he shove the sword on his back.
Suddenly Hibiki felt like a huge hand grabbed hold to his throat and he was lifted into the air. Then, all of a sudden, he was pulled forwards and he felt like something was gliding from his shoulders. Now he could finally see it, an enormous black-purplish creature with a white face. Or well, a face, it looked more like a mask covering his entire face perfectly fitting, not the tiniest gap was visible from the mask and the rest of the creatures head.
At was but after he had analyzed this strange creature as he realized a chain was connected to his chest, following it with his eyes he found that it was connected to a second him lying on the ground. It didn’t take him long to figure out the creature had somehow pulled his being out of his body.
The creature started to bend forward, like it was going to try to eat him.
Hibiki searched his back in the hope that there had somehow been made a spiritual form of his blade as well, but there was nothing there but his own back and his clothes. For some reasons his instincts started to drive his movements, he grabbed hold to an imaginary sword on his back and as he pulled it forward he realized the sword had actually come to exist and his clothes had somehow turned into black robes. Without further thinking he swung with the sword, cutting off the arm of the creature, the fingers of the now bodiless hand slipped from his throat and Hibiki took position.
When the creature before him had finally recovered from the shock of loosing his left arm it rushed at Hibiki who stepped backwards with his right foot, pointing the tip of the sword in the same direction and swung the sword right at the creatures head. His sword hit the head of the creature and as the mask cracked into two the creature disappeared.
Hibiki shove his sword back into the scabbard on his back as a quite short, white haired person fell from above.
“hmm, I was sure I sensed that hollow right here,” then he seemed to notice Hibiki standing up close, “hmm, I don’t know you, what division are you in?”
“Division? What are you talking about, by the way aren’t you acting a bit to bossy for your age?” Hibiki asked the white haired boy.
“For your information, I am a captain ranked shinigami, and why is it you don’t know about the divisions? Seeing your clothing’s you are definitely a shinigami,” he replied.
“What these?” Hibiki asked as he pulled at the outfit. “This just appeared after I made the sword appear, shortly after that strange creature pulled me out of my body,” Hibiki said to the little guy, “speaking of which I think I’ll return to my body now.”
Hibiki walked towards his body but as he tried to touch it his hand was bounced back by something.
“hey, why can’t I go back to my body?” Hibiki asked quite frustrated.
“hmm, I guess being pulled out of your body by a hollow, turning into a shinigami or a combination of those two has made you unable to go back, you’re dead now.” The boy answered “You can come with me if you want.” As he said it large doors appeared out of thin air and opened up, the boy walked into the bright light, and after a bit of hesitation Hibiki decided to follow his example.

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