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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


Firefox 3
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Most of you know that Sakura has been having some trouble with bugs when trying to get the new version of AAW up and running. But only a few of us know the true effort that Sakura had to go through for this new forum. I am here to spin the tale of Sakura and her battle against the Error Bugs.

Sakura sat at her computer as she was just finishing the final install of the new client software for the All Anime World forum. Little did she know that lurking in the depths of the server, the Error Bugs were watching her every move and just waiting for the installation to complete so that they could get their hands around the new juicy code.

"Finally the installation is complete." Sakura exclaimed in relief. "Now all I have to do is format the forms and I can open it to the users."

But just as Sakura began to edit the forms, the Error Bugs launched their attack on the newly installed code.

"Prioirty processing time to any bug who manages to take down the server!" the leader of the Error Bugs yelled as a battle cry. The Error bugs swarmed the newly installed code and began to dismantle it bit by bit.

Sakura watched in horror as the Error Bugs began to dimantle all the had work she had put into the new forum so far. "We did they come from?" Sakura screamed. "I have to stop them now before it is too late."

Sakura quickly brought up the command promt and type, "/Load -Antivirus". As soon as Sakura entered the command, the antivirus bots digitized on the virtual forum and began to attack the Error Bugs. But the Error Bugs quicky overtook the control code for the bots and destroyed them.

The leader of the Error Bugs looked out towards the virtual console window that Sakura was watching through and yelled, "We are Error Bugs, not viruses or worms. You can get rid of us that way you dumb b****!"

Now Sakura was furious. "That's it you low level trash bin material!" Sakura yelled at the screen. "It's time for you to die!"

Sakura quickly brought the command promt up again and typed, "/Load Cutebot". It's time to bring out the big guns." Sakura smiled evilly as she entered the command.

No sooner had Skura entered the command then a small catgirl digitized in the vitual forum. "What can I do for you mistress?" Cutebot said as she purred.

"Eliminate those Error Bugs over at the forum install. Take no prisoners, kill them all!" Sakura commanded.

"Alright mistress." Cutebot acknowledged, "Commencing termination mode."

Cutebot rushed over to the code that the Error bugs were attaching and began to beat down the bugs and fling them away from the forum code.

"Regroup" Yell the leader of the Error bugs. "We need to attack Cutebot in force." The Error Bugs amassed in a group not far from Cutebot for their final attack.

"Are you going to be alright Cutebot?" Sakura asked with worry in her voice.

"I don't know mistress." Cutebot replied, "There are hundreds of them."

Just then the Error Bugs began tearing chunks of code out of the server code and tossing them at Cutebot like rocks.

Cutebot began dodging the chunks of code Matrix style, but she knew that she couldn't keep it up for long. "Mistress, the Error Bugs are damaging the server code. At this rate the server will throw an error and crash." Cutebot informed Sakura.

Sakura thought about the problem for a moment and decieded what she must do. "I didn't want to do this, but the Error bugs leave me no choice." Sakura exclaimed.

Sakura brought up the command promt one last time and typed, "/Cutebot Load -Poison Pillows"

A moment later a pile of poision pillows formed behind Cutebot. Cutebot looked at the pillows and then stared at the Error Bugs with a smile on her face and said, "You've got to ask yourselves, do you feel lucky? Well, do you?"

The Error bugs froze in torror at the turn of events. The leader of the Error Bugs had to make a quick decision. Continue the attack and lose most if not all of his forces, or retreat. He waited too long to decide.

Cutebot began to launch a barrage of poision pillows at the Error Bugs. As the pillows plowed through wave after wave of the Error Bugs the Error Bugs would shatter into fragments of code that would be absorbed into the server code as they fell. The absorbed code began to repair the server code.

"Retreat!" yelled the Error Bug's leader. "We will be back to fight another day" the leader yelled back as he fled.

"They are all gone mistress. The forum is safe again." Cutebot informed Sakura.

"You did a very good job Cutebot. I am very proud of you." Sakura said as she pet Cutebot. "But now I need to repair the damaged installation, so you should rest now."

"Thank you mistress. Please call on me if you need me again." And with that Cutebot de-digitized and went into sleep mode.

"Now to fix this so that I can open the new forum up." Sakura said as she began repairing the damage the Error Bugs caused.

And that is the story of the battle that Sakura went through to bring us our new forum.

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