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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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  Untitled - by Krista & Nicole

I did it. By midnight I escaped from the cursed Sound Village. As I threw my headband to the ground, running at top speed, my injuries were severe. I knew I had to stop and heal them soon. Hiding in the forest, I used medical jutsu to heal the wounds inflicted by the tracker ninja. I knew I had to get as far away from there as possible. So I started my long journey on my way to get to the Sand Village.

After painsteaking weeks on my way to the village with a broken arm, I decided to stay my night at a local tavern to get a good night's sleep and hear the latest news. While waiting for my sake, I heard two locals talking about the Kazekage's return from the Akatsuki's hideout after escaping death. I couldn't help but intervene. "Excuse me", I managed to get out, "but how was he able to come back alive?" I said. "Hmmm, rumor has it that was some old woman who gave up her life for his", replied the villager. "But, that's just what I heard. If you want the real story, you could ask him yourself. Hahaha. Well, I don't know how you'd manage to get close to the Kazekage. Your not even from the village, are you?" "Um, no sir." I blurted. "Thought so. Well, sometimes he wanders the village. Kinda watching over it, if you know what I mean." he said. "Alright, thanks very much for the information, sir." "No problem at all, miss! Safe travels!"

I started my next "mission" the following morning. Walking around the Sand Village to get used to it, and also hoping to sneak a peak at this "Resurrected Kazekage," I soon grew fond of the place. Walking past the sand-made houses, and desert exterior, I decided that I would make it my new home. Even though anyone with eyes could say that the village was broken after the Akatsuki raid, I thought it had sort of a life to it.

Later that evening, I decided to take a calming walk through the dust-filled streets to watch the sunset. Arriving at a cliff, I sat at the edge gazing at the sinking orange sun and the reddish-pink skyline. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" said a mysterious but calming voice. I quickly turned around to see a young man with dark red hair and blue-ish green eyes watching the sun sink beyond the dunes.

"Oh, Hello! Im sorry, I didn't see you there," I spurted out. "No trouble." he replied. Watching the sunset for a bit longer, letting my curiosity get the better of me, I asked, "So, what's your name?" He took a few seconds to reply, but said, "Gaara........ I'm curious, are you from around here?" he asked. "Um, well, atcually no, but I really grew fond of the village when I arrived. So, I think, well, maybe it'll be my new home." I stated. "I see. Well, let me be the first to welcome you to my village." he replied. "Wh-Wha-Wait!" I stammered, my eyes growing larger. "Y-Your the Kaz-Kazekage?" I saw his expression change into a faint smile. "Yes." he answered, shortly and simply. "Have you found someplace to stay?" I glanced at him with a vacant stare. " Umm", I blushed, turning away quickly, "I'm... uh... staying at a tavern right now." "Hmm, ok. If you like, meet me here at sunrise tomorrow," he said, starting to walk away, "and I can show you around the village." "Oh! Alright!" I agreed, blushing even harder now, "Sure thing. I'll see you then!" He looked at me, smiling again, "Good night."

"Wow." I thought to myself, thinking everything over with a loss of words. "I better get some sleep." Yawning, I started walking back to the tavern. "Aw man, I had no idea it was getting this late." I said looking up at the black sky glistening with stars.

Waking up form the sun cracking through the window, I get up yawning. "Ahh man, was that refreshing." I got out of bed and streched out. "Oh no!!" I yelled. "I'm late!!" I slipped on some net under my blue shirt and ties it with a purple sash. While, at the same time, throwing on more net and putting on a blue skirt with slits in the side. I rushed out the door sprinting toward the cliff, hoping he'd still be there. I ran closer and saw that he was just about to start leaving. "Gaara-sama!" I shouted. He looked over towards me. "I'm very sorry!" I said bowing down." I completely lost track of time and woke up late!" I explained still looking down. "Calm down, it's alright." he said reassuringly. I looked up blushing a hard red. There was a momentary pause in the scene. After a few seconds, we both blurted out "We should probably get going.." "Alright," I said giggling, "I'll follow you."

We started walking down the road when he started a conversation."I've been wondering," he started, "where did you come from?" "Oh, uh," I quickly started thinking of the nearby villages affiliated with the Sand and replied, "I'm from the Leaf Village." "Really?" Gaara started again. "I don't suppose you know Naruto then?" "Doesn't everyone?" I joked, laughing nervously. "You know," he answered, "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." He smiled. I glanced up at him, losing my concentraction along with my footing. Starting to fall backwards, he gently catches me by my shoulders and helps me back up. "Are you alright?" he asked, concerned. "Oh, um, yes, i-it's just the he-heat out here. not really used to--" I stopped, my eyelids fluttering. I looked up into his eyes just as I was about to pass out, then everything went black.

I later woke up in a bed inside a large room surrounded with a sandy brown interior, along with wall scrolls all around. I turned over and saw a picture of a beautiful woman with a person whose face was apparently burned out of the portrait. I started wondering, "Who could that be?" I noticed how comfortable the soft bed was and started falling asleep again, when I started to close my eyes again, I heard footsteps coming from the hallway. I sunk deeper into the blankets, wondering who it might be. I heard a semi-concerned voice coming from the hallway saying, "Uh. Hey. You awake?" I opened my eyes. I saw a teenage guy standing in the hallway. He had short, dirty-brown hair, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans.

"Oh, uh, yeah I'm fine now thanks." I stuttered. "Cool. I'll go... get you some water or something. Gaara said it was just dehydration." He started down the hallway, glancing backward for a second. "Oh, by the way, my name's Kankuro."

A couple minutes later, he comes back with a tall glass of cold water. "Here you go." he said. "Hope you feel better." He started walking away. "Wait a minute... Kankuro. Um," I said blushing "do you know where I can find Gaara-sama?" He started laughing, "The second you wake up you wanna see him, huh? Well, I think he's at a conference right now. But trust me, when he's done I'm sure he'll come check on you. Alright then, just yell if you need anything else." He said while walking away.

Kankuro starts heading towards Temari's room and opens the door. "Uhh, hey, Temari? There's some chick in Gaara's bed."

"Man, I'm tired... but I should probably look for Gaara. Kankuro said he'd come see me when he's done, though..." I heard footsteps sprinting through the hallway and a young woman with dirty blonde hair about Kankuro's age burst through the door. "Who are you!?" she yelled. "And, uh, what are you doing in my brother's bed?" she asked, confused. "I'm sorry!" I exclaimed. Leaping out of bed, almost toppling over again, I immediately bowed down to the teenage girl. "Umm, what are you doing here?" I looked up and I saw Gaara coming through the doorway. "Gaara-sama!" I said. "Whew, what a relief" I thought.

"Wait a minute, Temari! Uhh, you didn't really lemme explain... Woah, family gathering?" said Kankuro also coming in right after Gaara. "Sorry, maybe I should explain some of this." Gaara offered. "Yeah maybe after you explain having some chick in your bed." Kankuro said, laughing at his own joke. "Look, I'm very sorry it seems I've only been a burden here; I'll go. I'm sorry again to have bothered you." I said, running out of the room, leaving everyone frozen.

"Now if only I could find my way out of here..." I said, sighing. "Don't go..." said Gaara, from the other end of the room. "Gaara-ku--I mean, uh, Gaara-sama!" I exclaimed. "That's ok, I like that better." He said, smiling again. I blushed. "It's almost dinner. Why don't you join us?" I smiled back at him. "Thank you..."

Sitting silently at the table, feeling slightly awkward, I decided not to take a bite until Gaara did, he being the Kazekage and all. But it turns out Kankuro couldn't hold in his appetite. Even then, I assumed it was only okay for family and possibly close friends to do so. "Eat up, uh--You know, miss... I never got your name," Gaara said. Upon the realization, I said, "Oh, yeah, I forgot... I'm Nikoru." [that's pronounced Ni-kou-rue, folks]

After dinner, Temari-san invited me for a night at their private hotspring to get to know her a little better. "So, how'd you get to know Gaara?" she asked. "Um," I replied, with the steam from the hot spring hiding my red expression. "Well, when I first talked to him... I didn't even know he was the Kazekage. He showed me around the village later on... and everything and, well I just got to know him." I explained. "Huh. Really? I've been sorta curious, where are you from?" "Phew, it's getting kinda hot in here, and I'm pretty tired... I'll see you tomorrow, Temari."

"So Gaara," Kankuro started, "who's the chick?" "She's a... friend of mine." Gaara's face turning away from Kankuro. "...Wow Gaara. You're a sucky liar." "Well, what am I supposed to say?" Gaara said curiously. "Uhh, that she's a hot chick and that your dating her?" He said bluntly. "......" "Look, Gaara. I know that you aren't me, but..." "Yeah, I get it" Gaara leaves the room.

"I wonder where I'll sleep tonight..." I thought. "Temari had me so flustered, I didn't have a chance to think about it." I saw Gaara walking down the hall. "Oh, hello, Nikoru," Gaara half-blushed. "Odd...Wait, does he like me ba---" My thoughts were interupted by his offer. "Do you... have anywhere to sleep tonight?" "I, uh, well-- no. I don't." I answered. "Alright," he though for a moment, "you can take my room." Puzzled by his offer I argued back. "But then where are you going to sl--" "Don't worry, I'll manage. This is a big place, remember?" He headed downstairs. "Good night!" He told me. "Good night," I whispered back.

The following morning, Temari came into m---Gaara's room. "Gaara wants to finish his tour with you today, Nikoru," She told me, half disgusted. "Oh! Thank you, Temari-san. Please tell Gaara-kun I'll be right there," I splurted. Temari's face cringed at the suffix "kun." "I will, princess," she said coldly and walked away. "Wh-why does she dislike me?" I wondered to myself. Later, after tying my dark brown hair into a bun, I changed into a red kimono with a purple sash around my waist tied with a white ribbon. Briskly walking and trying not to trip, I found Gaara waiting outside, once again gazing at the sunrise. "Morning, Gaara-kun," I greeted. Turning to face me, I could tell he was stunned. "Yo-you look...nice," He stammered. "Is it too much? I didn't want to look, uh, underdressed," I told him, feeling awkward. "No, it's perfect," he said reassuringly. "Well, we'd better get going," Gaara said after a moment's silence.

Walking and talking, I felt very calmed with Gaara at my side. It only lasted until we hit Village Square, though. Suddenly, being with the Kazekage didn't seem so hot. All eyes were on us, and I started to feel squeamish. "Uh, Gaara-kun?" I started. "Yes, Nikoru?" "Um, well, this feels...strange." Now feeling my tenseness, he stopped. "Well, how about we get something to eat? I'm sure you'll feel better afterwards," he sounded hopeful. "Okay. Thanks," I said, realizing that he felt bad. "I'm sure I'll be fine then. I'm probably just woozy from skipping breakfast." Gaara's face brightened a bit. "Where to?" He asked. "Hmmm...congee with eggs, please!" My mouth drooled at the thought. "Of course," he smiled, escorting me to the nearest restaurant.

"Mmmmmmmmm, that was good," I said, full and grateful. "I'm glad," Gaara told me. "Oh, here. I almost forgot to give this to you," He handed me a small, wrapped-up gift. "Huh?" I pondered, carefully opening it. Inside a tiny case were a beautiful pair of hand-crafted earings. They had the symbol on Gaara's forehead, "love," engraved in them. "The-they're beautiful, Gaara-kun. But I really don't deserve these..." I was shocked. "Oh, it's nothing. I just thought that I should give them to you because you---" He stopped in mid-sentence, his mind wandering off. "Gaara, I'm what?" I said, curious. "Huh?" He snapped back. "Oh, you're the first person to just...accept me without second thoughts." "Why would anyone have second thoughts about you?" The question spilled out. "Well, I was a different person a while back. I hated everyone," he started. The more I questioned him, the more he told me. Once his story was finished, I had decided; I would tell him mine.

Back at Gaara's place, it was time for dinner. We rushed there as fast as we could to the hungry, waiting diners. When we got there, however, the table was empty. "Where is everyone?" I thought, confused. As if reading my thoughts, Gaara answered, "I had everyone eat at the other dining table. This is reserved just for us," he started to blush, and turned away. "Oh, uh...Alright." I was bright red. I sat down to eat. After dinner, I immediately went to bed. "What do I do? I like him, but this is so soon!" I thought, my insides churning. I guess I'll just to sleep on it..."

The next day, I wore a light purple floral kimono top with a blue waist sash and a blue knee-length skirt. To top it off, I put my new earrings in. As Temari came around the hall "I-dislike-Nikoru" scowl on her face, she paused to look at my earrings. "Where'd you get those?" She asked genuinely. "Gaara-kun gave them to me," I responded, ready to be hurt. "Oh...well, okay then," she sounded half-sad. "Um, what?" I was puzzled. "If Gaara likes you that much, then obviously I can't do anything. "Truce?" She held out her hand, trying not to gag. "Truce!" I replied happily, shaking it.


   The End

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