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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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  Become an Affliate

There are a few very good sites around who affiliate with All Anime World by exchanging a little button linking back to each other. These sites are usually of high quality and have unique content. These sites care for their communities and are well designed and not "under construction." To become an All Anime World affiliate website you have to:

  1. be a noncommercial site,
  2. offer anime or anime related content, (anime, manga, fansite, asian culture)
  3. nicely designed and navigable without Flash + Javascript (I cannot view your site)
  4. have your own domain (e.g. no  www.someserver.com/customers/a/an/~animedewd/)
  5. at least have a (working!) feedback form or email to contact you,
  6. but the most important thing is: Our reviewer has to like your site :) So if you don't have enough visitors yet but have an especially neat site, feel free to try since you're certainly welcome.

You will most likely fulfill these requirements. Please contact  Sakura by email and send: Your website name, the type (e.g. Portal, Fansub website, Fansite for one particular series), the address (web link) and your name (anime alias is ok of course)

We don't accept emails sent using hotmail, yahoo, gmx, iname or the like. Please use an address from your domain. Why? Every time I get a submission from hotmail or the likes one of the following happens:

* It's updated twice and from then on nothing happens until it's kicked by the serivce

* The site is offline within two or three weeks

* They start offering licensed anime.

* They start adding porn links or -banners.

Commercial Users

We're not offering affiliate buttons to companies.

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