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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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  Important Software

Jim Breen

Installing the software needed to enter japanese characters on Windows can be a tedious task. While the tools come with every Windows starting with Windows 2000, older systems need a large download from Microsoft to get running. To avoid these problems most westerners are using the hiragana and katakana characters as a workaround.

Due to the ambigous phonetic representations of kanji, this workaround is creating even more problems: the meaning of the word is often unclear to the reader, if not by context. Tools for writing japanese are essential for everybody trying to learn the language.

One of the most popular sensei (Teacher) regarding the japanese language is Jim Breen, a professor of Faculty of Information Technology of Monash University and operator of the wonderful  Monash Nihongo FTP Archive. His fields are telecommunications and computational linguistics but he has a great interest in japanese. His dictionary project EDICT is an essential component for almost every tool dealing with japanese characters.


JWPce is a freeware text editor designed to handle japanese characters with ease. Included is a full english-japanese-english dictionary of 694,894 japanese words, and 1,975,721 names!

All kanji characters are indexed by index numbers of popular books. Just like japanese text processing tools, kana is converted to kanji "on the fly" by simply pressing the F2 key.

JWPce is a text editor and not a word processor. While it enables you to write japanese characters on english windows machines, it does not allow formatting of documents.

For your convenience we have created a Windows setup with the original files taken from the ftp server.

 JWPce 1.50 © 1997-2002,2003 Glenn Rosenthal


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