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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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Sesshomaru looked up from the the disintegrating demon, furious that someone would even consider calling him Sessh, let alone Uncle. His amber eyes met with a brown pair and it took him a moment to realize he was looking into the eyes of his nephew. 'Well that explains why he called me Uncle,' thought Sesshomaru. "Do you have a reason for seeking me out?" he asked coldly.

"My siblings and I need your help." stammered InuYakai. He had just realized how dangerous it was to confront Sesshomaru like this, especially after he had just killed a demon and would gladly do it again.

"My help?"said Sesshomaru, raising an eyebrow.

"Here let me put in a language you'd understand." said a suddenly very confident InuYakai. And with that the young boy jumped at Sesshomaru, yelling "knives of the soulkeeper!" The young hanyou brought his claws down on nothing, however only to find that his Uncle was right behind him.

"Insolent little brat!"growled Sesshomaru, and with that he picked up InuYakai and threw him, hard. He landed with his back to a tree, paralyzed for the time being. Seeing this, InuYasha jumped out of the bushes, intent on helping his son.

"Sesshomaru," yelled InuYasha, "I don't care if you hurt me, but hurting my son, you've gone to far."

Sesshomaru looked at his brother, and said in sneering voice, "Come now InuYasha, do not be so hasty. The brat states that you are in need of my service. May I ask what that service should be if I decide to asisst you."

"We wish you no harm, "said Miroku, who had decided to show himself, "we only seek your assistance in recapturing Aizu. She was kidnapped by Naraku last night." At the name Naraku, Sesshomaru froze.

"Naraku? I thought he was dead. Although if I know my little brother, he has probably left it half done." Sesshomaru ended and looked at a fuming InuYasha. He smirked. "Now little brother you see what your idiocy has caused. Your family scattered about these lands, dead or soon to be dead. And so you see all that has happened to you in the past eleven years was your own doing."

InuYasha was really angry now. How dare Sesshomaru blame him for how wrong his life had been going. "I give up trying to talk to you. Let's just kill you and call it a day." And with that he lunged for his brother, but he was stopped by a small voice coming from over were InuYakai lay.

"Stop!" It was Kyoto. She was helping her brother as best she could to get up. "Stop!" she said again, "Don't do this. It's wrong to kill family members no matter how much you despise them!" Her father and uncle both looked at her, distracted from each other for the moment. They both could tell how deeply she missed her sister , and when Sesshomaru saw this he reconsidered his previous notion to kill them and have one less thing to worry about.

"Very well, "he said sheathing Tolkijin(spelling?), "I will assist you with retrieving Aizu."

"Really, you will?" said a teary eyed Kyoto. "Thank you so much, "she paused, "Uncle Sesshomaru." But for once when someone called him a familiar family name he did not flinch as he usually did.

"Feh," was all InuYasha could say. He walked off, towards Kirara and everyone else followed, even Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru, Lord of the Western Lands was going on an errand with his brother. Holy Crap! He really was getting soft. Damn, he thought, should have killed them. Keh, I might as well, he decided, now that I've said I will I must. Also I don't think I could put up with those two brats whining, and with that last thought he walked away to join his brother. His brother! Oyyyyyyyyyy.


Story written by  Kiru and posted with explicit permission.

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