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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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Kagome's Death

Chapter:1 Kagome's Death

His tears stained the ground as he lie next to Kagome's cold dead form of being . Only a few hours ago she had been very much alive. She had also been carrying his children. Things had been going smoothly until after his son , InuYakai had been born. After InuYakai had been placed next to his sisters Aizu and Kyoto he had walked back to Kagome's side and asked if she was okay. Her answer had only been to stroke his cheek and say" Care for them , and keep them safe as I will not be able to ,". Then she just died. At first he thought it a joke but eventually he realized she really was dead.

So here he was crying next to her lifeless form when the cry of his child broke the silence. He was quite amazed that he was now responsible for three tiny lives , triplets in fact. InuYakai had been crying but was now silent and trying to get a good look at his father. InuYakai had thick black hair and silver dog-like ears on top of his head. His eyes were blue rimmed in gold. The rest of his features were identical to his father's. His sisters Aizu and Kyoto both had thick white hair and black dog-ears. Aizu who was an thirty minutes older than InuYakai had gold eyes which were rimmed with a thick blue line. Kyoto was fifteen minutes older than InuYakai ,and had eyes that were the same as her sister's except the blue line was thinner and there was more gold. The rest of there features were identical to Kagome's.

He then thought about what he would do to care for them. At first he thought perhaps Shippo , Miroku and Sango could help. No he thought , Shippo is to young , the monk is a baka and Sango is married to hunting demons. If only there had been only one , that way he could care for the child , but he had three and couldn't ask for better. Well his only option now was to give them up. He put Kagome's body under bush so nothing could get to her, but not without a few tears escaping his eyes and he put the kids in the slings Kagome had for them. The girls went over a shoulder each so they were leaning thier heads on his back and his son went around his neck like a hammock. When he got to the Bone Eaters well he put all three on his back and jumped down. When he got to Kagome's time he checked to see if the kids were okay and he climbed out. He walked toward the front door and put the three down and started walking away but InuYakai wasn't about to give up so easily and when his father walked away he screamed.

"Apparently I'm not going to get rid of you so easily am I, " he said to his son , when an idea struck him. He knew InuYakai wasn't going to let him leave and he didn't want to trick his only son into staying. So he picked up his only son and said ,"Your coming home with me." He also decided to leave a letter explaining who these children were. When the letter was done he looked it over , the letter said :

Dear , Kagome's family

I am sorry to tell you that Kagome is dead and these two children are her daughters and I am there father.

There is also a little boy and his name is InuYakai and he will come with me to live in my time as I am only capable of caring for one child. The girls names are Aizu and Kyoto. Aizu is older than Kyoto and has more blue in her eyes than Kyoto. You may chose whether to tell them about me or not. Please do. When the girls are about ten , send them down the well. I will meet them there with there brother. Please do these things or I might force you to and we don't want that do we. Tell the girls that I will hopefully see them in ten years or so.


Story written by  Kiru and posted with explicit permission.

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