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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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Sesshomaru's apprentice

Aizu woke up from a very peacefull sleep. It had been two weeks since thier return from Naraku's castle and the return of her mother. Everything was just so perfect now Aizu couldn't explain it, except for one thing. In her dreams of fluffy bunnies frolicking through the forest Naraku's form appeared behind a tree every so often. But Aizu paid no mind, she thought it was just because of her very traumatic experiance two weeks ago. Aizu got out of bed and was surprised to here yelling coming from the kitchen.

It was InuYasha yelling at Sesshomaru. Apparently Sesshomaru needed something of InuYasha, but InuYasha wouldn't give him the item unless he did something for him, and Sesshomaru wouldn't do it.

"Well why the hell not?! When she brought Kagome back she nearly died! I don't want her using her gift if she doesn't have to!" Aizu immediately knew they were talking about her. Either Sesshomaru wished to use her gift to bring someone back to life or he just wanted her.

"But she didn't die,"came Sesshomaru's voice. "So if she didn't die her first time why would she die the second time?"

"She could be weaker this time around!" yelled InuYasha. "Or maybe she didn't die because the person she brought back was human, not demon! Listen Sesshomaru, if you do not help Aizu understand her gift, you will not use her to bring our father back."

Aizu was surprised. Her uncle wished to bring her grandfather back, but her father was being reluctant. He was worried for her safety. She was glad she was showing her love. She had been greatly humbled by her encounter with Naraku, and she was greatfull for every little thing now. But none the less she was insulted that her father thought she wouldn't be able to give life again. She stormed out into the dining to confront her father.

"Ah, Aizu, please tell this idiot you call a father that your capabilities are strong enough to bring a demon back to life." said Sesshomaru smugly. What he didn't expect was an equally smug return.

"Ah, shut it." said Aizu, annoyed. "Father, do really think I couldn't do it again?"

"Hai, I don't think you could do it again. If you learned to do it Sesshomaru's perhaps I'd let you try."

"Fine!" Aizu turned to Sesshomaru. "Guess what Uncle, I'm your new apprentice. Now come teach me!"

Both InuYasha and Sesshomaru were surprised out how defiant she was being. Normally they don't start being like that till they were thirteen. InuYasha tryed one last excuse make her stay, "Aizu, we need to ask your mother first."

"Right." Then she yelled out, "HEY MOTHER! Get over here!"

Kagome came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands with a dish towel. "You could at least say please. And I heard your conversation, and yes you can go."

"Thanks mom, "then she turned to Sesshomaru and her father, "yo, Uncle, let's go." In his shock he just stood there, staring. Aizu was already at the door before she realized Sesshomaru wasn't behind her, and then she turned back and started yelling at him. "Hello! You have legs! Try moving them! You'd get around alot faster!"

Sesshomaru did as he was told, and moved his legs. But as he walked out the door, he couldn't but feel, what was it called, ah yes, happy. So for once in his long life he was happy. He was happy because he was taking on his niece as an apprentice.

Story written by  Kiru and posted with explicit permission.

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