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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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Finding Sesshomaru

A monk, two youkai and three hanyou were up and about in the early hours of the morning, all very grouchy. Miroku was grouchy because he had been searching for his old prayer beads all night, so he didn't get any sleep. As Naraku had shown himself Miroku's Wind Tunnel had started acting up. He had also needed to find some extra prayer beads, as little Shinta's own Wind Tunnel had opened up and was scaring the little boy half to death.

InuYasha was grumpy too, but not do to lack of sleep. He was perturbed by the fact that he had to seek out his half-brother's help. "Why Sesshomaru" was the only thing he could say and think. Shippo was coming, as he had nothing else to do and Kirara was going as a she was usefull as a travel device, although she resented this very much.

About an hour later everyone was ready to go. InuYakai, Kyoto, Shippo and Miroku were all on Kirara's back and InuYasha would walk along side, to which he complained very much. Then InuYakai decided to start up a conversation. "Hey dad," said the ten-year old, "I thought you said you and mom defeated Naraku?"

"InuYakai can't you tell father doesn't want to talk about this right now."shot Kyoto.

"No Kyoto."said InuYasha sullenly. "Your brother has a right to ask."

"Of course I do."said InuYakai, who stuck his tongue out at his sister. Kyoto of course returned the favor. "So are you gonna tell us or do we just have to sit here and guess?"asked InuYakai.

"Fine I'll tell you, "said InuYasha, "Soon after we defeated Naraku your mother found out about the three of you and had to return to her era to get medical treatment. She dragged me along too as I had a certain responsibility to her. I went back to this Era once on a mission to get the last piece of the Jewel. I was unsuccesfull however so I decided to lie and say I did find all of the fragments."

"Ohhhhh your knotty." was Kyoto's childish reply.

"Yes, very knotty." said InuYasha, guiltily. "Anyway, apparently Naraku had the last Jewel Shard and didn't know it and when he found out he revived himself and sought revenge on me". InuYasha finished just as they stepped into the Western Lands.

"InuYasha!" called Miroku, "we had better be carefull. We're in demon country now."

"Don't I know it!" yelled InuYasha, as he sliced open a smaller demon that had dove at Miroku's head. "Keep a sharp look out for Sesshomaru. These are his lands after all." stated the hanyou exasperadetly.

Surprisingly it didn't take long for them to find Sesshomaru. They found him killing a troublesom demon who seemed to forget that he wasn't aloud to eat Rin.

"Die."said Sesshomaru, as he melted the skull of the demon with his poison claws.

"Okay, we found him. Now what?"asked Shippo. Everyone knew this would be the hard part. Finding him was easy, but they couldn't be sure if Sesshomaru would help them or not.

"Now we go and ask him." said InuYakai. And with that he stepped out of the bushes they were hiding in and said, "Hey, Uncle Sessh, we need your help."

Story written by  Kiru and posted with explicit permission.

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