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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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InuYakai was leaning on a tree while his father was helping his sisters out of the well. Kyoto was complaining loudly and Aizu's eyes were wide with surprise. When they were finally out of the well they were all quite silent. But of course it was Kyoto who spoke first , and she did not sound to pleased at what had happened.

"Okay people ,"said Kyoto who was being very like InuYasha at this point ," number 1:I have no idea who you people are. Number 2: where the hell are we! And number 3: why in the world are you wearing those ridiculous dog ears on your head!"

"Your one to talk ,"said InuYakai "where do you think you inherited those dog ears."

Aizu then decided to speak up "From our father,"she then realized who these people were and said," little brother."

"What are you talking about ," yelled Kyoto ,"there is no way that our brother could be this much of brat! "

"I'm not a brat and I'm only younger than you by 30 minutes Aizu ,"yelled InuYakai as he bared his fangs. The girls were baring there fangs as well and getting ready to pounce. InuYasha thought now would be a good time to step in before they killed each other.

"Now before you kill each other lets talk ," said InuYasha ," I see Aizu has this all figured out but what about you Kyoto?"

"I always go by what Aizu says in these sort of situations ," said Kyoto ," so I'm pretty sure that your our father , and that brat is our brother I just have no idea who he is ," she said pointing to Shippo.

"I'm your Uncle Shippo ," said Shippo enthusiasticly ," even though technically I'm not your uncle , but InuYakai has been calling me that since he could talk , but you do have an uncle on your father's side his name is_WHAM!" InuYasha had just hit Shippo on the head with a sheathed sword and the kids had burst out laughing. But Aizu suddenly got very serious and said:

"Father tell us everything , about you , your life and for the most part what you are and where are we?"

"Well you see ," said InuYasha ," over sixty years ago I tryed to steal the sacred Shikon Jewel so I could become a full demon , but they priestess Kikyo shot me with a spelled arrow that would cause me to sleep until she removed it , the arrow that had shot me had embedded itself in a tree after it had gone through me so I was stuck to a tree for fifty years." He heard slight giggles from the girls. He scowled. Then Aizu asked:

"What do you mean become full demon."

"I'm a half demon ," said InuYasha stiffly ,"my mother was a human and my father was a dog youkai."

"Oh ,"said Aizu ,"so does that mean we're part dog youkai too?"

"Yes ," answered InuYasha.

"Good ,"said Aizu ," now get on with the story."

"Then about 12 years ago ,"continued InuYasha ," your mother came through the very same well that you jumped through and she was attacked by a horrible centipede demon which ripped open your mother's side in order to get to the Shikon Jewel , which was there because your mother was the reincarnation of Kikyo , who had died as a result of our battle and had asked to be burned along with the Shikon Jewel." InuYasha paused thinking about that faitful day , until Kyoto nearly ripped off his head because he wasn't continueing the story.

" Then the centipede demon ate the Sacred Jewel ," said InuYasha as he disconnected Kyoto from his head ," and your mother freed me from my sleep and I killed the centipede demon. But then I attacked your mother but the sister of Kikyo , the priestess Kaede put this wretched necklace around my neck so that if your mother said sit , the necklace would pull me to the ground , face first.

"Sit ," said Kyoto confused , but as soon as she said that InuYasha was pulled face first into the ground. "Oh , sorry ," said Kyoto.

"Well anyway the Jewel was soon stolen again but this time by a crow demon that stole a little boy from a village. When he was safe your mother shot an arrow at the crow but when it hit it shattered the Jewel and for 2 years your mother and I searched for the Shikon Shards and defeated the evil demon Naraku , and we grew close and eventually she had you three but sadly it killed her and to believe this all happened in the Feudal Era of Japan."

"Hey dad can we take Aizu and Kyoto to meet Sango and Miroku now ," asked InuYakai?

"Of course ," said InuYasha.

Story written by  Kiru and posted with explicit permission.

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