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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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Naraku's Appearance

For the whole walk home InuYasha, InuYakai and Kyoto argued about whos fault it was that Sesshomaru found them. Aizu however, stayed in her own little bubble. She was thinking about the newly healed scar on her neck. For some reason her cut had healed faster than her sibling's cuts had. She then realized she had fallen behind, and she ran to catch up. When she did catch up she found her father, brother and sister in a very heated argument. "How in the seven hells could it be the tree's fault that Uncle Sesshomaru found us," yelled Kyoto.

"Thats what I'd like to know, "asked InuYasha, looking at InuYakai. InuYakai looked guilty and not so sure of himself.

"Its the tree's fault because, "InuYakai paused, "because I'm looking for something to blame it on other than myself, "he admitted.

"Brat, "scolded Kyoto, bopping her brother on the head. Aizu looked at her sister, a smile playing on her lips. "What are you looking at, " snapped Kyoto.

"Nothing, "said Aizu in an innocent little voice. But inside she sighed. 'So this is family, ' thought Aizu. For the longest time she didn't have one, and now she did. Life was great, though only for a little while.

Later that night everyone was eating

and having a good time. InuYasha had told Sango and Miroku about the

days events and admitted to everyone that the reason he had been gone

alot recently was because he had been putting up shields to keep

Sesshomaru from finding his pups. Aizu and Kyoto played with little

Shinta and InuYakai practiced his sword techniqe. Every thing was

fine, until they went to bed.




Aizu was having troubled dreams. She

kept on seeing Uncle Sesshomaru who was telling her to "find it.

Find it within yourself". "Find what" she would ask,

but then the dream would continue, showing a vision of her father,

writhing in pain by the feet of some demon in a pelt of something.

He was laughing and saying "You don't have all of it. I'm

alive. Die InuYasha" he then would take her father's sword and

thrust it downwards, skewering her father. She then would wake up in

a cold sweat, breathing heavily and then she would drift back to

sleep telling herself it was only a dream.



She was at the end of one of those

dreams and she woke up to see a the demon from her dreams, standing

right next to her. "Who are you, " she asked in a timid

little voice. His head turned to her and he quickly pulled a knife

to her throat. She screamed.



"What in the seven hells was

that, "Naraku and Aizu heard InuYasha yell.



"Damn, "said Naraku under

his breath as he jumped out the window. InuYasha came bursting into

Aizu's room only to find Naraku already out the window, carrying Aizu

like baggage over his shoulder.



InuYasha wanted to go after her but

Miroku held him back saying they wouldn't catch him and shouldn't

waste thier energy.



They were all sitting by the fire

thinking when Miroku said, "So thats why it never healed. My

hand I mean, "he said looking up, " it seemed to heal at

first but there was always suction. And every time I cut my hand the

suction became stronger as long as wound was open. I thought it was

just a part of the healing process, but it turns out I was wrong."



"How are we gonna find my sister

though, "asked Kyoto?



"I guess we only have one

option,"said InuYakai, "we have to find Sesshomaru."

Everyone looked at him, a look of surprise plastered on thier faces.



"Why in the seven hells would we

do that, "asked an angry InuYasha?



"Because of these tracking marks

on our necks, "said InuYakai simply. "If we find

Sesshomaru, he can lead us to Aizu".



Miroku then stood up and said, "Then

tomorrow we find Sesshomaru."



Story written by  Kiru and posted with explicit permission.

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