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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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One life to live

InuYasha dived at Naraku. But just before he was about to hit, several demon puppets arose and he hit them instead of the real thing. Shippo and Miroku who were in the background, realized Naraku's intentions as soon as the first demon puppet arose.

"InuYasha," Miroku yelled to him, "Naraku intends to make it so you are not be able to find him."

"It's like my old Multiply trick!" added Shippo.

'Damn,' thought InuYasha, 'If only Kagome were here, she could be able to pick out the real one.'

Miroku and Shippo had jumped into the the fight as well, so as to diminish the demon puppets faster, but when they destroyed one, ten more appearred. But InuYakai and Kyoto had a plan of thier own.

"Naraku wants our sister right?" said Kyoto.

"Hai." was InuYakai's answer.

"Well we get Aizu, and the real Naraku will try to take her back. And then when he has us by the neck, we scream and dad'll kill him."

InuYakai raised his eyebrows. "Risky, but it may work. I also think you've been watching to many anime videos." He only knew about anime because Kyoto wouldn't shut up about it sometimes.

So they snook over to where there were as few demon puppets as possible, and walked along the wall. Aizu was in the back of the room so if they intended to go unseen they would have to move very carefully. It took awhile, but they finally reached thier sister. She was curled in a little ball and rocking back in forth as though she was going insane. Her eyes were wide with fear. InuYakai tryed to get her to her feet while Kyoto explained what they were doing to there obviously very distressed sibling.

"Aizu, me and InuYakai are gonna get you out of here okay." But Aizu made no reaction. Kyoto was worried about her mental status, but that could wait for later. For now all that mattered was getting her, and themselves, out of harms way. They were about to go back the way they came, when InuYakai gave a small gasp of pain, and fell onto the floor. Kyoto rushed over to her brother, trying to figure out why he had fallen, when she felt cold fingers on her neck.

"Silly little girl, you thought you could out smart me. Think again." It was Naraku, and he now had both Aizu and Kyoto. He was choking Kyoto, and Aizu was sitting there so scared she didn't know what to do. Kyoto screamed, but it was a weak and not very loud scream, so InuYasha hadn't heard it. She was going to die, she knew it.

But, still at the door, Sesshomaru saw what was happening. He expected InuYasha to come to thier rescue, but he was to oblivious to figure out his daughters were in danger. So, more out of boredom than heroicness, Sesshomaru came at Naraku from behind and impaled him, right through were his heart should have been. Although Naraku had no heart, it was still a place of weakness, and as Sesshomaru's poison spread through out his body he screamed and died.

All of the puppets vanished and became but earth. InuYasha, Miroku and Shippo looked around to see what had happened. Sesshomaru flicked bits of Naraku's flesh off his claws, and looked to see Aizu screaming on the floor.

"What the hell is wrong with her?!" yelled InuYasha. "Did you do something to her Sesshomaru?"

"I assure, I did nothing. If I had she'd already be dead."

But while they were talking, something of much greater importance was happening. Aizu was trapped in her mind. As soon as Naraku had died she felt a pain like none other. And she had fallen into darkness. Physically she wasn't dead, but her soul was and she now followed Naraku to the depths of hell. But as she followed him, something stopped and she heard a woman's voice.

"Aizu, what are you doing here?"

"I don't know, who are you?"

"Oh Aizu, I'm your mother." A very pretty woman came into her vision. Aizu could easily see how she could be her mother. She looked like Kyoto, or more like Kyoto looked like her. "Oh, I've just figured out why your here. You can give life, Aizu. You came because you needed your mother. Okay, I'm ready." Kagome held out her hand. Aizu took it, and lead her to were she thought her body was.

But as she lead her mother out of death, she heard a voice in her head. It was Naraku's.

'Aizu, you may have eluded me this time, but our souls are connected in a way you will never be able to break.' Aizu egnored him, but his words stuck in her head. But then she realized the cold that had been enveloping her was lifting. She was returning to her body, her mother in tow.

There was a powerful jerk, and she felt that she was back in her body. She lifted herself up and looked at the people around her. She smiled. They were still in Naraku's castle, but everything just seemed really ok. But then she felt someone laying beside her. She looked and there was her mother, in the flesh, wearing nothing. Apparently Naraku was right, she did have the power to give life. Then InuYasha started yelling.

"What the hell just happened! We thought you were dead! And who in hell is this wench that just appearred out of no where just before you came to?"

"Who're you calling a wench?" InuYasha was struck by the familiarity of the voice. "Sit! And give me your shirt!" With InuYasha on the ground, Kagome ripped off the top of his FireRat kimono, and wrapped it around her body. She got very surprised stares from Sesshomaru, Miroku and Shippo, who had all thought her dead. Her children just wondered who she was.

"Ka-Kagome?" stuttered Shippo.

"Yes, Aizu brought me back. She has the power to restore life in those long dead."

Before anyone could say anything else, InuYasha jumped up and kissed his long dead mate.

"Blegh, Father, why are you kissing that woman?" asked InuYakai with a look of disgust on his face.

"Because, son, this is your mother. You can thank Aizu for bringing her back to us."

Story written by  Kiru and posted with explicit permission.

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