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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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The pervert and the demon slayer

Sango sat outside petting Kirara with a daydreamy look on her face , when she spotted InuYasha , Shippo and InuYakai walking towards them , accompanied by two young girls she didn't recognize.

"Hey Miroku ," yelled Sango ," InuYasha has come back , and he has his daughters with him!" He came stumbling out because thier young son had just been throwing temper tantrum and sadly Miroku had been watching him when he decided to throw it. Sango ran over to InuYasha and said:

"Why didn't you get back earlier?"

"Because ,"said InuYasha ," the girl's grandmother didn't tell them anything , and Kyoto wanted everything explained."

"Hey ,"protested Kyoto ,"its not my fault I'm like you." At that moment Miroku came toward them carrying Shinta who was being very fitfull at the moment. He said:

"Konnichiha InuYasha. I am glad you were successful in being reunited with your daughters, " and with that he bowed to the discomfort of Shinta , who was handed to his mother almost instantly.

"That little boy has quite a strong spirit, "commented InuYasha, "Sango could you tell the girls were they'll be staying,"he turned to the girls, " I am sorry I can't spend more time with you but InuYakai will tell you anything you need to know." And with that he walked off without looking back.

"Well that was rude, "commented Aizu.

"I agree, "said Sango, "but you know I've known him for nearly 13 years and he has never changed, "she sighed, "well there are a few things I'd like to hear from your mouths , like your names for instance."

"My name is Aizu , and this is my sister Kyoto, "said Aizu.

"I can introduce myself , thanks, "said Kyoto, "hey Sango could you tell us about you and Miroku?"

"Sure, "said Sango , and with that she told the girls all about her life , loves and losses.


Over the next few weeks Sango taught them how to use a lighter version of her boomerang. She also taught them all the dangers of the Feudal era. Uncle Shippo and InuYakai proved good friends and adventurers. Since everyone could use a weapon they never had to worry about getting hurt. But one day this changed.

Uncle Shippo had been with thier father on one of his excursions so it was a little more dangerous. InuYakai had liked going on adventures with his sisters and had wanted to go on a riskier one this time. They were in the clearing were thier father had been shot down by Kikyo when they heard it. It said in cold menacing voice:

"This is something I've never seen. Three hanyou children caught off thier guard."

Story written by  Kiru and posted with explicit permission.

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