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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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Aizu and Kyoto

Aizu and Kyoto were both pretending to sleep in thier bunk beds. They both knew thier grandma was leaning on the door frame and watching them lovingly. They knew it was because today was thier birthday , and they would finally get to meet the father that they knew nothing about. The only thing they knew was that thier mother had died giving birth to three of them and had taken thier brother because without thier mother he couldn't successfully raise them. So they had been left here and would meet thier father and brother for first time today.When grandma left , Aizu who was on the top bunk peaked her head over the egde and said :

"Are you awake Kyoto?"

"Of course I am , grandmother's aura is so strong how could I not be awake ,"said Kyoto who acted more like her father than she knew.

"Hey Kyoto!"

"What , "said Kyoto irritably. Sometimes it was hard to tell who was the older sibling.

"Well I was thinking ......".

"Theres something new,"said Kyoto. Aizu glared at her younger sister and continued speaking:

"I was thinking we could get a picture of our father show it to the kids at school ." She was of course reffering to the children who made fun of thier dog ears and said that thier mother was batty young girl who fell in love with a street dog and had puppies. Thier grandma said that thier ears were only hereditary on there fathers side and they should be proud to look like thier father. Aizu thought that the only good thing about being like thier father was there amazing strength and running abilities. Kyoto thought everything was good about them and had one several fights with her amazingly sharp claws. She was always getting in trouble though.

The little party they had been thrown was over and thier father still wasn't here yet. Uncle Sota said that there was an extra present in the well shrine but they had to find it first. So here they were searching the well shrine from top to bottom but they were as unsuccessful as ever.

"I think Uncle Sota tricked us, " said Kyoto.

"Or maybe it actually in the well ,"suggested Aizu.

"No way I'm not going in there!"

"Fine then we'll go together ," said Aizu and she grabbed her sister's hand and jumped. As they passed through time without knowing it they felt odd , then they hit the bottom of the BoneEaters well.

"I knew Uncle Sota tricked us ,"yelled Kyoto as she looked around. But just then they heard a voice come from the entrance to the well. It said:

"Hey InuYasha , I think your daughters are here!"

Story written by  Kiru and posted with explicit permission.

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