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Title: Japanese Lessons

Japanese Lessons at All Anime World

The following information is taken from the old (pre-2005) All Anime World website. Most of the articles were written by Abluebond between 2003 and 2004. There are plenty of other websites about japanese language which are lots better than ours, we might add a list of outstanding sites below later.

For now the information is enough to give you some basic understanding of the japanese language. Have a lot of fun reading through the lessons.


 Reasons To Love Japanese!

 Introduction To The Written Japanese Language

 Lesson 1: Structure Of The Japanese Language

 Lesson 2: Conjugation of Verbs

 Lesson 3: Verb Usage

 Lesson 4: Basic Sentences

 Lesson 5: Vocabulary (I)

 Lesson 6: Common Phrases (I)

 Lesson 7: Numbers

 Lesson 8: Common Phrases (II)

 Lesson 9: Particles

 Lesson 10: Use of Particle 'ga'

 Lesson 11: Random Information

 Lesson 12: Name suffixes

 Lesson 13: Japanese for Anime Lovers

 Lesson 14: Japanese Holidays

 Month, Date, Time, Week

 JWPce japanese text editor

Credit Where Credit Is Due

The following people were involved in the creation of the above lessons:


Abluebond, a former member of All Anime World, wrote most of these lessons - especially Lesson 1 to Lesson 12. He left All Anime World in 2003 and we sure miss him. Thanks for all the help Abluebond. It's much appreciated.

The " Reasons To Love Japanese" and " Month, Date, Time, Week are written by d_limiter, also a former member of the old (pre-2005) All Anime World.

The " Introduction To The Written Japanese Language" is written by Akari, Goddess of Cuteness and Goddess of this site. She also contributed to  Lesson 5: Vocabulary.


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