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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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  The Legendary Akari!

On the net I'm very concerned about my privacy and are doing alot of strange things to keep my identity a secret. But one evening I agreed to put up a photo of myself (probably a result of alcohol abuse.) I had to find a solution, and quick!

Since I'm the worlds worst artist able to hold a pencil I decided to draw myself from a mirror. This image was uploaded to the user gallery. For some weird reason it always was the most often clicked image in this whole gallery.

I guess the guys are too nosey. Or perhaps I'm such a good artist. Considering the quality of my work I should draw manga...

Excel Saga

Click the images to enlarge

It was in 2002 or 2003 when I watched Excel Saga, a really weird anime about a secret group trying to take over the world but with the most stupid staff ever possible.

The heroeine, Excel, used to have a pet dog called "Menchi". Unfortunately she declared Menchi as her "Emergency Food Supply" which was not unnoticed (by the dog.)

Being at least as weird as Excel I decided to have my own Emergency Food Supply. Which was not unnoticed - by the members. Simpliccio from our old forums even  wrote a story about the old days of AAW.

Fight With Pyoro-kun

Pyoro is a little floating robot from the now rather old anime Vandread. Do you still remember Pyoro the forum member? Well we got into a little fight. Akari won (you bet!) by using unfair cuteness techniques.


Akari Betatesting Ragnarök Online

Unfortunately she didn't like the game back then. The game had a high cuteness level and was more or less stable. However it was lacking the opportunity to get Akari-compatible(TM) items as you can see in the images.

Well, in 2005 she started playing the game again, along with Dechant. The items were available and I got my ribbon on the first try (at a 0.1% chance!) however, they had much cuter ribbons so nobody cared. Bwaaahh!


Left: Akari's envy. Right: This is proof: Akari is a boy! Someone pour me hot water!

First All Anime World

Click to enlarge

Ever wondered what All Anime World looked at the very beginning? Here is a picture I did for sponsors to buy banner ads from us - which never ever happened. The whole revenue I got for 4 years of All Anime World is about US$4.- which I cannot get because US$20.- is the limit to get paied.

It was the time when we had this online game trading ore and goods in a virtual galaxy.

Random Images

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