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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


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     Fan Art
         Anas Swieny
         Annie Than
         Fabiola Martinez
         Hiki's 'Basic Face Tutorial'
         Hiki's 'Final Sentence O'
         Hiki's 'Nightly Comic'
         Webcomic by JHawkNH
             Episode 1
             Episode 2
             Episode 3
             Episode 4
             Episode 5
             Episode 6
             Episode 7
             Episode 8
             Episode 9
         Kyle Small
         Laurawella Allenlina Mitchell
         Michael Belano
         Michiru Koshi
         Ricardo Watanabe
         Sabrina Scott
     Fan Fiction
         5 minutes by Oldwrench
         A Dark Time in Ash's Life by JagerZero
         A Pokemon Christmas by Majere
         A Shakespearan Parody by crawfsh
         A Tragic Love Story by cyw60
         Acceptance by Freya
         Akari's Family To Japan by Various Artists
         Alone Without You by Kuro_Azera
         An Ode to Akari by crawfsh
         Archangel Girl by xXemobunnyXx
         Bleach Fanfic by Satoshi
         Crimson Star by crawfsh
         Cyber Hill: Out of Place by Cyber_Helix
         Echoin by Japanimefreako
         First Registered DAM Case by zeratul2k
         Gundam: War Chronicles by Matt
         Haunted by bull0220
         Hellgate: New Light by Z2K
         In the Rain Scene by Kira
         Inuyasha's Pup by Kiru
         Invisible Child by derdincheehoo
         It's A Hard Knock Life by crawfsh
         Ivory: A rewrite of Snow White by Freya
         Legacy of the Sakabatou by noidea
         Lila running in the cold by Devynne
         Lost Within My Mind by rurouniryu
         My other book by Devynne
         Mystic Moon Vacation by Dinky
         Nightbane by kodoku
         Powerless by Kira
         Reflections of Faye Valentine by crawfsh
         Running out of Time by Kira
         Samurai Champloo by Dinky
         Sometimes It's Too Late To Say Goodbye by Majere
         Sugoi! It's Beautiful! by bull0220 (copy 1)
         Team Gai Story by Satoshi
         The Battle for the New All Anime World by JHawkNH
         The BGM Saga by Hat_Hair
         The Day Akari Changed Her Name
         The Dream by Kira
         The First Book Of F.U.C.G. by simpliccio
         Till Death Do Us Part by yuki_tenshi
         Tomorrow's Hope by mriq
         Too Good To Be True by Marurashi
         Untitled - by Krista & Nicole
         Untitled Poem by anjel
         Vantage 04 by Bertrand
         What I Hate... by Akari
         Anime Detour 2011
         Sogencon 2010
         Anime Detour 2010
         Nebraskon 2009
         Schoolgirls and Mobile Suits
         Sogencon 2008
         Kakkoi-con 2008
         Anime Detour 2008
         Fallin_Angel in Calgary
         JHawkNH at Sogencon
         Images from AAW
     Japanese Lessons
         Reasons to Love Japanese
         Lesson 1: Structure
         Lesson 2: Conjugating Verbs
         Lesson 3: Verb Usage
         Lesson 4: Basic Sentence Structure
         Lesson 5: Vocabulary
         Lesson 6: Common Phrases
         Lesson 7: Numbers
         Lesson 8: Phrases (II)
         Lesson 9: Particles
         Lesson 10: Particle 'ga'
         Lesson 11: Random Stuff
         Lesson 12: Name suffixes
         Lesson 13: Japanese for Anime Lovers
         Lesson 14: Japanese Holidays
         Month, Date, Time, Week
         Useful Software
     Cutest Anime Girl
     All Anime World FAQ
         Flash Tutorial: Forum layout change
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