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  Winner: Cutest Anime Girl 2003

In December 2003, the members and visitors of All Anime World voted for the "Cutest Anime Girl 2003". Collected by email and from forum submissions, our members entered 17 girls into the contest during the last week of December. The only requirements: All girls have to be anime characters and may not have won already.

So we received the following submissions from our members (in alphabetical order):


Akari Kamigishi (To Heart),

Ayu (Kanon),

Freiya (Matantei Loki Ragnarok),

Hinata Hyuuga (Naruto),

Karen Onodera (Onegai Twins),

Maron Kusakabe (Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne),

Mayura Daidouji (Matantei Loki Ragnarok),

Midori Chitose (Green Green),

Chiyo Mihama (Azumanga Daioh),

Misha (Pita-Ten),

Motoko Aoyama (Love Hina),

Nemu Asakura (Da Capo),

Pacifica Kasull (Scrapped Princess),

Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion),

Sasami (Tenchi Muyo),

Tomoe Yukishiro (Rurouni Kenshin),

Tomoyo Daidouji (Card Captor Sakura)

Focusing on cuteness and cuteness alone, 887 members gave their votes for the Cutest Anime Girl 2003 between Dec 1 and christmas evening. Of these 887 votes, 825 votes were given anonymously leaving only 62 registered members votes.

The following is a list of points acquired by every girl.

Mihama Chiyo    494 points!
Tomoyo Daidouji    301 points
Nemu Asakura    259 points
Motoko Aoyama    250 points
Rei Ayanami    210 points
Karen Onodera    169 points
Akari Kamigishi    165 points
Misha    164 points
Sasami    143 points
Hinata Hyuuga    124 points
Freiya    107 points
Pacifica Kasull    101 points
Tomoe Yukishiro    56 points
Mayura Daidouji    49 points
Midori Chitose    29 points
Ayu    15 points
Maron Kusakabe    15 points

A "point" equals one vote of an unregistered member. 30 "points" equal a registered members vote.

A very interesting result this year, with two rather "old" anime females at the top positions in our rankings. Chiyo-chan clearly made it to rank #1 this year. There are rumors that a certain forum member was very actively looking for people to help her on the top of this list and this year he did it. Ranked #2 we find Sakura-chan's best friend Tomoyo Daidouji, maker of costumes and large ribbons (and owner of at least 20 vid-cams) On rank three we see Nemu Asakura from the rather weird shojo love story Da Capo.

The Winners!

This is now the official accouncement of the winners in our Cutest Anime Girl 2003 contest.

The "Cutest Anime Girls 2003" are:


1. Chiyo Mihama (Azumanga Daioh) - 494 points

2. Tomoyo Daidouju (Card Captor Sakura) - 301 points

3. Nemu Asakura (Da Capo) - 259 points

4. Motoko Aoyama (Love Hina) - 250 points

5. Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion) - 210 points


The other Winner

We promised to send a "Hunter X Hunter" poster directly imported from Tokyo to one random registered voter who is not bound by COPPA rules. The winner has been elected by a Delphi software we wrote in less than 60 seconds and the poster is going to "Cyber_Helix" hope he has a good use for it. Congratulations!


Thanks for everybody who took the time and voted. We sincerely hope to get your support (and your vote) next year.


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