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Call a dog and they come, call
a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


Firefox 3
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  Akari's Family To Japan

 Kawaii_Fruit started this topic on the old (pre-2005) forum on 5th March 2004:

"Hi all, I had this great idea that is "why dont we do a story using the members of this site and going to JAPAN!!"

the rules are..umm.ahh..I dont think there`s any rules here + you dont need to be perfect ,cause we`re only having FUN!!!


Kawaii_Fruit: Fri Nov 07, 2003 7:53 am

I see that everyone are females..but it still good ,Extra GooD Happy face

Ok I,ll start now on this story and you girls help too OK!!!!!!! ^__~ :

We all decided to meet at the bus station at 9Am ,because the plain leave at 11Am :

*at Kawaii_Fruit`s house*:

*clouck riins riins* Kawaii_Fruit:only few more minutes..please MRclouck.

*at Iliana`s house*: *Iliana is taking a bath for 3 hours* Iliana: Laalaa....

*at Marurashi`s house* Marurashi: moomy!! where`s my pancack??

*at Kuro_Azera`s house* Kuro_Azera: give`em a left..NOO!! hit him you stupid WHAT!!! are you going to let him GOO!! *watching a match*

*everyones phone rings..the user is using five mobails to talk to them all at the same time*

everyone: HELLOoooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Akari-chan : WHERE ARE YOU GUYSSS!!! Angry

everyone : whyy?? what time is it???????

Akari-chan :ITS ALREADY 10:30 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *still angry*

everyone : NANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shouked*

*after 10 min everyone gathered in the air port*

Akari-chan : its about time you all came Angry

Marurashi: wa..w..waaa...t..ter....I need water..*killed herself by running*

Iliana : AHHHH!!!!! MY HAIR IS A MISSSSS!!!!!

Kuro_Azera : I MISSED THE LAST SHOUT ..WHO WON????? Whining

Kawaii_Fruit : Sleeping


everyone with out Kawaii_Fruit : Winking with both hands

air port messege : the last call to plane number 20013 to japan.

everyone with out K_F : O______O; !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Akari-chan: DONT PANIC!!!

Iliana : could we just panic for 5 sec?

Akari-chan :OK ^^;

everyone + Akari-chan :AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

*Kawaii_Fruit just woke up* : araaaa???


Kawaii_Fruit: Sun Nov 09, 2003 7:32 pm

Kawaii_Fruit: I have an idea ^^
Marurashi: what is it..WHAT IS IT!! *shakes Kawaii_Fruit*
Kawaii_Fruit: ARA!! I forgot Embarassed
Iliana: Akari-chan we have to use the secret wepon and now.
Akari-chan: no we cant use that ..its..its..
Kuro_Azera: there isnt anyway..we have too.
Akari-chan: all right *pulls out her mobile*..HELLO!! ...NO STOP IT NOW..WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CANT....NOWWW!!!!!! Angry
*the plane stoped after truning around like a dancer ^^;*
Akari-chan: ahhh!! I THINK HE STOPED IT
every one: HE??????????????????????????????????

Xellos: Wed Nov 12, 2003 6:53 pm

As the plane door opens a person familiar to the group steeps out of the plan

Every one: Xellos ^^

Xellos: well ya’ll coming?

Akari-chan’s cell phone rings

Akari-chan: hello?

Person on the phone: Akari-chan im sorry that were late. were behind you ^^

Akari-chan turns around and yells: The*insanity*virus, natsumi1980! You made it

natsumi1980:sorry were late bad traffic (turns and talks to The*insanity*virus) see told you we would have made it.

The*insanity*virus: yea yea…


As ever one gets on the plane the all see Genevieve

Kawaii_Fruit: Genevieve I did not know that you were here

Xellos: well truth be told if it was not for Genevieve I could not stop the plan

Genevieve : I know the person who ones the airport ^^

Every one: YA ^^

Xellos looks like we about to take off we should find our sets

Looks at every one looking around and puzzled on were there suppose to sit.

Xellos: come with me

Every one follows Xellos to the first class section.

Kawaii_Fruit: Wed Nov 12, 2003 9:49 pm

everyone: WOW!!! SOGAIII!! we`re in first class Very happy

Akari-chan: miina-san (everyone) lets have a great trip.

everyone with out Xellos: HAI !! Winking

Genevieve: arara?? wheres Xellos??

Marurashi: I saw him going in there. *point`s to the place*

everyone: Stomped !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*it was the Captain`s place*

Kuro_Azera: *breaks down the captain`s place door*

Akari-chan: Xellos!! WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING HERE Angry

*everyone looks at Xellos and at the place*

everyone: O________________________O!!!!!!!!!! WHERES THE CAPTAIN???????????????????????????????????????????????

Xellos: ahhhh..the captain said that Im a full grown boy,so its time for me to control the plane ..and then he left by jumping out with a parashout.

natsumi1980: YOUR GUAIDING THE PLANE!! *fainted*

Kawaii_Fruit: SOOGAAII!! could I try holding the wheal?? pritty please??

Xellos: SURE Angel


The*insanity*virus: but who would drive..or guaid..is it drive or guaid??

Akari-chan: ME!! OF COURSE!! and the rist of you are the helpers ONLY.

everyone: Whining *sniff sniff*

Xellos: O yeah ..I forgot to tell you guys ,I saw the maids jumping too after the captain. Sweating

Akari-chan: in that case all of you are the maids..and Im the captain OK!!!! Wink :)

everyone: Whining Whining Whining

Kawaii_Fruit: Thu Nov 13, 2003 7:38 pm

*Every one + Xellos were trying out the outfits*

Akari-chan: TADA!! *wearing a captain`s clouthes*

everyone: it looks great on you Akari-chan..PRITTY!! Angel

*the other girls were putting on the maid`s clouthes and Xellos was their boss*

Xellos: Ok girls you serve the passengers and I,ll wait here.

the girls: Angry

Xellos: dont look at me like that ,its not my fault that Akari`s the captain.

*one of the passengers pushed on the maids button*

Xellos: OK, Kuro_Azera you go and see what does he/she want ..and what ever you do dont mention that the captain is not here anymore.

Kuro_Azera: OK Happy face

*after going to the passenger`s place*

the passenger: EXCUSE ME!! but when is lunch..my son is hungry

Kuro_Azera: Im really sorry ..it,ll be here soon ..please wait


Kuro_Azera: FIRED!!!! Angry *jumps on the passenger* I,LL EAT YOU ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angry Angry Angry

*Marurashi+Iliana+Xellos holds Kuro_Azera*

Kawaii_Fruit: SEEMASE!! Sweating ITRASHIMAS

Kuro_Azera: le..leet..LET GO ..I.LL KILL ..HIM FOR SURE!!!

Marurashi: Fri Nov 14, 2003 1:03 am

Maru:you can't eat the passagers!

*pulls out a candy*

Eat this till we have food! Winking with both hands

*turns to everyone elts*

Now what should we make?

The*insanity*virus: Wed Nov 19, 2003 11:13 pm

natsumi1980: So who here can cook???

*insanity*: Ooo... I can make ham sandwitches!

Marurashi: No thats not good enough!

Everyone: Stomped

Little boy: I'm hungery I want food NOW!!!!!!!!! Whining

Dad: where is the capitian???! Angry

Kuro_Azera: I' can cook! Wink :) *looks at little kid* so what do u want???

Xellos: There is another person who needs help!

Kawaii_Fruit: I'll go! *walks over to passenger* How can I help u???

Passenger: I'm hungery! Whining

All passengers: Ya me too!

Kuro_Azera: hey guys I'm gonna need some help!

Kawaii_Fruit: Thu Nov 20, 2003 7:54 am

*in the kittchen*:everyone: HHHMMMMM???? *thinks*Kawaii_Fruit: I like salty food..why dont we do salt Winking with both handsMarurashi: no I like sweet things..thats it lets make cookies Wink :)Xellos: NO WAY!! lets make Miso Soup *japaness food*The*insanity*virus: naah how about pizza ??*everyone fights*Kuro_Azera: OK OK!! dont fight now cause I have a great idea Happy face lets make THE NEW MEEL OF THE FAMILY Angeleveryone: StompedKuro_Azera: whats wrong?? Angryeveryone: *shakes their heads left and right* no..no its perfect Sweating*everyone is ready to cook*Kuro_Azera: OK!! everyone put in this pot the flavor you like ^__^*everyone starts to put in diffrent flavors in the pot*Genevieve: hmmm??..I really like too much spicey..they wont mind spilling it all..do they? *spills all the spicey can in the pot*natsumi1980: ok now lets cutt some vegetabels.Iliana: AAAHHHH!!! *cutts her finger*OOOWWYYY..OHHHH NOO BLOOD IS COMING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED A DOCTOR!!!!!!!Kawaii_Fruit: its only a tiny little cutt..did it hurt that much??? T___TIliana: ahhhh..well..no Embarassedeveryone: T________________________T;*after cooking is done*Kuro_Azera: TADA!!! its perfect ..isnt it?? Wink :)Xellos: Anooouu?? why is it black????????The*insanity*virus: BAKA!!! because its specail..right Kuro_Azera ?Kuro_Azera: umm..yeah..yeah ..OF COURSE IT SPECAIL ..and specail things must have specail colors


Japanimefreako: Thu Nov 20, 2003 10:27 pm

Japanimefreako: *crawls through the airplane window and quickly closes it before the pressure pulls everyone outside* Did someone call for a doctor??


KawaiiFruit: Oh, don't mind Iliana, it's just a small cut.


Japanimefreako: Well, here's a bandaid then. No one has any broken bones? *samples food* Yum! This is great food!


All the cooks: Yay! He thinks it's tasty!

Kawaii_Fruit: Sat Nov 22, 2003 1:58 pm

*Japanimefreako takes a sip of the food*
Japanimefreako: WHERES THE BATHROOM!!!!!!!!! >___<
Iliana: over there *point`s at the girls bathroom*
*Japanimefreako runs towards the place with out reading*
Marurashi: *hits Iliana on the head* ILIANA!!!!! Angry
Iliana: Embarassed SOO SORRY!! *rans away before Japanimefreako returns*
*Japanimefreako returns*
Japanimefreako: WHERE IS SHE!!!!!! Angry
The Passengers: WHERES THE FOOD!! Angry
Kawaii_Fruit: Hai~~ Miina-san Thanks For Waiting Angel *carrying the pot with out remmebering what happend to Japanimefreako*
*after all the Passengers have a sip*
The Passenges: THE BATHROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*all the passenges fight on the bathroom*
Akari-chan: Anoo..Sonou..ahh guys we arrived..does someone know how to land a plane??? Sweating
everyone: Stomped !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Akari: Tue Nov 25, 2003 2:17 am

*Akari jumps in a large leap towards the baggage checked into the passenger room. hastily roaming through a large amount of bags. Finally she found the right bag, silently ignores the sign "beware the leopard" and opens the bag. She continues by throwing plenty of books into the cabin, such as "Plane flight in 24 hours," "Navigation for the Brainless," and "Landing a plane for idiots." She glares at the subtitle which says "...so even Akari will understand it."*

Shaking her head she jumps back through the cabin avoiding all gratitously panty shots.

"So we're at chapter 8..." she says "haltlessly drifting towards the ground".

Everybody: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Akari calmly continues reading the instruction manual.

Everybody: "Urks... The BATHROOM!!!!!!!!!!!" *fighting for the bathroom*

Akari: "Oh I got it! I just have to press this button "Automatic Landing!"

*Presses the button "Automatic landing.*

Computer voice: "Thanks for pressing the self destruct button. The plane will self destruct in..."

*Akari kicks the main panel of the flight computer with her extra-cute(tm) sandals*

Computer voice: "... we will land in 6 minutes. Please fasten your seat belts and stop smoking."

Akari: "Yeah I told you I can land this plane" *sweat running from her forhead*

The plane lands smoothly and the gang gets outside...


Kawaii_Fruit: Tue Nov 25, 2003 8:22 pm

Kawaii_Fruit: I know how to talk Arabic-English- a little of Japanees ..does it helps?

Akari-chan: hmmm..what do you guys think?

Japanimefreako: hmmm..lets give it a try Happy face

Marurashi: so what is she`s going to say?

Akari-chan: ok thank the passengers for using this plane..and wait tell it safelly landed.

Kawaii_Fruit: HAI-DESU~~

*Kawaii_Fruit holds the macrophone*: Miina-sama arigatou for using this plane..and wait a while till its safe + the captain wants to thank you too Wink :) .

Kawaii_Fruit: here you go Akari-chan. *still the macrophone is on*

Akari-chan: dont say my name...and turn that thing off...and who told to say that?? Angry

The Passengers: AKARI-CHAN!!!!!????? Stomped ..was the pailot a GIRL!!?

Japanimefreako: this is bad ..I think they`ll come here..we must jump.

Akari-chan: DID YOU SAY JUMP!!!!! O____O;

Xellos: Akari-chan some angry gentelmen are trying to break in!!

Akari-chan: cant they wait for 5 min...the plane is landing NOW!!! and I dont want to DIE!!!!! Whining

Marurashi: why dont we scare them off.

Kawaii_Fruit: could I play the ghost part ..pretty please!!?? Winking with both hands

Iliana: if it was`nt for Kawaii_Fruit we would be safe..

*everyone: looks at Kawaii_Fruit with evil eyes*: K--a--w--a--i--i--F--r--u--i--t....JUMP FIRST!!!! Angry

Kawaii_Fruit: HAI-DESU!!*jumps out of the plane*

Akari-chan: KAWAIII!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU OK!!!!???????? ^^;

*no sound* *everyone*: O_____________________________O!!!!!

DID WE KILLED HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*at the same time Kawaii_Fruit had landed safly by landing on a persons back*

Akari: Thu Nov 27, 2003 8:02 pm

Akari and the gang is entering customs.

Akari is turning to the others: ">es I believe Kawaii_Fruit got something to pay taxes for this is why she jumped off the plane don't worry in stories and anime the heroes always manage to jump off planed and stay alive. You never watched James Bond movies?"

Customs officer: "(!//&!/$"§ &/!$"(%$09 )$ &)&$")§&"

"err hai... who can speak japanese again? Actually I wouln't mind if someone prefers speaking south-west suaheli just let me outta here!"

*from the back of the customs building Kawaii_Fruit carelessly appears and says: "I told you, you got no chance with these guys if I'm not around. You know they're *evil!*"

Everybody: *glomps* on Kawaii Fruit

Kawaii_Fruit (to the customs officer): ")!&($) )/!%"%$§0 /(!%"§($= )/!%$$%!!!"

Customs Officer: ")!&§ =(/!%=(%§$ /%!(§=%=$(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

A group of policemen comes along, captures everybody and throws them into jail.

Akari: "Kawaii what the heck did you tell them!!!!!!!"

Kawaii_Fruit: Fri Nov 28, 2003 12:01 pm

everyone in side jail: Whining KAWAII_FRUIT DO SOMETHING!!!!!!

Japaness police talking to each other: @???////^*$%!!!!!

Akari-chan: what are they saying Kawaii_Fruit???????????????????????

Kawaii_Fruit: ahhh..they are talking about our punishment Angel

everyone: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!WE DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG!!!!!!

Kuro_Azera: Kawaii_Fruit get us out of here before I KILL YOU!!!!!! Angry

everyone: emm emm*agrees*.

Kawaii_Fruit: Hai-Desu~~~. *Kawaii_Fruit talk to the officer:........ etc*

*everyone is freed ...and went out to a restrant* *in the restrant*

Xellos: fewwwww..I thought we`ll never get out of there ^^.

Japanimefreako: *drinks tea* it feels good to be free ^o^.

Iliana: I wish if I know what Kawaii_Fruit said??

The*insanity*virus: yeah yeah I wanna know too...lets ask Kawaii_Fruit.

Marurashi: Kawaii_Fruit what did you told the officer??

everyone: *gatherd around* Happy face

Kawaii_Fruit: Embarassed you guys really want to know?????

everyone: emm emm *shakes head up and down* Happy face

Kawaii_Fruit: ok I`ll tell you...I told them that you guys came to Japan to meet your deid perants + you guys were taken away by kidnapers + worked hard to get to Japan...SOO they felt sorry for you guys and let you out. *happy thoughts with happy smile*

*everyone looks at Kawaii_Fruit holding their food tools*: LETS EAT!!!!!!

Kawaii_Fruit: oro?? *smpile mind*

everyone: ITADAKIMASU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*still looking at Kawaii_Fruit*

Kawaii_Fruit: Wed Dec 10, 2003 6:49 pm

*everyone ate and ready to go back to the Hotel* *in the hotel*
Japanimefreako: Ok girls we`ll stay here for one night tomorrow we`ll leave first thing at the morning ..GOT IT!!
Girls: Got IT~~ Happy face
Japanimefreako: Ok Xellos since we`r the only two males we`ll take one room ..ok?
Xellos: I dont mind..*whispers to Japanimefreako* but I dont trust the GIRLS!!
Japanimefreako: why?
Xellos: I dont know..but I have a bad feeling about this T___T;.
*in the girls room*
Iliana: OK girls I think you all know what we`ll do right?
Akari-chan: of course we do first we`ll..
Kuro_Azera: sneak out first thing morning then..
Natsumi: we`ll go to the MALL after that...
Kawaii_Fruit: return back with out the boys know Angel
Iliana: WONDERFULL!! any qustions?
The*insanity*virus: umm ..yeah ..why are we doing this again??
Marurashi: what are you crazy ..havent you heard of Females Secrets?
The*insanity*virus: yeah well..what does that do with the guys????
Everyone looking at The*insanity*virus: ITS THE WAY THINGS ARE!!!
Akari-chan: now girls we must sleep so we could wake up early before the guys WAKATA!! (understand)
everyone: HAI~~~

Japanimefreako: Wed Dec 10, 2003 10:20 pm

*is sleeping when he hears the word wakata being shouted from the girls' room* Wuzzat? *knocks on the door, the girls pretend to sleep so he peers through the keyhole to see what was going on and sees a pile of Manga and Anime just recently bought*
Darn, they must of already shopped some without us...
*is heard by a girl and she wakes up to see what the noise was...*

*Marurashi walks towards the door and looked in through the keyhole*:

hmmmm..strange know ones here?!

Akari-chan: Marurashi stop playing around we must sleep you know.

Marurashi: ok..but still theres something`s fishy here .

*mean while Japanimefreako went back to his room with angerness on his face* :tomorrow I follow them anywhere they go even if they go to the MOON!!! Angry

Xellos: keep it down would yaa...shouting in the middle of the night Sleeping

*the next morning*

Iliana: *with low voice* okk girls lets get out and come back before they wake up ^_______^.

the girls: *low voice* HAII~~~ *the girls opened the door and closed it*

Akari-chan: girls make sure your watches are right...cause we cant be late ..got it.

the girls: *with high voice* OK!!!

Akari-chan: you bakas SHHHHH!!!

the girls: *low low voice* sowyyyyy Embarassed

*japanimefreako was hearing everything useing a cup of glass ^^;*

Japanimefreako: heheheheh you girls are`nt going anywhere with out US!!

*Japanimefreako shakes Xellos*: WAKE UP!!!!! Angry

Xellos: whats wrong?? its 6:00 am ...have some murcey and go to bed.

*Japanimefreako explained everything to Xellos in 2 min*

Xellos: Angry we`ll show them lets gooo!!

Japanimefreako: but first lets change our clouthes in 3 min ...so we could catch up.

jhawknh: Wed Jan 14, 2004 8:11 pm

The door to the girls room opens and Akari-chan and the rest of the girls quietly head for the elavator.

Akari-chan: Now remember everyone, we have to be absolutly quiet until we reach the lobby. We don't want to wake up the boy's. They would follow us around all day.

Everyone nodes in agreement as they file into the elevator.

*Japanimefreako is watch through the keyhole of the boys room as the girls try to make their escape.

Japanimefreako: Hurry up Xellos! How long does it take you to get dressed! We are going to lose them.

Xellos: I'm ready. I just need to make a phone call. Follow them to the lobby and I will be down in a minute. Just don't let them see you.

Japanimefreako: How am I going to do that? The elevator opens right into the lobby. They will see me as soon as I step out of the elevator.

Xellos: Use the stairs.


Xellos: Oh, right... Well, at least it is all down hill.

Angry *Japanimefreako opens the door and starts to head for the stairwell.

Japanimefreako: I'll follow them, but if you are not down in the looby by the time that leave, I will leave without you.


*Down in the lobby the Akari-chan heads or the front desk while the rest of the girls discuss where they want to go.

Kawaii_Fruit: I want to go to an authentic sushi bar.

Marurashi: No way, I want to go to a manga shop.

The*insanity*virus: We did that yesterday. I want to check out some of the local food vendors.

*Iliana pumps her fist in the air

Iliana: Sumo wrestling! Very happy

*Everyone just stairs at Iliana with sweat beads forming on the back of their heads.

Iliana: It was just a suggestion. *now blushing bright red

*Akari-chan returns to the group

Akari-chan: They said that the cab would be here in 5 minutes to pick us up. Have you decieded where we are going to go?

*Everyone looked at each other and noded in agreement.

Everyone: THE MALL.

Kawaii_Fruit: And just think, we will be enjoyinging ourselves long befor the boys ever wake up.

*All the girls laugh in agreement.


*From behind a bush in the lobby a very tired Japanimefreako just grins.

Japanimefreako: Thats what you think.

jhawknh: Thu Jan 15, 2004 1:46 am

*The girls head out to the front of the hotel to wait for the cab. As the girls head out the elevator doors open and Xellos steps out.

Japanimefreako: Xellos, I though you said not to use the elevator because you didn't want the girls to see us?

Xellos: What was I suppose to do? I wasn't stupid enough to use the stairs. We were on the 12th floor for crying out loud.

Angry *Japanimefreako steps towards Xellos trying to decied if slowly strangleing Xellos or quickly through him down the elevator shaft would bring him more joy. In the end Japanimefreako neither had the time or the strenght to do either, so he settled for grabbing Xellos and following the girls out the door.


*Japanimefreako and Xellos headed out the door just in time to see the last of the girls get in the cab and take off.

Japanimefreako: Great! Now what? I am too tired to go running after that cab.

*Just then a black car with tinted windows pull in front of the boys.

Xellos: Right on time.

*JHawkNH sticks his head out the window.

JHawkNH: You guys need a lift?

*Xellos pushes a stuned Japanimefreako Stomped into the car.

Xellos: Follow that car! HeHe, I always wanted to say that. Winking with both hands

Japanimefreako: JHawkNH, what are you doing in Japan and how did you know where we were?

JHawkNH: I just happen to be in Japan on a business trip and Xellos called me about 10 mintes ago and told me you guys needed a ride.

Japanimefreako: So thats who you were calling Xellos.

*Xellos nods his head and looks back at JHawkNH.

Xellos: Don't get to close or that might see us.


*Back in the girls cab the girls are singing along with a song on the radio, even though most of them don't know any japanese. The*insanity*virus looks back and then turns to Kawaii_Fruit

The*insanity*virus: Is it just me or is that black car following us?

Kawaii_Fruit: I don't know, but lets find out. Drive turn left here. Now turn left again, and left again, and one more left.

Marurashi: Didn't we just do a complete circle?

Kawaii_Fruit: Yes, and that black car followed us the whole time. It must be the boys.

*Akari-chan gets and evil look in her eye.

Akari-chan: I know how we can loose them. Driver pull over right there.

*The driver quickly pulls over in front of the shop and as the girls get out Akari-chan pays the driver. Iliana looks up at the name of the store and grins.

Iliana: Akari-chan, you are too cruel.

Akari-chan: I know! Wink :)

*The girls run into the store laughing.


*Second later the boys pull up in front of the store and jump out. All three look up at the sign for the store.

JHawkNH: It...

Xellos: can't...

Japanimefreako: be!

*The sign reads "Nakota's bakini and panty shop."


*The girls come walking out the back door. Some laughing so hard that they can barely breath.

Kawaii_Fruit: Did you see the looks on there faces when they saw the sign? It was like deer caught in the headlights. Very happy

Marurashi: Akari-chan, that was to brilliant. Remind me never to get on bad side.

Akari-chan: Don't worry, I always save my best for the boys.

*Iliana come walking out with a bag under her arm. Everyone just stars at her.

Iliana: What? They were half off.

*After every shakes there head in disbelief, Akari-chan speaks up.

Akari-chan: Alright every, the mall is only 3 blocks that way, lets get going.

*They all nod in agreement and start walking to the mall.

Japanimefreako: Thu Jan 15, 2004 5:18 am

apanimefreako: Well, I guess they must have gone through here, shall we go?

Xellos: *with a vague gleam in his eye* Yeah, sure. They must be in here somewhere...

*Jafo and Xellos go looking through the many aisles of scantily clad mannequins and see through underwear and nonconcealing bikinis, and finally try looking through the dressing rooms*

Jafo: Excuse me, saleslady, have you seen a group of giggling teenage girls come in here lately?

Saleslady: PERVERTS! *dials 911* Police! Please come arrest two men that have been peeping and loitering in our store!

Xellos: Uh oh...

*Jafo and Xellos try to run but the police catch them and throw them into the temporary jail*

Xellos: Oh great, now how are we going to find out where they went?

Kawaii_Fruit: Thu Jan 15, 2004 8:57 pm

*Japfo and Xellos in a temporary jail*

Xellos: Japanimefreako sir, I dont want to die in here.

Japanimefreako: what`s with the "sir" thing..and we`r not going to die you stupid Angry

*a police officer walks in*

Police Officer: @#$%^&??()*%#.

Xellos: Japfo did this guy ment that someone is here to visit us?

Japanimefreako: and should I know ,all i understand is @#$%^&??()# what ever it means T_________T.

*a person show`s up*

Jhawknh: *talks to the officer*OHHHHH..hai hai ..semasi-deshta hontoni semasi....*talks to Japfo and Xellos*OYY Angry ANATAWA BAKA ..BAKAIROS.....*talks again to the officer* moshiii arimase-deshta*bows*

Police Officer: yukata..hayako shiyoi T__T.

Jhawknh: hai hai ..semaseiiii.

*Japfo and Xellos and Jhawknh are out*

Japanimefreako + Xellos: o___________O;;;; what was that????

Jhawknh: heheh Happy face be greatfull you two , I pretend to be your father ^______________________^.. isn`t that wonderfull.

Japanimefreako: MY FATHER!!!! Angry

Xellos: COOL!!! *japfo watch`s on him* I mean Jhawknh how could you do that ..its illegal.


Jhawknh: hmmmm...lets see if I was a girl where would I be???

*all three thought togather at the same time*: IN THE MALE *looked at each other*

*in the main time at the mall*

Iliana: hey gals check it out. *comes out from the changing room*

Marurashi: WOOOOW Wink :)

Kawaii_Fruit: umm..gals may I go over that shop over there???

Akari-chan: sure ^^ but be here after 2 hours.

Kuro_Azera: only 2 hours for her..com`on let her have some fun..the guys aren`t here Wink :)

Akari-chan: well..ok..sure you may have all the time you need ..not only her...everyone may go the way they like,but we`ll all gather in the first floor japaness resturant at 10 Am, ok gals?

Everyone: OK!! Winking with both hands

*and soo each one went one her own with a big happy face*

Kawaii_Fruit: Sun Jan 18, 2004 10:55 am

*in the shop that Kawaii_Fruit pointed to*

Kawaii_Fruit: AHHH~~~ KAWAII MASCOT~~ *the mascot looks like a cat*

*Kawaii_Fruit looks at the glas window that is beside her*

Kawaii_Fruit: Stomped *the guys are looking around looking for them*

*Kawaii_Fruit starts looking for the other girls*

*at a shop that Marurashi is in*

Marurashi: and I want that and this and that one too..hmm lets see how about that one ...ok I`ll take them all Angel *chosing candys*

*Marurashi steps out of the shop and see`s the guys*: Stomped

*at a shop where`s Kuro_Azera and the others with out Akari-chan*

Kuro_Azera : hey Iliana which one is cool this one or that one?

Ilian: I think the that one ^^. *chosing make-ups*

*at the same time Akari-chan is wondering around the place`s*

Akari-chan: *stoped* hmm?? O MY GOD!!!!!!! IT`S YUKI-SENSEI!!!!!! Winking with both hands *runs to yuki-sensei*: MR.YUKI-SENSEI!!! MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTOGRAPH PLEASE!!!! Very happy

*everyone in the mall looks at them*: yuki-sensei..yuki..sensei...where??

One of the girls: AHHHHHH~~~ ITS YUKI-SENSEI!!!!! *all the girls*:AHHH~~~~~~~~~~~

YUKI-sensei: T_______T look what you did *holds Akari-chan`s hand and starts to run* *all the girls are beheind them*: MATTE~~~(wait)^o^

*finally both of them escape from them..hiding in workers room*

Akari-chan: ahh..sooo sorry *bows*

Yuki-sensei: so your not from here..cant be helped here *sign`s for here*

Akari-chan: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! Very happy wait till my friends know about this ^^.

Yuki-sensei: since your here I think I should give you something..take those *gives her tickets for a concert*

Akari-chan: well what you know they`r enough for me and my friends Winking with both hands THANKSSSSSSSSS Winking with both hands Winking with both hands Winking with both hands ..are the one who`s going to sing??

Yuki-sensei: no it`s my lover Shuichi -____-


Yuki-senei: well kid I must go now..see you there .

Akari-chan: HAI!! *leaves*

*Akari-chan returns back with a Very happy ...untill she see`s the gals been caught and waiting in the resturant*

Japanimefreako: WHAT WERE YOU GALS THINKING Angry *hits his hands on the table*

Kuro_Azera : stop yelling well yaa T___T..your scaring them.

*the other gals Whining *

Xellos: I dont blame Japfo ..he was really angry because you gals left us alone.

Natsumi: Whining we have our freedom to do what we want.

Japanimefreako: WHAT DID YOU SAY!! SPEAK LOADLLY Angry

Jhawknh: ohh com`on Japfo they`r only girls Embarassed

Japanimefreako: *looks at Jhawknh with liser eyes* WHAT!!!!!!!

*Akari-chan show`s up*: STOP YELLING ON MY FRIENDS T__T.

Xellos: there you are ..where have you been??

Jhawknh: thats not important ..you got us worried ^__^.

Akari-chan: I did ^^..sorry. any way *pushs the guys away* hey gals geuss what...I met Yuki-sensei ^__-.

The gals: AHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~~~ *jumps* Winking with both hands

Akari-chan: and he gave me his Attograph + tickets to a Bud Luck concert.


Japanimefreako: man~~ I hate them when they scream like that Angry

Xellos: soo are the tickets enough for all of us?? ^^

Akari-chan: Oppps Embarassed

Jhawknh: whats the matter.

Akari-chan: the tickets are only enough for us the gals Sweating ..i forgot about you guys..sowwy.

Japanimefreako: there is no need for you be sorry. Happy face

Akari-chan: really??? can we go then?????????

Japanimefreako: I didnt say you can go...WE ARE GOING..THE GUYS ONLY!! YOU GALS HAVE YOUR FUN ITS TIME FOR US Q^o^.

The gals: O_________O... Whining NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!! IT`s AKARI-CHAN`s TICKETS NOT YOUR`s SHE GETS TO PICK Whining

Xellos: stop whining Japfo is right.

Japanimefreako: Sun Feb 01, 2004 6:33 am

Jafo: *calms down* Sorry, I got a little hyped up after being stuck in jail for 3 hours with Xellos here. :P ...you know, maybe we could all get in with these tickets, it's so crowded there anyways. How about we go in two groups, one goes in first, hands some tickets through the fence to the people who don't have tickets, and then the other half goes through? Perhaps the people won't notice reused tickets if they are among fresh tickets.

Marurashi: Sounds like fun!!! Winking with both hands

Akari-chan: Okay, if you say so. We have to be very sneaky though and hope they don't catch us...

*after finishing up in the mall, everyone heads over to the concert*

Xellos: Okay, three of you girls go in first, then two of you hand the tickets through the fence afterwards.

*three of the girls do so, quickly and quietly sneaking the tickets through the fence far from the entrance*

*the rest of the girls and the guys go in next, looks of slight anxiety on their faces. Fortunately, the ticket person doesn't notice and lets them through*

*everyone walks over to the seats*

Akari-chan: Yay! We did it! Though.... what now as there aren't enough seats for us?

Jafo: Um.....

Xellos: We wouldn't mind each seating a girl on our laps...

*Jafo nods quickly*

Kawaii_fruit: Umm... okay...

Natsumi: I'll sit on a lap too.

*Jafo sits Kawaii_fruit on his lap and Xellos seats Natsumi on his lap*

*The concert starts*

Everybody: Yay!!!!! Bud Luck!!!!!!! *cheers*

Kawaii_Fruit: Sun Feb 01, 2004 11:01 am

*before the concert starts*

Xellos: here guys *hands over 3 pairs of cotton*

Jafo: for what??

jhawknh: yaa for what?? <__<

Xellos: you`ll find out soon ^__^

*the concert starts*

The girls: KYAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~~ *start jumping*

Jafo+jhawknh: thanks Xellos .

Xellos: dont mention it ^^.

Natsumi: Xellos stop moving ..willyaa?? T__T

Xellos: O__o but your the one whos moving + jumping too .

Natsumi: Akari-chan Whining


jhawknh: but its JPN..you cant understand it even if you heard it ^^.

*jafo nods*

Akari-chan: you have less than 1 sec to keep quiet ..Jafo you too T__T.

Jafo+jhawknh: hai hai yakatamass ^^;

*after 30 min*

Kawaii_Fruit: anou..Jafo-kun?

Jafo: hai ^^.

Kawaii_Fruit: unou..sonou..ittou..my..clothes Whining

Jafo: whats wrong with them?? ^^

Kawaii_Fruit: do you need to ask Stomped ..I gotta fix something..ONEGAI~.

Jafo: hai hai..although I dont get it ^^;...*starts looking around* theres a wall over there ..you could go behind it kay?

Kawaii_Fruit: but what if someone saw me?? Whining

Jafo: I`ll punch his two eyes that he`ll wish that he didnt have one ^^.

Kawaii_Fruit: LOL!! KAY!!

*Jafo kept walking throw the crowd + Puching them ^^;*

jhawknh: 08 Mar 2004 04:32 am

*Kawaii_fruit is behind a wall fixing her clothing.

*Japanimefreako waitting on the other side of the wall.

Japanimefreako: Are you done yet?

Kawaii_fruit: I'll be done in a minute, just be patient.

*Just as Kawaii_fruit pulls her skirt down to fix her clothes she sees a figure sneeking around the other side of the wall.

Kawaii_fruit: AHHH!!! BAKA!!!

*Kawaii_fruit then proccedes to drop kick the shadowy figure in the head, knocking them flat to the ground.

Japanimefreako: Are you OK?

*As Japanimefreako runs around the wall he sees Kawaii_fruit standing over a person passed out on the ground. It is then that he notices that Kawaii_fruit is not wareing a skirt and that she is looking at him with flames in her eyes.

Japanimefreako: OH SH....!


*Kawaii_fruit then kicks Japanimefreako halfway through the brick wall.

*Xellos look over at the wall that Kawaii_fruit and Japanimefreako were headed for after he heard yelling and a loud bag.

Xellos: Is it just me or does that look like a brick human form sticking out of the wall.

Natsumi: It is probably just part of the show.

*Turning her attention back to the show.



*Back behind the wall Japanimefreako begins to wake up to the site of a very PO'd Kawaii_fruit.

Japanimefreako: OW! What was that for?

Kawaii_fruit: You saw me in my panties!

Japanimefreako: But you were screaming!

Kawaii_fruit: I was already taking care of one pervert. I didn't need to deal with another pervert trying to look at my panties.

(Japanimefreako mumbles under his breath) Like I would want to see a girl like you in panties.

Kawaii_fruit: WHAT WAS THAT?

Japanimefreako: Nothing. So where is your first vict.. I mean pervert.

*Kawaii_fruit looks over to an unconcious figure laying a few feet away.

Kawaii_fruit: It serves him right!

*Japanimefreako gets a better look at the person.

Japanimefreako: I think that is a girl. And if I am not mistaken, that looks like The*insanity*virus.

*The*insanity*virus opens her eyes to the sight of Kawaii_fruit and Japanimefreako standing oner her.

The*insanity*virus: Oh, hi you two. Did either of you see that maniac that attacked me?

(Kawaii_fruit quickly speaks) Ah... No. I think he got away.

Japanimefreako: But you were the one...

(Kawaii-fruit stomps on Japanimefreako's foot and cuts him off) So, The*insanity*virus, what are you doing back here.

*The*insanity*virus looks very embarassed.

The*insanity*virus: I was try to sneak back behind stage to meet Yuki-sensei.

*Kawaii_fruit suddenly looks very excited.

Kawaii_fruit: Do you need a partner to help you get past security?

*The*insanity*virus gets the same look on her face.

The*insanity*virus: Togather we can get past the guards and meet Yuki-sensei.

Japanimefreako: I don't think this is a good idea.

Kawaii_fruit: No one was taking to you, PERVET!

Kawaii_fruit: Now The*insanity*virus, to get past the guards we are going to need stealth, cunning, and a dristraction.

*Both The*insanity*virus and kawaii_fruit look at Japanimefreako with an evil grin.

The*insanity*virus: A distration you say.

Kawaii_fruit: Yep.

*Japanimefreako starts to back away from the two.

Japanimefreako: I don't like the sound of that.

jhawknh: 10 Mar 2004 03:42 am

*Kawaii_fruit and The*insanity*virus drag Japanimefreako to the back of the stage where the security gaurd is protecting the back entrance.

Japanimefreako: I still don't think this is a good idea.

Kawaii_fruit: Shut up. Nobody asked you.

The*insanity*virus: Now be nice Kawaii_fruit. Japanimefreako is being very nice buy helping use get back stage.

*The*insanity*virus then begins to play with the front of Japanimefreako's shirt and talk to him in a smooth and sexy voice.

The*insanity*virus: And for all your help, we'll give you a big reward after the concert.

Japanimefreako: What ever you need, I will do it.

The*insanity*virus: You just wait here and we will take care of the rest.

*The*insanity*virus and Kawaii_fruit begin to walk towards the gaurd before he saw them with Japanimefreako.

Kawaii_fruit: You sure know how to minipulate men.

The*insanity*virus: It's a gift. But how are we going to get past the gaurd?

Kawaii_fruit: You are not the only one that can rap a guy around your finger. Watch and learn.

*Kawaii_fruit quickly runs up to the guard with tears in her eyes.

Kawaii_fruit:  Please help me.

*The guard turned just in time to catch Kawaii_fruit as she buried her face into his chest.

Gaurd: Wh.., What's wrong?

*Kawaii_fruit points toward Japanimefreako.

Kawaii_fruit:  That pervert over there took me behind the wall and try to look at my panties.

Gaurd: I will take care of him.

*The gaurd suddenly notices The*insanity*virus

Guard: Did he try to look under your skirt too?

The*insanity*virus: Who... me?

*The*insanity*virus suddely gets an idea.

The*insanity*virus:  I don't know what happened. I was walking behind the wall when suddenly I was attacked and knocked out. When I came to, I saw him standing over me. (Dropping to her knees with tears streaming out of her eyes) I don't know what he did to me while I was out.

*The guard became completly enraged.

Guard: He will pay for this....

*The guard began to move toward Japanimefreako.

Guard: Did you look at this young ladies panties?

*Japanimefreako, seeing the flames in the guards eyes, began to back away.

Japanimefreako: But.. but. But that was an accident.

Guard: Was it also an accident that you dragged her behind the wall?

Japanimefreako: I wouldn't exactly say that I dragged her. Wait a minute, what are you implying?


*The guard then jumped on Japanimefreako and began to handcuff him and read him his rights.

Japanimefreako:  Wait, this is all a big mistake.

Guard: ...you have the right to an attorny. If you can not afford an attorny, we will give you the dumbest attorny we can find.

Japanimefreako: Please, Kawaii_fruit, The*insanity*virus. Tell him this is just a big mistake.

*Japanimefreako looks over and sees Kawaii_fruit and The*insanity*virus hugging each other while crying thier eyes out.

Japanimefreako: They didn't.

*The guard picks up Japanimefreako and begins to take him away.

Guard: I need to take this guy to the police station. Would you to please watch that entrence and not let anyone in without a pass?

Kawaii_fruit: Mr. Guard, you are such a curagous gentalman. We would be happy to help in any way we can.

Guard: Thank you. I will be back in about 20 minutes.

Kawaii_fruit: No problem, take your time.  Please take care of that pervert for us.

Japanimefreako: KAWAII_FRUIT, THE*INSANITY*VIRUS! I will get you for this.

*Kawaii_fuit motions toward the stage door.

Kawaii_fruit: After you.

The*insanity*virus: No, no. After you.

Unknown artist, unknown time

*Back in the crowd the rest of the group is enjoying the concert.


*Suddenly Natsumi jumps off Xellos's lap with a horrified look on her face.

Natsumi: That had better be a roll of quarter in your pocket or else I am going to pull out your eyes and stick them down your pants so that you can watch me kick your a#@!

*Xellos look shoked and a little afraid. He then proceeds to pull a roll of quarters out of his pocket and show it to Natsumi.

Xellos: Why? Did you want to get something to drink!

*Natsumi just stood there with her jaw touching the ground.

Natsumi: You have a roll of quarters in your pocket?

Xellos: Doesn't everyone?

*Natsumi looks very embarassed. So she just turns around and starts singing along with the song.

*JHawkNH leans over and whispers to Xellos.

JHawkNH: Why do you keep a roll of quarters in your pocket?

*Xellos whispers back with a sly smile on his face.

Xellos: Because in situations like this, it keeps me from getting my head ripped of by a girl.

JHawkNH: I'll have to remember that one. ^_^

*Kawaii_fruit and The*insanity*virus have managed to sneek on to the stage and are hidding behind one of the speakers on the right side of the stage.

Kawaii_fruit: I can't believe that we are this close to Yuki-sensei.

The*insanity*virus: I want to touch Yuki-sensie's hair.

The*insanity*virus: I want to touch his shirt.

The*insanity*virus: I want to touch his, his, ...

*Suddenly The*insanity*virus runs out from behind speaker and heads straight for Yuki-sensei. Kawaii_fruit was caught so off guard that all she could do was watch. The*insanity*virus tackles Yuki-sensei befor he has a chance to react to this crazy girl.

The*insanity*virus: Yuki-sensei, you feel so good. I love you so much.

*The rest of the boys and girls are absolutly stuned as they watch The*insanity*virus practically molest Yuki-sensei.

Marurashi: She is rubbing her body against Yuki-sensei.

Iliana: I am so jelous!

Xellos: I can't believe she just did that.


JHawkNH: Stop it Akari-chan, your not helping here.

*The group watches as The*insanity*virus is pulled off Yuki-sensei by the stage hands. As The*insanity*virus is dragged off stage she receive a standing ovation from the crowd.


*As the stage hand drags The*insanity*virus off the stage he sees Kawaii_fruit hidding behind a speaker.

Stage hand: Who are you and what are you doing back there?

Kawaii_fruit: Who me?

*Kawaii_Fruit looks around for a second and then begins to fiddle with the speaker wires.
Kawaii_fruit: I was just checking the speakers.

*The*insanity*virus runs over and hugs Kawaii_fruit.

The*insanity*virus: We did it! I actually touched Yuki-sensei!

Stage hand: Wire's uh?

Kawaii_fruit: haha...

*After The*insanity*virus was dragged off stage the concert continued as the group discussed what had just happened.

JHawkNH: I knew we should not have let her out of our site.

Akari-chan: Oh shut up. This will make for a great story to tell back home.

Iliana: Do you think they will thow her out of the concert?

*Just then a couple of guards, dragging The*insanity*virus and Kawaii_fruit with them, approached the group.

Guard: Are these two with you?

Xellos: Never seen them before!

Akari-chan: Oh shut up xellos. I'm sorry Mr. guard. We won't let our freinds cause you any more trouble if you just let them stay.

*The guard falls completly for Akari-chan's charm.

Guard: Well I suppose as long as....

*The guard starts counting members of the group and then empty seats.

Guard: Can I see your tickets?

Akari-chan: Now you see, that is a funny story...

Guard: I bet!


Akari-chan: You can do this. We have rights you know. How can you throw the goddess of cuteness into jail for such a small thing.

Marurashi: Calm down Akari-chan. We'll get out of here somehow.

Xellos: I can't believe it. This is the third time this trip that I have ended up behind bars.
Kawaii_fruit: Ha Ha! It has only happened to us girls twice.

JHawkNH: Would you all just shut up. Until I hooked up with you guys I had never been in jail.

*Kawaii_fruit looks over at The*insanity*virus with a smile.

Kawaii_fruit: I want to have your baby Yuki-sensei. What were you thinking The*insanity*virus.

*The*insanity*virus looked very embarassed.

The*insanity*virus: I couldn't think of anything else to say. But now I will probably never get to see him again. Could things get any worse for us?

*The*insanity*virus and Kawaii_fruit freeze in terror as they hear a voice behind them.

Voice: Oh, it can get worse. It will get worse for you two.

*The*insanity*virus and Kawaii_fruit spin around to see a very PO'd Japanimefreako.

Kawaii_fruit: Hey, Japanimefreako, no hard feelings?

Japanimefreako: No hard feelings? After you two framed me the guard cuffed me, threw me into the back of a police car, and when we got here they strip searched me and did a full body search. A FULL body search! Hard feelings do not begin to cover what I feel right now.

*As JHawkNH and Xellos try to restrain Japanimefreako, the girls try to figure out how to get out of jail.

Iliana: I could fake an illnous, and when the guards come...

Marurashi:No offence, but do you actually expect them to fall for that?

The*insanity*virus: We could dig a tunnel?

*Everyone sweatdrops.

JHawkNH: I can't make any promises, but I can make a phone call.

*Everyone nodes in agreement.

JHawkNH: Guard, i'm ready to make my phone call.

*A guard comes an escorts JHawkNH to the phone. A minute later JHawkNH returns.

Akari-chan: So who did you call?

JHawkNH: I don't know if it will help but I called...

jhawknh: 24 Jan 2005 11:28 pm

Chapter 19: I just want to go home!

*A guard comes an escorts JHawkNH to the phone. A minute later JHawkNH returns.

Akari-chan: So who did you call?

JHawkNH: I don't know if it will help but I called a freind who is in town right now.

Akari-chan: So, how good of a freind is this person. JHawkNH: I met him online when he bought a guitar that I was selling on ebay. He wanted to know a little of the history behind the guitar. After that we became freinds.

Kawaii_Fruit: So in other words he is a pen pal that you have only talked to on the internet. There is no way he is comeing for us.

JHawkNH: Actually he travels around alot so when we happen to be in the same city we get togather for lunch. But the is one small catch. When he gets here, I'll go out and thank him. You guy wait in the lobey and when I get back we can all leave togather.

Iliana: Why can we thank him too?

Akari-chan: This sounds a little to sipicious. Are you sure this freind of your's is a he and not a she?

Natsumi: Can I see her? Is she cute?

Marurashi: She's not married is she? You said you travel around alot. Is it true, a girl in every port?

JHawkNH: That's for sailors, and no I don't have a girl in every port.  I don't have any girls in any ports.

Xellos: Hey buddy Ol' pal. If she has a cute sister you'll hook me up, right. 

JHawkNH:(Putting his hand up in defence) No, no. You've got the wrong idea. She is a he, I mean he is a she, I mean...  Now you guys have just got me confused. My freind is a guy! Pain and simple.

The*insanity*virus: But why can't we thank him?


Akari-chan: Oh, so it is one of thoooose freinds.

JHawkNH:(Glaring at Akari-chan)  You know I really hate you guys.

Kawaii_Fruit: Who us?  (JHawkNH just shakes his head in disscust and sits down on the bench)

Akari-chan: Well atv least we get to leave soon.


(20 min later the guard opens the cell door.)

Guard: Ok, everybody out. You have all been vouched for.

JHawkNH: Ok, you guys wait in the loby. I'll be back in a second.

(As JHawkNH leaves the room Kawaii_fruit and The*insanity*virus huddle togather.)

Kawaii_Fruit: What do you think, male or female?

The*insanity*virus: I don't know, but I intend to find out.

Kawaii_Fuit:(with an evil grin across her face) After you.

The*insanity*virus:(with an equally evil grin) No, no. After you. (Without anyone else noticeing, The*insanity*virus and Kawaii_Fruit head for the main entrance to spy on JHawkNH)

Jahwknh: 25 Apr 2005 21:28

*As JHawkNH head to the front desk to thank the person who bailed the group out, The*insanity*virus and Kawaii_Fruit follow from a distance so as not to be noticed.

Kawaii_Fruit: So what do you think, boy or girl?

The*insanity*virus: I don't know, but I am hoping that it is a cute guy.

*Kawaii_Fruit just shakes her head

Kawaii_Fruit: Some things never change.

*Back in the lobby, the rest of the group is decieding what to do after they leave the police station.

Akari-chan: So what are we going to do after we get out of here, any ideas?
Natsumi: I want to go shopping!

Akari-chan: We already did that. Besides, we can't do anything that might get us thown in jail again. If we get thrown in jail again we may miss our flight home tommorrow.

Xellos: It might be a good idea if we just went back to the hotel so that we don't get in anymore troble.

Akari-chan: That sound like a good idea to me.

Marurashi: That could be fun too. I hear that they have a large swimming pool at the hotel.

Japanimefreako: But I didn't bring my swimming trunks.

Xellos: Alright then. Who is up for a little skinny-dipping?

*All the girls just stare at Xellos with flames in their eyes.

 Xellos: I was just kidding.

Japanimefreako: You were?

Akari-chan: Befor this discussion gets anymore out of hand, I think we can all agree that it whould be best for us to all go back to the hotel before we get in anymore trouble.

Natsumi: But what kind of trouble can we get into while shopping?

Iliana: I've got one name for you... The*insanity*virus.

Natsumi: I can see your point.

Akari-chan: Speaking of The*insanity*virus, where is she?

Xellos: I don't see Kawaii_Fruit anywhere either.

Akari-chan: They must have followed JHawkNH to see who the person is that bailed us out. At least now we will get find out who this mystery person is.

*Back at the front desk JHawkNH walks up to a man and shakes his hand.

JHawkNH: I just wanted to thank you for for bailing us out.

Person: No problem, glad I could help. So when do I get to meet all of these friends of yours?

JHawkNH: Well... because of certain issues right now, this may not be the best time.

Person: And what issues might those be???

*The*insanity*virus and Kawaii_Fruit peek around a corner to get a look at the person who bailed them out.

The*insanity*virus: Is that who I think it is?

Kawaii_Fruit: It can't be....


jafo: 26th May 2005, 0:16am

"Xellos: I was just kidding.

Japanimefreako: You were? "

Someone knows me far too well... ;)

Chapter 21:

Jafo: Darnit, I'm already set for skinny dipping... *hurriedly yanks his pants back on amidst the glare of the girls and follows them back to the hotel. He sees a huge black man wearing far too much jewelry*

Mr. T: ....and that's why I bailed all you foo's out. And remember, drink milk! ...oh, hi Jafo! I haven't seen you in ages! I pity da foo who messes with you. ;)

*Jafo shakes hands with Mr. T and explains how he met Mr. T during acting classes and they had a guest visitor*

*The*insanity*virus blushes as she sees Mr. T and says* Ara... he's so manly...

Akari-chan: Well Mr. T, thank you very much for helping us out, we hope that you can give us some pointers on how to get back home. It's been quite a long trip and we're all going to go back to my place for a big party!

Mr. T: Sure thing, sweetpea. Just take this golden ring of mine and sell it, you should get enough for plane tickets back for everyone here. Just be sure to invite me to the party, and to serve plenty of milk and cookies. I pity da foo who gets to all the milk before I can...

Akari-chan: Thank you again, we'll be on our way. Come on everybody!

*the group goes to a pawn shop to sell off the ring and it goes for much more than they thought, they decide to go to an anime convention with the rest of the money*

Akari-chan: Surely an extra few days here won't hurt... and I've always wanted to go to a Japanese anime convention... *an eager gleam in her eyes, she buys convention tickets for everyone and they all get ready for a couple last days in Japan*

Akari: 20th Aug 2005, 11:36 pm

*at the convention*

Akari: Okay girls, let's check the newest CLAMP. Keeping the guys away from their hentai is impossible anyways.

*with a disgusting looks the girls look at the boys*

Akari: And if *beep* there are any *beep* suggestions *beep* *beep* hey what's this awful beep?

Voice from afar: Akari! Get up NOW *beep* or I have to hurt you! *beep* Little lady!

Akari: The*insanity*virus where's.... .... ....

*Akari's opening her eyes seeing her mother*

Akari: Whaaaaat? Mom?

Akari's mom: Don't tell me girl, you slept at this desk for the whole night! What are you thinking! AND TURN OFF THIS DAMNED ALARM CLOCK! It's squeaking for almost 10 minutes now! Then get ready for breakfast.

He mother is leaving Akari's room downstairs.

Akari: Yume? A dream? But it was so real...

After a nice shower Akari starts packing her bag, including a book "Plane landing for dummies (so even Akari understands it)", a big number of cute ribbons and *lots* of clothes.

She grabs half a dozen of handys and dials them with cuteness speed. "Hey girls, what about a trip to Japan next week?"

Everybody: *Whaaaat?* WOW THAT WOULD BE CUUUUTE!

Akari: AND DON'T YOU DARE TO TELL THE GUYS! We want some real holidays not problems! Monday! 8am!

After finishing the calls Akari looks at the desk. A large picture of her along with Kawaii_Fruit, The*insanity*virus, Marurashi and all the others is looking up to her.

Putting on her cutest and favorite ribbon she throws a kiss at the picture and heads downstairs...




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