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a cat and they take a message
and get back to you later.
Oldwrench, chat 13th Apr


Firefox 3
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  Fantasy Name Generator

Do you have a k3wld3wd problem? Are your users registering with names like "fred1234" because they are unable to think of a nice name?


Then this Fantasy Name Generator is for you!


A few years ago we found a nice name generator by someone called Johan (sorry the files didn't have any information) written in C. A large set of naming rules for fantasy names were added. The software is very easy: By combining syllables in a certain order this tool can generate thousands of names for your visitors to chose from.


Try the name-generator below:

Rhigorith, Doiwen, Yendamma, Liraria, Frelian, Prella, Viran, Wicesien, Cyvia, Kaeliwen, Edessi, Ulerrari, Preladith, Astaeweth, Olelalian, Ybalirith, Caollan, Mauri, Etheri, Adwoedda

Don't like these names? Please select below and press return.
Amount: Ruleset:


Try reloading this web page and you will get a new selection of fantasy names every time.


Important information: Some rule sets contain special characters, umlauts, accents and such. TYPO3 is generally built to accept names of non-capital letters and numbers only. While you can put special characters into the database, they will break when editing a user account using the TYPO3 backend.


The add-on is provided to you AS IS. It's in no way a good piece of software. It doesn't follow proper coding guidelines. Use it entirely on your own risk.


--  Download aaw_fantasynamegen here --


Installation instructions:

  1. Download the fantasy name generator
  2. Extract the archive into your typo3conf/ext/ directory
  3. Install the extension in the Ext Manager
  4. Add a page content of type plugin using the "Fantasy Name Generator"
  5. Send us fan mail


Please send translations to  sakura@allanime.org.

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 Fantasy Name Generator
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